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Please try again, the name must be unique. Loading comments Eli suffered 2 fractured legs from the accident JB wants to have some time with Celine's daughter to try to get Celine Eli wants to separate with Jackie in which she doesn't want to happen. About a week, Corazon confronts Celine and gets into a fight causing Celine to bleed. Celine is taken to the hospital by Jackie and is given the news that she had a miscarriage. Then, JB starts a fight with Corazon and tells her he hated her.

He left his mother soon afterwards. About a half a year later, it was Jackie's birthday, which Eli forgot. JB left home to work as a miner. During his break, he heard something in the woods and saw a girl swimming while JB hides so that the mystery girl won't see him. He then found a job as a singer in a beach bar owned by Amang, whose right hand was disfigured. Amang and JB developed a father-son relationship as JB shared his knowledge on taxes and business.

JB, here, is a humbled man, often calling Mommy G and sending Celine letters while she still struggles to move on from Brian's death. Eli, meanwhile, thought Tomas Arroyo was his long lost father but was mistaken. He stopped looking for his father, when he learned that it was hurting his mom. Mommy G revealed that she was not able to tell Eli's father that she was pregnant with him. Celine had a hard time dealing with the loss of her husband which puts her in a fight against Jackie. Celine then realized her mistake and made amends with Jackie by bringing a bucket of ice cream.

Celine, in an effort to move on, sold her house and left Marsha to the care of her mother-in-law. Eli also learned that Jackie greatly misses her parents. Jackie left for US but still obviously in love with Eli. Months after, Jackie's mom, Monique felt Jackie's emptiness. She let her daughter go back with Celine to take care of what was disturbing her. Upon arriving, Jackie and Celine learned that Eli went to a remote farm owned by them.

There, they meet Eli again and renew their relationship, though still seemingly platonic. Corazon suffered embarrassment as she could not pay her bills plus the fact that she could not get along well with her neighbors. She was rescued financially by Tomas Arroyo who's in love with her but appears to be excessively possessive of her.

Celine and JB were able to finally resolve their conflicts and found the strength to love each other again. Eli learns of the identity of his father, Samuel. He was denied recognition but still felt complete. Eli proposes marriage to Jackie and he was shot by his secret enemy, bringing his life on the line.

Eli sought enlightenment in the spirit world, thanks to Dadoods and found a new energy to live again, after a long-fought battle against death. Corazon decides to drop by the hospital to pay Eli a visit, and Gloria notices her, happy that her sister shows a hint of concern for her beloved son. Corazon then haughtily says that she's at the hospital not because of concern, but to watch Eli slowly die. This infuriates Gloria, and without a moment's hesitation, she slaps her older sister on the face, enraged at the words Corazon said. At home ill luck masquerading as infatuation welcomes Corazon, as Tomas greets her, asking for her whereabouts, and eventually tells her that he's been waiting for her the whole night.

He then shows her around the house, and Corazon notices the flowers all over the place, with Tomas proudly saying that they're all from him. He then shows her an expensive-looking necklace, which he places around her neck choking her. He again is overcome by a sadistic fit of jealousy and beats Corazon up. Meanwhile, Eli goes back to the fountain with Dadoods, and tells Dadoods that inexplicably, he's always taken to that certain place.

Dadoods explains that it's the only place that listens to him, and Eli asks that if the place really listens to him, then why isn't he brought back to Jackie's arms, to end her suffering. Dadoods explains that he can end her suffering by letting go of his hold on Jackie! Eli says no, and Dadoods explains that he's slowly losing grip in this world, as he's unable to see Pong anymore. Dadoods then tells Eli how much he loves them. Eli reminisces on his own life, and it seems as if he's saying goodbye to Jackie. At the fountain, he's engulfed by light, breathing a prayer to God, and plunges himself to the fountain.

At the hospital, Jackie is faithfully keeping vigil over Eli, crying and hoping that the love of her life will miraculously be brought back to life. And it seems as if all hope is lost, as Eli loses his pulse. Jackie throws herself over Eli in tears, praying that Eli won't be taken away from her. She then feels Eli's heart beating, and he suddenly comes back to life, much to Jackie's joy. On another part of the country, a seedy lady, together with a mysterious girl, meets up with Samuel, and gazes at the photo of Eli.

Who is this person, and what role will she play in Eli's life? Soon, a wedding invitation reaches Tomas and Corazon, but Tomas prohibits Corazon from going, as she looks defeatedly at the invitation, all battered and bloodied at Tomas' own hand. It's a joyous moment as Eli's family minus Corazon, as well as Jackie's mother, all gather for Eli and Jackie's wedding ceremony. Afterwards, a mysterious lady in black approaches the newlyweds, wishing them good luck. A confused Eli asks her who she is, but she only gives a cryptic reply: he'll meet her soon enough.

Maging Sino Ka Man consists of four lives, four hearts and four people in search of happiness in a complicated world. Everyone is ready to gamble it all The song was previously recorded by both Sharon Cuneta and Rey Valera. While the TV series theme is performed by Erik Santos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the drama series. For the film, see Maging Sino Ka Man film.

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  • Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Melodrama , Romance. Eli is a hard-working guy who comes from a poor family. He believes that love can surpass every challenge that may come his way, even his stature in life. An accident and a brutal discovery leads him to taking back what was originally his. As the unica hija of a banking magnate, Jackie is the exact opposite of Eli in terms of status.

    She tries hard to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend to JB, but one accident made her realize that there's one thing you should never pretend to be and that's who you are. Celine is a strong girl who faces every trial in her life head on. She presents a tough image for everyone to see, but in reality she carries a sadness that she cannot seem to let go and that sadness is to be hurt by her one true love.

    Hidden behind her image of steel is actually a heart of gold. A man who has everything, He is the heir apparent to the Roxas Shipping empire, which is now under the helm of his mother, Corazon. He always wants to help his mother, so she could be proud of him. He has a perfect life, a perfect girlfriend, and gets everything he wants except for one thing his freedom. Jackie's father. A wealthy banking magnate. Thinking that he is cheated by the women in his life his mother, also Imelda's mother, his wife, his daughter , he becomes so bitter towards life.

    Seven seasons available. American Vandal The first Netflix series on this list is also one of the best, a brilliant spoof of true crime documentaries that also serves as a clever commentary on teen life in the digital age. The first season — about a vandal who sprays male appendages on all the cars in the faculty parking lot — is arguably funnier than the feces-focused second year, but they both have value.

    And a lot of laughs. Netflix has axed the show, but there are rumors someone else may be interested in picking it up. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown The tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain led a lot of viewers to his food and travel shows, revealing the depth of his charm. This show won five Emmys and ran for twelve seasons on CNN. Five of them are currently on Netflix.

    Five seasons available.

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    Arrested Development Has the current quality of Arrested Development allowed you to forget that the first three seasons were pure genius? Go back and watch the early brilliance of the Bluth family saga, and you may even want to dip your toe in the revival a bit too before it returns on March 15th.

    Ash vs. Bruce Campbell, the star of Evil Dead 2 and living legend, returns as Ash, as do the trademark practical effects and cheesy humor from the Sam Raimi films. What more could possibly be said about the life of Norman Bates? Better Call Saul The prequel to Breaking Bad has arguably surpassed its ancestor in terms of depth and performance. Big Mouth Netflix has been really adventurous in its animated programming for adults with hits like BoJack Horseman, and this raunchy comedy from co-creators Nick Kroll and John Mulaney is one of its best.

    The voice work in this insightful look at teen horniness is quite simply some of the finest in the history of animation, with great contributions from Kroll, Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jordan Peele, Jason Mantzoukas, and the scene-stealing Maya Rudolph. Watch it now before our technological overlords force you to. Four seasons available. Bloodline The first season of this Netflix thriller, nominated for an Emmy in , is really one of those that ushered in the second wave of original series success for the streaming service.

    They all play members of a Florida family caught up in a web of lies and betrayal. Their friends across the pond sure knew what it was as Bodyguard was the biggest hit over there in over a decade. One season available. All that and a talking dog named Mr. Peanutbutter too. The other two not so much. Eleven seasons available. The Crown. Catch up before they get to Princess Diana. Dead to Me Christina Applegate does the best work of her career and Linda Cardellini nearly matches her in this mystery-comedy about grief, forgiveness, and murder.

    Applegate plays Jen, a Californian whose husband was recently killed in a hit-and-run.

    Dark Secrets The Cast Of Everybody Loves Raymond Tried To Hide

    Dexter At the peak of the anti-hero, Showtime gave us one for the ages, Dexter Morgan, a serial killer with a code. Played by Michael C. Hall, Dexter is a Florida man who feeds his urge to kill by making sure those he dispatches deserve to die. Eight seasons available.

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    • This clever fractured fairy tale is buoyed by incredible voice work from Abby Jacobson, Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, and a cadre of Groening veterans. Documentary Now! The End of the Fucking World The darkest of dark comedies, this BBC import stars Alex Lawther as a kid who is kinda considering becoming a serial killer when he runs into a force of nature named Alyssa, unforgettably played by Jessica Barden. Airing for five seasons on the cable network, Episodes is about a couple of Brits who get mired in the quicksand of the Hollywood TV system. Everything Sucks! Created with Stephen Merchant, Extras stars Gervais as, well, a professional extra.

      The structure allows for a different famous guest star every week, including unforgettable episodes with Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, and Ben Stiller, all playing variations of themselves. The show starrs John Cleese as the owner of the titular seaside hotel.

      We Don’t Always End Up With The Loves Of Our Lives (And That’s Okay) | HuffPost Life

      Two series available. The setup is wonderfully simple but globe-trotting. Each episode is centered on the cuisine of a different country, judged by a food critic and two celebrities from said country. And the contestants are divided into pairs to take their stab at the Epcot Center of food shows. Five Came Back Whether or not a four-part documentary is something that should qualify as a TV series is an argument for another time, but this probably would have played on PBS or HBO were it not a Netflix Original, so it qualifies for us.

      Three episodes available. And is this the best spin-off ever? In all seriousness, the saga of Frasier Crane and his put-upon brother Niles has held up marvelously. Friends When it looked like Netflix might lose rights to this beloved show recently, fans lost their minds. Ten seasons available. The Good Place. The best comedy currently on network TV is this existential laugher about a woman who dies and goes to the titular location, but not everything is exactly as it seems.

      Just trust us. Take for example this NBC comedy from executive producer Tina Fey, which is very much in keeping with her 30 Rock sense of humor. Briga Heelan is hysterical as a producer on a network news show who is forced to work with her mother, played by the great Andrea Martin. Well, not yet.

      House of Cards It may have ended in a disastrous final season and had some bumpy years before that , but the saga of Frank and Claire Underwood still demands a spot on this list for how impactful and watchable those first few years were. This was the first Netflix show that everyone was really talking about, and it changed the game. See where the sea change began. Six seasons available.