Breaking Free: On the wings of Crimson Butterflies

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Servants Room As soon as you enter the servants room, you'll see the spirit of "the beckoner" saying "the lost village". Snap her picture quickly. Don't follow her just yet. First search the left side of the room. There are boxes and such. Close inspection and furious tapping of X earns you an herbal medicine and type 61 film. Save this film for later. Trust me on this. Search the right side of the room for the womans notebook 6.

Now go into the room the spirit went. On the left side you will see a large kimono. Next to it on the ground you will find the womans notebook 7. As you continue to search another spirit appears. Snap a picture of "the beckoner". Before you pick up the gleaming object, prepare to fight your first spirit.

Pick up the folklorists note 1 from the bookshelf and when you are ready ,pick up the gleaming object which is the final notebook, womans notebook 8. She's not that hard and you won't need to use any special film for her. Use your unlimited type 7 and practice getting those Fatal Frame shots we talked about. She will try to hurt Mayu so don't let her. She teleports slowly. I waited for her to go toward Mayu and then pulled off a fatal frame.

Three shots and she was dead. Chapter 2- Twin Shrine Maidens After you defeat the wanderer you'll get a short scene and then you'll wake up and find your sister has disapeared. I know you're shocked. You will also find some more items. On the floor where you woke up is an Argonite that the spirit dropped. It is a stone for the spirit stone radio that you don't have yet. You also find a spirit orb which you will use to upgrade your camera.

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Read the short tutorial and pick up the gleaming object on the dresser. It's the spirit radio and a book of pointers. Read it and exit the room. You will not be attacked at all so just chase the crimson butterflies. As soon as you see the spirit you will be Mio again. Sunken Fireplace Room Go downstairs and prepare for a battle. You can fight the spirit closest to you first, the other will not attack until you go up the step so take advantage of that and kick his ass.

He does not teleport so let him get close and pull of a couple of Zero shots or fatal frames, Repeat on the second spirit, as he is identical to the first. After the battle, look on the floor by the tatami room to find some camera equipment and film. You get the "slow" power-up lens and the "measure" equipped function. Return to the kimono room. Kimono Room You see a gleaming object on the ground. It's herbal medicine. After you pick it up you will hear panting and creepy noises. You will have to fight her. The "woman in the box" doesn't have a lot going for her. She's creepy, she's ugly and she's one scary bitch.

She also teleports behind you and lunges. She's not that hard to beat, though. Just get about three zero shots or a couple fatal frames and shes done for. After the battle, pick up the Moonstone and the spirit orb from the room she originally crawled out from. You can listen to the radio with the stones now.

Very creepy stuff. That's all there is to do here. Save your game. It's time to look for your pain-in-the-ass sister. Exit the house. In the entrance you will see a gleaming object. It's Mayu's charm. You can listen to it on the radio. Check back with the charm often. It changes and says different stuff. All Gods Village Once outside the house, follow the same path that you did as Mayu. When you see your sister, follow her down some stone stairs. Kiryu-Tachibana scene After the scene your filament will be blue.

Ignore the door for now and Quickly turn around to see two villagers spirits. They will attack you. I let them get close enough that my capture circle turned red, shot, exited camera mode, ran away and turned around and did it again. The pole bearer was more difficult for me.

Do what's easiest for you. After you defeat them, examine the gate. You see that there is a spirit. Snap a picture to see a photo of three crimson butterflies. Examine the gate again to find that it is locked and require two pieces of a key to open. Search to the right of the door near the tree to find hidden herbal medicine. On the left of the door near the stone you will find another herbal medicine. The stairs nearest the gate leads to a locked door.

Round the corner and return up the stairs. When you reach the top you will notice a stone ramp and a door on the right. Go inside the door. This is the sliding screen room of the kiryu house. On your right is an open room with boxes. There aren't any items to pick up here. Avoid the door on your left for now. Instead, walk straight ahead and pick up the gleaming object. It's an herbal medicine. Go upstairs.

