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My obsession with Golden Retrievers was sparked by my first Golden, Milo, who is my competition obedience dog and pet therapy partner.

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A few years later, my agility fanatic Mochi joined the family. These two bundles of golden sunshine are a major reason why I chose to enter the veterinary profession: While Milo and Mochi are young, athletic dogs right now with no significant health issues, odds are they will one day battle cancer. The Golden Retriever is a popular pet in the United States, and for good reason.

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study (more than just a Golden Retriever beach party)

The breed is characterized by an intense desire to please, which translates to a truly versatile dog that can be successful in everything from high drive performance venues such as field trials and hunt tests to therapy work. During the past decade, some studies have indicated that neutering can have several adverse health effects for certain dog breeds. Those studies examined individual diseases using data drawn from one breed or pooled from several breeds.

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Against that backdrop, Hart and colleagues launched their study, using a single hospital database. The study was designed to examine the effects of neutering on the risks of several diseases in the same breed, distinguishing between males and females and between early or late neutering and non-neutering. The researchers chose to focus on the golden retriever because it is one of the most popular breeds in the U.

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The breed also is favored for work as a service dog. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for two joint disorders and three cancers: hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament tear, lymphosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma and mast cell tumor.

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The dogs were classified as intact not neutered , neutered early before 12 months age , or neutered late at or after 12 months age. The study revealed that, for all five diseases analyzed, the disease rates were significantly higher in both males and females that were neutered either early or late compared with intact non-neutered dogs.

Specifically, early neutering was associated with an increase in the occurrence of hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament tear and lymphosarcoma in males and of cranial cruciate ligament tear in females.

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Late neutering was associated with the subsequent occurrence of mast cell tumors and hemangiosarcoma in females. In most areas, the findings of this study were consistent with earlier studies, suggesting similar increases in disease risks. The new study, however, was the first to specifically report an increased risk of late neutering for mast cell tumors and hemangiosarcoma.

In search of my grandfather's gold

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