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Finally, his senses caught up with him. With a roar, Luke reared up on his hind legs in a move that was more threatening than predatory. But he knew it would serve his purpose and scare the intruder away, which is exactly what it did. It also meant that he could legitimately sneak away to shift into his bear and run free as frequently as he needed too. Especially now that it was autumn, also known as bump season. There was an unrecognizable scent. Another bear. He knew the woods better than anyone.

Every sound, every shadow…every scent. And the scent of a female was definitely unusual on Grizzly Ridge. A few months earlier, his older brother, Axel, had taken a mate.

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Axel and Harper spent a lot of late nights running through the woods. Luke approached quietly, stalking her. It was always best to tread lightly until one knew what he was dealing with. It almost appeared blue where the sun hit it. But not as blue as her eyes. Never before had Luke seen a bear with blue eyes; when she finally noticed him and her gaze locked on his, those eyes flashed with electricity. It was almost a challenge. It was probably for the best. Back to the Den. Nothing good could come from a female bear. Particularly one clouded his senses so quickly and completely the way that little black bear had.

How could she have been so stupid? She never should have broken her rule and shifted while she was working. But this place. The ridge. It got to her. Something in the air created a need in her. The quicker she could get back to her car, the better. Not that she thought the grizzly would come after her. In fact, it was such a foreign sensation that the bear had elicited in her, it took her a moment to figure out what exactly it was. But when she did, she stopped dead in her tracks. That was ridiculous. She shook her head, her braid flipping back and forth. Or attraction or…or really, anything to do with sex.

Sex led to commitment, which led to a relationship, which always led to giving up everything she ever wanted. No way. Not ever. In all ways. It had been a technique that had worked well for her, too. She reached her car, slipped inside and locked the door behind her, as if that would keep out the feelings that slammed through her. She silently repeated the mantra until finally her heart rate slowed and she was once again in control of her body and her emotions.

Okay, she said to herself. All she had to do was stay professional. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Love at first sight? Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Chapter One For Chloe Karrington, there was nothing better than walking through the forest: The way the sun danced and played in the branches of the pines as she walked. There was nothing better than a walk through the forest.

Unless it was a run. She glanced around.

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She was alone. But maybe… She let her mind drift as she checked out her surroundings. Her fingers traced the faded photo of little Jordan Adams. Only five years old. Too long. Way too long. As long as she picked one. She shook her head.

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No thanks. No male needed. Stunned into silencing her mind, Chloe stood frozen on the ridge and took it all in. Very disappointed. This female was different. His blood ran hotter with every breath in. She filled his senses. Her body shivered at the thought. But not out of fear. It was something else. Deep breaths. Breathe in. Breathe out. She tilted the rearview mirror down so she could see her reflection. No problem. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Close Dialog Are you sure? Also remove everything in this list from your library.

Are you sure you want to delete this list? Remove them from Saved? Now an experiment will bring girls and boys together in a new school with children and teachers from each side of the border. He wants the kids to learn how to hunt and fight instead. Readers call it witty, intelligent, relevant, and masterfully written. Men of the North 4: The Seducer. Chosen to be a priestess from childhood, Athena knows everything about aligning her energy with the universe and spreading hope, healing, and wisdom to people.

But her inner balance is disturbed when Finn shows up on her doorstep. The large, annoyingly flirtatious man kept her imprisoned in the past and now demands she lift the cursel she cast on him. Rather than explain to him that the curse wasn't real, Athena sees her chance of teaching him a lesson in karma and makes demands of her own. Finn will allow her full power over him for five full days or live with the curse forever. Like all her other books it offers humor, a fast pace, and an emotional roller-coaster that will leave you breathless. Men of the North 5: The Warrior.

Asking for permission or apologizing for his actions is for weaker men. Tempted to experience the independence of women in the Motherlands, and to learn martial arts, she ran away. Stronger and more confident than before.

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Determined not to let a man dominate her, not even the one she once fell in love with and married. Is there a way for Magni and Laura to be a couple again with her need for independence and his need for control?

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And can someone as proud as Magni overcome his anger with Laura for leaving him in the first place? The Warrior is the long-awaited fifth installment in the highly praised Men of the North series. This Sci-fi Romance is guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, cheer, and swoon. If you're ready for Magni and Laura's story, sit back and enjoy the suspense, humor, and sizzling passion that will suck you in.

Get the first five books in Elin Peer's highly praised futuristic Sci-fi Romance series and save money. These stories have readers turning pages all nigh and raving about the world building, humor, and strong characters. Men of the North - Box-set book Men of the North 6: The Genius. With three degrees and the highest measured IQ in the Motherlands, Shelly Summers knows that she's socially awkward. It doesn't bother her since as the head engineer for Advanced Technologies she has little time for social interactions anyway.

When she learns that one of the testers for the sex-bots her company manufactures is her old crush, Marco, she's curious to see if he'll recognize her now that she's ten years older and no longer has bushy eyebrows and a bad case of acne. A normal person would have said something when Marco doesn't recognize her from his past. A normal person would definitely have said something when he mistakes her for an advanced sex robot and thinks his job is to do a test run.