Upstairs you will see a door on the left. It leads to another locked door. Ignore this door for now. Go right down the hallway and enter the 2nd floor sliding screen room. Look for a gleaming object. It is a camera obscura upgrade, "stun". Don't go anywhere just yet. You are about to fight a spirit. As soon as you pick it up, broken neck woman comes from the wall and attacks.

She does not teleport. She is however, a huge pain in the ass. Try to get as many close shots as possible without letting her grab you. For this reason, I suggest shooting her, getting out of camera mode and running to the other side of the room and repeating this. It helps to have your "stun" equipped. Once you have defeated her, return to the area that she first appeared.

Examine the bookshelf that she came from to get the folklorists note 2. Go downstairs. Remember the door near the entrance that I told you to ignore? That's where you need to go now. Projector Room It's the projecter room. As soon as you enter the projector starts. Stand there and watch the film if you want to. It's really creepy and weird. Examine the projecter and take the film reel.

There isn't anything else to do here for now so it's time to leave this house. That would be a great idea, but broken neck woman has other plans for you. The best thing to do is run back into the projecter room. There is plenty of room to run around in there and she takes a few seconds to follow you. Get ready to fight her. Use the same strategy as before. Make sure you have plenty of health. Once shes defeated, for real this time?

Head back towards the direction of the Osaka house. You will see those crimson butterflies again. You know what to do. Follow them. When you see your filament turn blue, look for the spirit. Don't forget to switch back to type 7 film. It will be "frozen man". Keep following the crimson butterflies until you get to a save lantern.

Save if you want to and go into the small gate on the left of the shed near the butterflies. He is friendly. After the scene, take his picture to get the photo of the "trapped boy". His name is Itsuki and he does not vanish and will give you hints if you get lost. For now, examine the statue near Itsuki. After you attempt to leave the area, the he tells you to come back if you need help. How sweet. So, now we know that the keys are hidden in the various statues around the village. Look at your map. Between the Kiryu house and the Osaka house you will see a save lantern. Go there now. Near the save lantern is a guardian stone.

Examine it to find some type 14 film. If you look furthur ahead you will see the crimson butterflies floating around another statue. Be advised that the second you examine it, you will be attacked. Load up some type 7or14 film and get ready. He's really easy. He doesn't teleport and he only takes 3 shots to kill with type 14 or with type 7. Do what you want to do. As soon as you kill him, two more men in the dark attack from behind. Kill them. If you don't, they'll ambush you later on. Cross the bridge. The other path is a dead end. When you get to the top of the stairs , pick up the gleaming object.

It's a sacred water. I was attacked by the men in the dark again. You may not be, but be prepared just in case. Your filament will be blue. Look to the right side of the shrine to take a photo of the "shrine shadow". Go inside the shrine. To the left of the altar is a spirit orb. Yay for that. Upgrade that camera. The battles only get harder from here on out. Examine the altar to see an old mirror enshrined infront of a crimson butterfly picture. Go to the right of the altar and go through the opening. Pick up the sacred water. Go towards the exit. Before you leave, look to the right of the door near the clay pots to find a hidden herbal medicine.

Leave the shrine. Go back to the village. You can save your game near the Osaka house if you want to. Time to find the other part of the gate key. Remember the path that brought you to the village? Remember the area I told you to make note of? Misono Hill Go there now. If you don't remember where it is, look on the map for the first red save lantern that you used.

It's on the hill near the stone altar.

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As you get ready to take the path leading up to the hill you're heading to, stop at the guardian statue near the Osaka house and pick up hidden type 14 film. When you get to the stone altar on misono hill you will see a guardian statue with fluttering crimson butterflies. Save your game before examining it. Examine the statue to find the second and final piece of the key.

They are just like the villagers that you fought previously exept there are three. It's an easy battle. You have a large area to navigate in and they do not teleport. When you are finished teaching them a lesson, pick up the gleaming item. It's a spirit orb. Use it to upgrade your camera.

