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As Angela Costa states, there are two type of grammatical mistakes: misselection and misordering.

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Misordering involves the syntax and the error is represented by the improper placement of a morpheme or a group of morphemes in a sentence. Thus, the translation would become:. Last analysis of grammar error is given by word class. It consists of changing one part of speech for another for example an adjective is required, but the MT transforms it into an adverb, instead. Besides the analysis of grammatical errors, it is also relevant to examine the impact of semantics, a problem linked to the meaning of a word, which is characterized by three types of mistakes: wrong choice, confusion of senses, collocational error and idioms.

Confusion of senses is the translation of the word that can carry more than one meaning, which allows, therefore, the MT to reproduces one of its possible meanings but does not match with the original source text. According to Jeremy. Munday, literal translation may not represent a worthy alternative, thus the modulation technique should be applied by using the word trial as the most suitable. Concerning the lexis, this additional category consists the use an inappropriate word, employed in an improper or distorted way such as the use of one word in place of another, the invention of non- existent words, the use of vaguely known expressions or badly rebuilt.

It is divided in: omission, addition and untranslated words. A distinction between omission and addition will be provided in the following examples taken from the extract. The former takes place when a word in the ST is absent in the TT. Ad dition errors instead, are the opposite, there is an additional word in the TT, although does not appear in the ST.

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For instance, it is possible to see the first typology of error in the absence of the preposition of as following:. It refers to the correct way of using consonants, capital or small letters and the right accent. For instance, the subcategory of spelling is a common mistake that occurs when a letter is replaced, deleted or the accent is wrong or necessary. Finally, last error encountered belongs to the category of discourse. For instance, the preposition against is stressed as proved in the Italian utterance:.

The sentence is literally correct but highlights a repetition, probably to emphasize the concept.

Therefore, the second preposition should be omitted or replaced by another similar word in order to render the text smoother. Costa, Angela. A linguistically motivated taxonomy for Machine Translation error analysis. Vol 9, no.

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Accessed: Munday, Jeremy. Introducing translation studies. Fourth edition. Chapter four. E- book. Scarica il documento. Carica altri. Cerca nell'estratto del documento.

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