Juan (Conozca Su Biblia / It Knows Its Bible) (Spanish Edition) (Know Your Bible)

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For far too long the church has prevented women from answering God's call on their lives. It's time for a change! It would be something like the dynamic life and ministry of Peter Hakim Hosein, who touched the Caribbean and elsewhere in the Western World with the power of the Holy Spirit. During his time of grief over the loss of a three year old … Read more…. No lea este libro si prefiere tener muletas en ves de alas.

La voluntad de Dios para su vid… Read more…. Fuimos creados para grandes cosas Although the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in , SoPhal started a house church, which grew from five members to six hundred in eight months. You are in the middle of an invisible spiritual war! Explore strategies for faith and prayer that can win the battle! Just imagine for a moment--living in a community where children meet to pray, crime is almost nonexistent and people fill the churches. In Taking Our Cities for God, you will explore dynamic and life-changing strategies to help you tear down … Read more….

Why we need values-centered leaders What is a leader? A leader is someone who takes charge, manages risk, and stands firm in the face of adversity. But leaders who pay strict attention to their core values excel to greatness. Character is key. McKinley Johnson examines leadership from a biblical perspective--why some leaders soar and others fail.

The auth… Read more…. Is it you? Power for Life gives you the keys to experienci… Read more…. La Biblia es clara en que algunos problemas son, en realidad, simple… Read more….

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After the release of Total Forgiveness, the most common question that readers had for author R. In How to Forgive Ourselve… Read more…. The third book in The Transformation Series, this sequel to Transforming the Inner Man and God's Power to Change focuses on relationships and events that disable us from being able to relate and communicate with others effectively. Se ha dicho que no podemos conocernos a nosotros mismos a menos que conozcamos a Dios. No es un secreto que estamos viviendo un tiempo de crisis global.

Es un tema que la autora conoce en su propia experiencia. In Destructive Violence Against Men, author Adedeji Adesanya writes candidly about his dramatic ten-year battle against demonic forces dispatched through witchcraft to ruin his life. This blow-by-blow … Read more…. Can the evangelical church be saved? Liberal evangelicals—despite how apolitical they claim to be—are gaining ground, promoting a repackaged version of Christianity … Read more….

Born in Nigeria, Adelaja was recruited as a teenager by Russian communists.

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Discover how God gave him a new assignmentto evangelize the Ukraine! Here's the astounding story of the unlikely pastor of Eastern Europe's largest megachurch. Recounting his struggle against prejudice and persecution, it will inspire you to maximize your impact for Christ… Read more…. They don't understand what they read, so they give up in frustration. Or they misunderstand what they read, and draw wrong conclusions.

But God spoke of the future in Scripture to guide and encourage us, so that w… Read more….

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Shortly thereafter, an evangelistic training institute was created. And in , the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel came into existence. From its beginning in the early twentieth century, the … Read more…. No one is exempt from occasional gloomy feelings. But when depression hits, you can identify the roots and change your negative thinking. God does not want you depressed.

He wants you experiencing great joy! Everyone needs help now and then. Whether you are a teen, adult or senior, this message brings new hope.

Juan (Conozca Su Biblia / It Knows Its Bible) (Spanish Edition) (Know Your Bible (Spanish))

Will you live in FEAR? Fear has the deceptive ability to influence and affect our daily lives and the world we live in.

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What do you fear most in life? What are the greatest threats facing you?

The economy? Fear Fighters will help you identify and defeat the very source of fear that threate… Read more…. In today's fast-paced society it is easy to get distracted until your much-needed time with God is lost. But God wants your attention more than anything.

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The Bible is filled with examples of great men and women who would not leave God alone. Their cries to God changed their lives, the lives of others and altered the course of history. God created the earth to be the setting for His highest creation, man and woman, and He alone understands the purpose for which He designed each person. As a Christian woman, do you believe God knows what He created you to do? If not, Created With Purpose will erase your doubts. It will anchor you with hope that as you discover and practice His purp… Read more….

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Be inspired by Esther, an incredible woman of God. Strategically positioned by God in a place of influence, Esther is a powerful biblical example of how God can use anyone. Our Policies Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible. Manage Accept. The now retired UD chemistry professor already has his next adventure planned for this coming September: Yellowstone. Peter Searby, BA '01, feels that modern schools -- with a scarcity of opportunities for children to work with their hands and use their imaginations to explore their worlds -- are doing boys in particular a disservice.

From this recognized deficiency, Searby conceived the idea for Riverside Center for Imaginative Learning. Explore This Section Back to Home. Immanuel Kant According to Immanuel Kant , there are fundamental features of reality that escape our direct knowledge because of the natural limits of the human faculties. We can't find the page you are looking for because of probably: A mis-typed address, or, An out-of-date link.

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