Now you can unlock the gate. Head there now. When you get to the village, near the Osaka house you will get a scene. Scene Don't worry, the mob won't come back. Just continue to the stone stairs that take you to the gate. Before you unlock the gate, make sure your camera is upgraded. Equip the Stun power-up and make sure you have type 14 film equipped. Check and make sure you have full health.

Unlock the gate and enter. Before you get on the bridge, check to Mio's left near the water to find an herbal medicine. Look to the right of the bridge in the water to snap a picture of "floating woman". She is "sunken woman" and she's pretty pissed off about it. This one's different because she floats above you, and then lunges forward. If you do, it only takes three. After you shoot her she will teleport. Use your filament light to find her location. She floats, lunges, dives into the water and teleports.

Sometimes, after she dives into the water, she will go underneath you and grab your legs so keep moving. It should be a quick battle. After you've defeated her, pick up the gleaming object on the bridge. It's a green crystal and a spirit orb. After you pick up your goodies, follow your blue filament to the hole in the bridge. Aim at the hole to snap a picture of the "drowned woman". Follow the bridge to the end and enter Kurosawa. Kurosawa As soon as you open the gate, snap a picture of "bloody kimono".

You are now in Kurosawa 1st Floor Grounds. On your left is a save. Upgrade your camera with the orb you just acquired and listen to the green crystal on your radio. You hear the drowning woman's last moments. To the right of the house is a spirit orb. Upgrade and Save your game. Enter the 1st floor Entrance. You have no flashlight and it appears that this is a very bad place.

This level is tougher than the previous two, and a lot scarier. Let's not dwell on that, though. Make sure your camera has type 7 film. Move forward slowly and be ready. A spirit will appear behind you. Snap a picture of the "priest behind". Head down the hallway. When you near the end you hear a voice say "Kusabi is coming". Sounds like a warning to me. When you get the ritual tome later on in the game, you'll find that a "kusabi" is an outsider that is made into a buddha and offered into the hellish abyss.

The more pain inflicted on the kusabi, the better. The door on the right is locked. Seems you need a butterfly key for it. Go to the door on your left. Antechamber As soon as you open the door you see a spirit kneeling on the floor. Walk around the kimono and toward the spirit, not too close though. When you get close to him, he disapears. Snap a picture of "the terrified man".

Search the drawers near where the spirit was to get herbal medicine and type 14 film. There is a gleaming object on the ground towards another door. It's the "instant" function for the camera obscura. This detects the Fatal Frame of the spirit and signals you by making the light in the viewfinder flash red. This makes getting that special shot a lot easier. You're finished with this room so switch your film to type 14 and head to the south door in this room. You are now Mayu. You have to run straight ahead to the end of the walkway and around the corner.

Don't worry, you cannot be harmed. Run to the first room to your right.

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You will see a woman surrounded by crimson butterflies. Run toward her to end the scene to become Mio again. Remember the way Mayu went because that's what you're going to have to do. One exception, you will have to fight a couple spirits AND avoid a very deadly one as well. Let's get started. Load your type 14 film and make sure you have full health. Exit the Antechamber and get in camera mode.

Slowly move forward until you see the spirit. He's pretty easy, especially with your new camera upgrade. When the battle is over, go to the short passage to your left to see the bloody handprints and something shutting the door. If you try to open the door, it says it's being held shut.

How rude! You will be attacked by "limbo woman". She's pretty hard and she teleports. She likes to hide in the walls and then lunge at you, flailing her stumps about screaming about her missing arms. Should be no problem if you're paying attention to your filament light and moving around. Defeat her and continue forward to the room Mayu went in. Just past the room is a spirit orb. Pick it up and upgrade. Check your health. Before you enter The great hall.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself. This part is really freaky. The Great Hall As soon as you get in front of the door you hear insane laughter. Go in the door. Slowly walk toward the gleaming object. It's flourite. Get in camera mode and slowly scan the room for another gleaming object. Don't move until you spot it. As soon as you do, exit camera mode and pick up the sacred water.

