The Way I Saw It

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To snore very loudly or intensely, as during a deep sleep. Once I found out my boyfriend sawed wood at night, I knew I had to break up with him. Jake, roll over on your side, you're sawing wood again! By extension, to sleep soundly.

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I was so exhausted after that hike that I was sawing wood in no time in my tent. References in periodicals archive?

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He opened the door and saw Wood at the gate to the garden. Dump neds in the middle of nowhere; Sheriff's survival test. The initial City interpretation of the investment was that Davies saw Wood as a cheap way of bringing his hotel company to the market and as a result the Potteries company's shares lifted 10p to 80p. Read more. Chris Griffin. Chris has brought expertise in the Pop Music world together with his extensive sound design experience to produce a unique synthesizer that will remind you why musical art is so powerful.

SAW-1 Discovery is a one-of-a-kind synthesizer based on vintage analog sawtooth wave recordings. Waveforms which were recorded with ultra-high sample rates, vintage equipment and attention to detail help SAW-1 surpass any sample-based instrument to date.

Fourteen unique layers consisting of over analog samples combine to make some of the biggest sounds ever created using just one device. This synth is BIG. For each Oscillator choice, nearly every white key has its own unique sample — 68 samples per layer — but SAW-1 Discovery is a dual-layer synth.

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That equals over samples for each Oscillator choice! There are virtually no artifacts, fidelity issues or interpolation problems as you move up and down the keyboard.

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Each key sounds like it does on the original instrument when Single Saw or Dual Saw is chosen as the Oscillator source — there are no multiples on the original. In fact, that instrument is now sold…. Multi-Saw 1 — twelve vintage ARP sawtooth waveforms per layer slightly detuned from one another. Multi-Saw 1 — sixteen vintage ARP sawtooth waveforms layer moderately detuned from one another.

The Trinity — The true Trinity is everywhere. It shows up here as the embodiment of sawtooth-wave sound. Over unique sawtooth waveforms per layer combine to define the line where chaos and beauty meet. SAW-1 Discovery can also get lean and mean.

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The single-oscillator waveform choice takes vintage analog to the next level by offering not only recreations of vintage synths, but doing so with full polyphony if desired. Glide portamento and 3 different monophonic modes allow for any playing style; perfect for bass synth, lead or effects. Click To Unmute. Start at: End at: Autoplay Loop. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices?

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