The Genius is the sixth book in the series Men of the North that has readers raving about its perfect mix of love, action, wisdom, and humor.

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Men of the North 7: The Dancer. I was twelve when I promised Solo that I would one day marry him. Willow, a talented Motlander dancer, goes on tour in the Northlands. What should have been a chance for a new beginning brings her face to face with her traumatic past when Solo, a mountain of a man and the fiercest warrior of his generation, is put in charge of her safety against her will. If you like large alpha men, strong women, humor, and a lot of depth, then this romantic sci-fi is for you.

Men of the North 8: The Athlete. When Hunter Hercules, the biggest soccer star in the Northlands, is transferred to play in the Motherlands, he's mad as hell. Not only is their style of soccer different, but they have mixed teams and his female captain, Emanuela, calls him unsophisticated and claims that she's a better player than him. What a fucking joke! The whole thing is ridiculous and infuriating to Hunter. That's why when the soccer club sends all the players on a team-building trip, Hunter shows up determined to put the little woman in her place. It should have been easy, but Emanuela isn't a normal sweet Motlander he can push around.

She's competitive to the bone, and when Hunter plays dirty she's fast to adapt and hit him back tenfold. Someone should have warned her not to mess with an Nman. Readers call these books "unputdownable" because of the sharp dialogue, fast pace, and depths of the characters.

If you like strong women, alpha males, and a roller-coaster ride of emotions, then this romantic sci-fi is a safe pick for you. Buy it on pre-sale today and have it delivered straight to your Kindle on release day, November 20th Men of the North 9: The Fighter.

I know what greatness women are capable of and how amazing men can be. She uses her humor and feistiness to blaze through every obstacle, and right now the biggest one is her rigid boss Leo Da Vinci. Leo wants her to stay safe in an office categorizing unsolved cases, but Raven is longing for action. Little does she know that coming face to face with the troubled past of the Northlands might set off an unwanted avalanche of events and endanger the lives of herself and the people she loves.

From the beginning of this series, readers have been hooked on the amazing world-building and the clash between two societies with opposing values. If you love a mix of humor and romance with a drizzle of steamy sex then this series is a safe choice. Men of the North The Pacifist. Mila, a sweet pacifist born in the Motherlands, has avoided conflicts all her life.

But how can she marry if it means giving up on her friendship with Jonah, the first male councilman in the Motherlands and her closest friend? Every night they talk, laugh, and share their darkest secrets. Or does he? For the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers, it's recommended to begin with box-set 1 which contains book The Clashing Colors series consists of five separate stories. For the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers this is the recommended order to read them in.

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Can a man who gives and takes orders for a living help a rebel who lives to break all the rules and answer to no one? Gabriel is a decorated war hero who just returned from duty in Afghanistan. When he overhears his stepbrother having a phone conversation with a secret daughter that the family never knew about he is shocked to hear the hard rejection she gets. But what happens when Black is forced to go into drug rehab with an unorthodox therapist whose methods are bat-shit crazy and require a parent to come along?

Gabriel and Black hardly know each other, but when Gabriel offers to step up and replace his stepbrother, things quickly get intense between them. Elin Peer offers a new fresh style and a unique talent for developing characters that you will come to love. Black Clashing Colors Book 1 Audio. Science and faith face off in this lovely contemporary romance novel full of lovable and witty characters. Although I can clear a house of spirits, I have no clue how to clear my heart of Jake. Violet is called upon by a group of scientists to investigate supernatural phenomena in their lab.

It could be her chance to prove to Jake, her longtime crush, that what she does is valid. The story is a fireworks display of horror, humor, sizzling romance, and suppressed desire. Violet Clashing Colors Book 2 Audio. How dare he?

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I get it. Honestly, I try to be nice to everyone. Like a tick. And he brings out the feisty redhead lurking inside me. He is easily the most infuriating, selfish, and cruel bastard in the city of Seattle. Melody is proving to herself and the world that she has what it takes to run a successful business, based on sustainability and fair trade. But even with the help of an agency it seems impossible to find a decent man who matches her criteria and has what it takes to excite her. If you are into two strong characters butting heads and trying desperately to deny the attraction between them, then the shenanigans Christian and Melody come up with to get back at each other will have you chuckling all night.

This is an absolute must read so go ahead, press the button and start reading this wonderful book today! Green Clashing Colors Book 3 Audio. Have you ever told your darkest secrets to a stranger? And that compelling stranger he laughs with on the phone? The vivacious cheerleader who sheds unwelcome light on his dark and debilitating anxiety when exposed to beautiful women.

I just want to help him get past his ridiculous and unfounded beliefs about the opposite sex. You see, Logan MacKay has scars. Physical and emotional marks that he thinks make him undesirable. Not by a long shot. Damaged people like Logan inspired me to enter the mental health field.