Go to your map. Locate the door in this room that is the North East door.

It's the only way to escape. Walk towards the door. As soon as you get to the door , tap x and run forward. You are safe. The spirit will not follow you. That was close! Once outside the door, look on Mio's left for a stone mirror. Now go on the right and head up the wooden steps. You will see Mayu above you. I could never get her picture but I know it can be done.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly - Walkthrough

Go all the way up and save at the red lantern that is to the right of the wooden door before going through it. You can upgrade and listen to your radio as well. Kurosawa 2nd floor Guest Room Hallway Head down the hallway. The door on your left is locked so continue to the door at the end. Guest Room Check the drawers for some type 61 film.

Check the bookshelf for the folklorists notebook 3. There isn't anything else to do here so go through the Northern door. Flickering Room Don't worry, nothings going to attack you. Check the drawers for herbal medicine. Examine the door. Take a picture of it to see a photo of bloody handprints. Remember that place? It's in the passage near the Great Hall where you had to run for your life. Good deal, you get to dodge the crypt keeper again.

Examine the door to see that you need to find a key for it. You also hear laughing and mumbling on the other side. Head back the way you came until you get back to the save lamp. Save your game! At the save lantern, aim up and snap a picture of "unrequited". Go downstairs and back to the room with the spirit that will kill you with one touch. Look at your map and make sure you know where to go. The thing is still in there. It is the Western door. Run and do not stop until you get through that door. Again, the ghost will not follow.

Now that you are safe, head down the walkway towards the short corridor. On the way there you will encounter the "fleeing villager". Snap his picture before he runs off. Head to the short corridor that is on your right where you first saw the bloody handprints. As you get there you will encounter another spirit. Meet " The Dragger". Take it's picture and go to the door near the bloody handprints. As you get there, the door opens for you. Blood-stained room Notice the gleaming object on the ground. It's the "blast" power-up lens. It's awesome so equip it asap.

You're about to have to battle in this very small room so get ready before you do anything else. Examine the dresser for an herbal medicine. A spirit is opening and closing the door. Snap a photo of it to release the spirits of limbo man and woman. They shut the door on you. The man is pretty easy. Limbo woman teleports through walls and appears behind you. Plus, she screams about her missing arms which is annoying and creepy at the same time. Keep an eye on your health and you should do fine. When you defeat them, they drop the diamond stack key. The door that they shut is still sealed but they were kind enough to open the other door for you.

Outside of the door you will pick up a faintly glowing crystal and a spirit orb. Use the orb to upgrade your blast ability and listen to the radio to find out about "the kusabi" and because the ritual failed that the village will be swallowed in "darkness". That's right. You get to visit that bitch that kills you with one touch. Run like hell through that room to the NorthEast door and head back to the flickering room. You can save on the way, but you don't need my permission so do what you want. When you enter the guest room you'll encounter a spirit.

Snap a photo of the spirit " turns head" and pick up the gleaming object. Enter the flickering room. When you enter a dead woman's body appears on the floor. It's okay, she's not going to attack you, yet. Use the diamond stack key on the door and enter the doll stand room. You will see a gleaming object on the floor. It is the "butterfly diary" and a photo of the warped twins. Go to the shelf with the dolls and take a picture. You will see an image of dolls that is different from the present arrangement. You have to find some more dolls heads, so with nothing else to do, exit this room.

Remember the dead woman? Turns out, it's the "woman in box" that you encountered earlier and guess what? She's gonna attack you now. Get your type 14 film. Make sure your blast power-up is equipped and that you have full health. First thing, you have to protect your crackhead sister. Don't let the spirit harm her or it's game over for both of you. She will try her best to get Mayu. She teleports here and there and makes it tough to determine where she'll appear.

