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Property Class Codes are three-digit numbers that identify specific property types. For a list of Property Class Codes, click here. How do I contact the Department of Revenue? Where do I get a marriage license? The Spokane County Auditor issues marriage licenses. For more information, please contact their office on the first floor of the Spokane County Courthouse, West Broadway. Marriage Information Page 2. Where do I get information about land deeds, titles, other recorded documents? The Spokane County Auditor can provide you with information about land deeds, titles, other recorded documents.

Auditor Recording Department Page 3. Where do I get information about renewing my vehicle license? Auto Licensing Division Page. How will I receive the card account number, expiration date and the 3-digit CVV2 value on the back of the card? Why do I have to store a credit card number? Storing a credit card number provides an expedient method for you to receive your payment. How secure is storing credit card information?

My company does not have the ability to process and accept payment via virtual payables. What can I do? Can you just continue send us checks? What if I want to go back to receiving checks? Are there any fees associated with this? Will I receive payment for all of our company locations? What if I have trouble logging in or accessing the website? What is the basic order of processes, procedures, and time frame of appeal? How can I appeal the assessed value of my property? The only way to appeal an assessor's valuation of your property is by timely filing a complete appeal petition with the County Board of Equalization.

There is no fee charged for filing an appeal. The appeal petition form must be used. A letter or phone call is not acceptable as a substitute for the petition form. Who may file an appeal? A property owner or "taxpayer" may appeal. The appeal is filed with the Board of Equalization of the county in which the property is located. Where can I get an appeal form? Appeal petition forms are available at the Board of Equalization office, or you may download them from the Forms Page. What is the deadline for filing? July 1st of the assessment year or within 30 days of when the "Change of Value Notice" was mailed by the Assessor's Office, whichever date is later.

If you mail your petition, it must be postmarked by midnight of the deadline. You may hand deliver the petition to the Board of Equalization and have it date stamped. If you are appealing other assessor determinations, for example, denial of an application for current use or the removal of classification from property by the assessor, you also have 30 days from the date of the mailing of notification. When should I contact the Assessor's Office? Contact the Assessor's Office to review your valuation any time you have a question regarding your property value.

Property owners can often settle disagreements at this level without continuing the appeal process. However, you still need to preserve your appeal rights by timely filing your petition with the Board of Equalization. If you did not receive a notice of change of value due to the occurrence of all of the following: - The taxpayer was absent from his or her home or from the address where the assessment notice or value change notice is normally received by the taxpayer. If the notice is normally mailed by the Assessor or a mortgage or other agent of the taxpayer, the taxpayer must show the mortgage or other agent was required, pursuant to written instructions from the taxpayer, to promptly transmit the notice and failed to do so; and - The taxpayer was absent as described above for more than fifteen days prior to the filing deadline; and - The filing deadline is after July 1 of the assessment year.

Contact the Board of Equalization for possible waiver for good cause. Also, keep in mind that the Assessor is obligated to send the notice to the "owner" whose name and address appears on the assessment rolls. Often, the "owner" and "taxpayer" can also be two different parties. It is therefore your responsibility to notify the assessor of any incorrect information or address changes.

It is additionally your responsibility to request that the Assessor or the mortgage or the lending company send copies of the notices to you. How does the Assessor value my property? Market value is the amount of money that a willing and unobligated buyer is willing to pay a willing and unobligated seller.

The assessor values real property using one or more acceptable appraisal methods: the market or sales comparison method, the cost approach, an income capitalization approach for income-producing property, or any combination of the three approaches. What information must I provide for a completed petition? Your properly completed petition must include specific reasons why you believe that the assessor's valuation is not correct. The amount of tax, the assessed value of other properties, the percentage of assessment increase, personal hardship, and other matters unrelated to the market value cannot, by law, be considered by the Board.

Include the parcel number of the property you are appealing, the assessor's determination of value, your estimate of value, comparable sales or other supporting evidence that you wish to attach. Be sure to indicate if you intend to submit additional evidence prior to the hearing. You must provide additional information at least seven business days prior to the hearing.

See "Preparing an Appeal" section, linked below, for more assistance. A properly completed petition WAC 5 includes: - Answers to all relevant questions. The amount of tax, the assessed value of other properties, the percentage of assessment increase, personal hardship, and other matters unrelated to the "market value" cannot, by law, be considered by the Board. You must provide additional information at least seven business days prior to the scheduled hearing. Preparing an Appeal Am I encouraged to exchange valuation information and supporting evidence at a reasonable time prior to hearing?

This allows parties to possibly resolve their dispute at this level whereas a hearing before the independent Board of Equalization would not be necessary. How is the resolve processed? By either of two ways: - Stipulation of Value - Withdrawal Forms are normally processed through the Assessor's Office requiring appropriate signatures and forwarded to the Board of Equalization for proper finalization and closure.

When will I have a hearing? If resolve between you and the Assessor's Office does not occur, the Director of the Board will notify you of the location, date, and time that your hearing is scheduled. