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Activities are numerous for all ages. The seven mile sandy beach provides a sand box of agates, shells, and sometimes Japanese floats. Sightings of the migrating grey whales are almost a daily happening in Depoe Bay, and there are charter fleets at Depoe Bay and Newport for deep sea fishing, crabbing and whale watching. Also, fresh water fishing, including steelhead, salmon, and trout are in the local rivers and streams.

One mile away is the beautiful resort of Salishan providing an 18 hole golf course and excellent shopping. If you like aquariums, lighthouses, factory outlets, good restaurants, casino gaming, and breathtaking views of the ocean you will find it all between Newport and Lincoln City. Come stay as our guest and enjoy the experience of the Central Oregon Coast. Sea and Sand RV Park has been open for fun and enjoyable experiences to family generations for over 35 years!

Guests from years past bring their children and grandchildren to experience the everlasting memories together as they did before! Please make reservations for your personal bikes when you reserve your ferry tickets.

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Where can I ride my bike on the island? I am disabled, what are my options for getting around on the island? Three beach wheelchairs are available for visitor use at no cost and our concessioner offers a van tour of the island for a fee. Click this link to learn more about accessibility. Can rangers give me a ride? Rangers are not able to give visitors rides on the island. Are there hiking trails on the island? There are over 50 miles of hiking trails on the island.

Click this link to learn more about hiking. Distances from Sea Camp Dock. Please be realistic with distances and keep in mind that mileages below are one-way. The main road is graded with sand and can become bumpy and soft in sections making it difficult for bike riding. How far are the Dungeness Ruins? How far is Plum Orchard Mansion? How far is Stafford Beach Campground? How far is Hickory Hill Campground? How far is Brickhill Bluff Campground? How far is the First African Baptist Church? How do I make camping reservations? All camping reservations are made by creating an account on recreation.

Click this link to visit recreation. Are there carts at Sea Camp? Carts are available for rent from our concessioner for campers staying at Sea Camp Campground only. Click this link to learn more about camping. Hunting, Fishing, and Recreation. Can I hunt on the island? There are six managed hunts held each year. Click this link to learn more about registration, rules, and regulations.

Can I fish? Fishing is allowed within Cumberland Island National Seashore provided that all Georgia DNR licensing requirements are met and rules and regulations are followed. Click this link for more information on fishing. Can I collect seashells? Seashells can be collected as long as shells are unoccupied and non-living. Where is the best place to look for shark teeth? The best place to find shark teeth is along the main road, because it is graded with sand that has been dredged out of the sound.

Can I swim in the ocean? Swimming is permitted but it is at your own risk because there are no lifeguards on the island. Feral Horses. Where can I see the horses? Horses can be seen anywhere on the island, but most day visitors see horses by the Dungeness Ruins. No, horses are feral and must be treated as such.

Please keep a distance of at least 50 feet to avoid injury. Do park employees feed and take care of the horses? Feral horses are completely unmanaged. Staff complete a population count each year. How did the horses get to the island?

Ocean facts!

They are non-native and are descendants of horses that were left by different groups of people over time. How many horses are on the island? There are an estimated horses on the island. Click this link to read more about feral horses on Cumberland Island. Other Wildlife. Nuclear issues. Climate change. Social impact of environmental issues. Waste management. Business competition.

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