Try to keep Mayu in a corner out of the way. If she gets scared she will freeze and if she's blocking your way where you can't get around her, she's done for. After you defeat the spirit, pick up the gleaming object. It's the twin doll heads. Go back to the doll stand room. Doll Stand Room Go to the table with the dolls and use the twin doll heads. This is a puzzle. The idea is to move the dolls on the bottom shelf to the top shelf. It's difficult to explain but this diagram should help.

Ignore the bottom two. You can't move any of that junk. On the fourth shelf from the top, you'll see two headless dolls in orange. These dolls need to be on the top shelf. You have one minute to complete this puzzle. The diagram below should help you solve it fairly easily. Just try it a couple of times and you'll figure it out. Don't let the timer discourage you.

You can solve this in just over 20 seconds or less. After you solve it you will get the butterfly key. Return to the flickering room and go through it to the Guest room. As soon as you enter, look forward in camera mode at the picture in front of you. You should see an arm hanging there. Walk forward. Limbo woman just made you wet yourself, didn't she?

It's okay, me too. This was only for scare factor. She won't attack you here. Pick up the gleaming object. It's the Kurosawa House Map and the folklorists notes 6. Exit this room into the hallway. As you round the corner, you'll see a spirit. Snap a picture of "talking man". Exit the house onto the balcony. Head down the stairs toward the courtyard. As you do, a spirit will appear behind you. Snap a picture of "calling man". Head to the bottom and notice your filament is blue. Snap a picture of "garden woman". Now walk around to the left side of the courtyard.

Search the newly uncovered dragon statue for camera power-up "evade". Check your health status and make sure you have type 14 film. You could use type 7, it's just going to take a really long time. Do what's best for you. Ready to enter the great hall again? Me either. No worrys. The one hit wonder isn't here anymore. You will hear a woman say "I don't want to kill anymore". I don't want her to either. Follow the hallway back to the Antechamber. Mayu starts mumbling like an idiot about having to get to the ritual.

Go to the Entrance and try to leave. The door is locked. A spirit appears behind you. Snap a picture of "behind cloth". Go back down the short corridor and unlock the door on the right with the butterfly key. Storage Room This area is full of spirits of children. They are hard to photograph because they are so quick. Feel free to email me with tips on how to capture them quickly. Take the sacred water from the grandfather clock.

Take the herbal medicine from the pile of boxes. A spirit will open the door. Quickly snap a picture of "child at door". Exit the room to the cloth hallway and pick up the gleaming object. It's type 14 film. Snap a picture of "fading child". Walk slowly to snap a picture of the "cut-in child". Follow the hallway to the end. It's locked and you need a diamond cut key for it. Return to the storage room and go up the stairs.

Partition Screen Room Search the drawers for the ceremony masters note 3. Check on the left for some type 14 film. Look for a hole in the floor on the left to see an gleaming object caught in a spiders web. You cannot reach it. When you walk away a spirit appears. Snap a picture of "peeking child". Return downstairs to see a crimson ball fall from the ceiling. Pick it up and return upstairs. Partition Screen Room Drop the ball through the hole in the floor. The ball will push the gleaming object out and fall in the storage room. Return downstairs again and pick up the gleaming object.

It's the diamond cut key. Return to the cloth hallway and go to the door at the very end. Use the key and enter. This is the warehouse. Warehouse You will encounter a spirit immediately. Snap a picture of the "warehouse checker". Don't follow him just yet. Search the barrels in the alcove for some type 61 film. A spirit will come from the floor and grab Mayu.

This is not a battle. Just turn around and snap a picture of "clinging shadow". After you get the picture he will let go and disapear. Now, go where the warehouse checker went. Cell Quickly snap a picture of the "captured man". Notice the gleaming object. It's the folklorists notes 8. Examine the cell door. You need two keys for this one. One is light and another shadow. Underground Cellar Go back toward where the clinging shadow appeared and follow the hallway down the stairs. This place looks like bad news. And, it is. Aside from being really annoying with all his chanting and begging you to "accept your fate", he's pretty tough.

