What Would I Have Done?

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We can recover and become better, to the point of perfection.

What I Would Have Done

I had a huge one. Heavenly Father tried to guide me to the right eternal companion, but I refused to believe that I was good enough for the guy low self esteem.

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So, I refused to believe it and walked away. The opportunity is lost.

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BUT the next time I get a similar message from Heavenly Father I am going to ask him to help me believe it and take a leap of faith. I love how you tell us to review constructively, not to beat ourselves up. Great advice to use the question in our personal lives as well as work.

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What would you have done differently?

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Order Your Copy. I really do.

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And I want to apologize for the way things went during the filming of your hidden camera segment last week. Every Saturday I treat myself to a nipper at the sipper, and last weekend, that is where I encountered what I believed to be a year-old girl at the bar, attempting to order a shot of Goldschlager. Being the concerned citizen that I am I once had a letter to the editor in the Times complaining about their slavish excess of high school prom coverage , I made the decision to act.

What Would I Have Done - Brian Johnson

Only this nun acted in a most un-nun-like manner, berating the youngster for underage drinking. But just as I was about to jump into the fray, an angry, rough-looking man strode towards the nun and began shaking her violently, bleating at her to cease her criticism as it was bringing him flashbacks of the abuse he suffered in Catholic school.

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He dissolved into tears. John, it was the saddest thing. The man was overtaken by memory and feeling. After about an hour of this, I was ready to step in to comfort him. The poor man was clearly in his 40s!