I beat him using type 14 film.

If you stay away from him and shoot him before he can get to Mayu, you'll be fine. He teleports and throws skulls at you and Mayu. Defeat him and afterwards you get a shiny new spirit orb. You know what to do with it. There is a save lamp in this room. Save your game before you do anything else.

You are about to fight the priest again in a minute and this time will be a lot harder. You can check the stairs near the save lantern to see that the door is locked. You need a hammer design key. Leave the underground cellar and return to the cloth hallway. Cloth Hallway When you get near the double doors in the cloth hallway a spirit appears.

Snap a picture of the "ritual pusher". He disapears into the doors. They were previously locked, but now you can enter. Prepare for battle. You will be fighting the priest here. He's still chanting about accepting your destiny and to keep it interesting, adds that he will not let you get away. We'll see about that. Fight him the same way you did before. Be wary of his flying skull attacks.

He will try his best to get Mayu so protect her. You shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Try to get as many close-ups as possible. They inflict a lot of damage. He will hide in the walls and shoot at you and Mayu and he also becomes invisible and attacks Mayu. Pay attention to your filament light and track his location as soon as you can. When you've defeated him, he drops a glowing red crystal for your radio and a spirit orb. There are three more gleaming objects in this room. One on the right of the altar, one on the left of the altar and one on the altar itself.

Breaking Free: On the wings of Crimson Butterflies

The one on the left is an herbal medicine. The one on the right is the ceremony masters notes 4 and the one on the altar is the ceremony masters notes 1. On the left side of the room are two sets of stairs. One going up and one going down. Go upstairs and pick up the gleaming object. It's the "see" ability for the camera obscura. For sparing me, I long have praised, And love and praise you still. The caterpillars met one day, And in a very solemn way Discussed a point of great import To all the caterpillar sort.

Another spoke: "I like to know That what one is , he's settled so. This crawling one day, winged the next, What prudent worm is not perplexed? With all these moody changes, who Will know what form to fasten to? So after many long debates, The wise assemnly formulates Its judgment thus: "Whereas," the good Old ground whereon our fathers stood Some upstarts are inclined to change For loftier views and wider range, Producing dangerous schism thus,.

And constantly confusing us, Be it Resolved, that henceforth we Who now do covenant and agree, Maintain ourselves inviolate In good old caterpillar estate. And hold as knavish, outcast things Those rascal heretics with wings. She brought it in her tiny hand To see if I would understand, And wondered when I made reply, "You've found a baby butterfly.

So then I told her what would be Some day within the chrysalis: How, slowly, in the dull brown thing Now still as death, a spotted wing, And then another, would unfold, Till from the empty shell would fly A pretty creature, by and by, All radiant in blue and gold. To-day the butterfly has flown,— She was not here to see it fly,— And sorrowing I wonder why The empty shell is mine alone.

Perhaps the secret lies in this: I too had found a chrysalis, And Death that robbed me of delight Was but the radiant creature's flight! Drab habitation of whom? Tabernacle or tomb, Or dome of worm, Or porch of gnome, Or some elf's catacomb? My cocoon tightens, colors tease, I'm feeling for the air; A dim capacity for wings Degrades the dress I wear. A power of butterfly must be The aptitude to fly, Meadows of majesty concedes And easy sweeps of sky.

So I must baffle at the hint And cipher at the sign, And make much blunder, if at last I take the clew divine. From cocoon forth a butterfly As lady from her door Emerged — a summer afternoon — Repairing everywhere,. Without design, that I could trace, Except to stray abroad On miscellaneous enterprise The clovers understood.

Her pretty parasol was seen Contracting in a field Where men made hay, then struggling hard With an opposing cloud,. Where parties, phantom as herself, To Nowhere seemed to go In purposeless circumference, As 't were a tropic show. And notwithstanding bee that worked, And flower that zealous blew, This audience of idleness Disdained them, from the sky,.

Till sundown crept, a steady tide, And men that made the hay, And afternoon, and butterfly, Extinguished in its sea. I hold you at last in my hand, Exquisite child of the air. Can I ever understand How you grew to be so fair? You came to my linden tree To taste its delicious sweet, I sitting here in the shadow and shine Playing around its feet. Now I hold you fast in my hand, You marvelous butterfly, Till you help me to understand The eternal mystery. From that creeping thing in the dust To this shining bliss in the blue!

God give me courage to trust I can break my chrysalis too! The butterfly's assumption-gown, In chrysoprase apartments hung, This afternoon put on. How condescending to descend, And be of buttercups the friend In a New England town! Two butterflies went out at noon And waltzed above a stream, Then stepped straight through the firmament And rested on a beam;.

And then together bore away Upon a shining sea, — Though never yet, in any port, Their coming mentioned be. If spoken by the distant bird, If met in ether sea By frigate or by merchantman, Report was not to me. This was your butterfly, you see,— His fine wings made him vain: The caterpillars crawl, but he Passed them in rich disdain. O child, when things have learned to wear Wings once, they must be fain To keep them always high and fair: Think of the creeping pain Which even a butterfly must bear To be a worm again! Methought I heard a butterfly Say to a laboring bee; "Thou hast no colors of the sky On painted wings like me.

The butterfly, an idle thing, Nor honey makes, nor yet can sing, As do the bee and bird; Nor does it, like the prudent ant, Lay up the grain for times of want, A wise and cautious hoard. My youth is but a summer's day: Then like the bee and ant I'll lay A store of learning by; And though from flower to flower I rove, My stock of wisdom I'll improve, Nor be a butterfly. A tulip, just opened, had offered to hold A butterfly, gaudy and gay; And, rocked in a cradle of crimson and gold, The careless young slumberer lay. For the butterfly slept, as such thoughtless ones will, At ease, and reclining on flowers, If ever they study, 't is how they may kill The best of their mid-summer hours.

And the butterfly dreamed, as is often the case With indolent lovers of change, Who, keeping the body at ease in its place, Give fancy permission to range. He dreamed that he saw, what he could but despise, The swarm from a neighbouring hive; Which, having come out for their winter supplies, Had made the whole garden alive. He looked with disgust, as the proud often do, On the diligent movements of those, Who, keeping both present and future in view, Improve every hour as it goes. As the brisk little alchymists passed to and fro, With anger the butterfly swelled; And called them mechanics—a rabble too low To come near the station he held.

He thought, at these words, that together they flew, And, facing about, made a stand; And then, to a terrible army they grew, And fenced him on every hand. Like hosts of huge giants, his numberless foes Seemed spreading to measureless size: Their wings with a mighty expansion arose, And stretched like a veil o'er the skies. Their eyes seemed like little volcanoes, for fire,— Their hum, to a cannon-peal grown,— Farina to bullets was rolled in their ire, And, he thought, hurled at him and his throne.

He tried to cry quarter! His fall chased the vision—the sleeper awoke, The wonderful dream to expound; The lightning's bright flash from the thunder-cloud broke, And hail-stones were rattling around. He'd slumbered so long, that now, over his head, The tempest's artillery rolled; The tulip was shattered—the whirl-blast had fled, And borne off its crimson and gold.

None will suspect that I am the same With a bright, new coat, and a different name; The piece of nothingness whence I came, In me they'll never detect. But some I shall pass with a scornful glance, Some with elegant nonchalance , And others will woo me, till I advance To give them a slight caress. And when my point shall have reached your heart, 'T will be like a balm to the wounded part, To think how you will be copied by art, And your beauty will all be known!

Said a simpering Butterfly, sipping a rose, To a graceless Mosquito on grandpapa's nose, Whom she hoped to entrap, "Pray come, Sir, and taste of this delicate stuff.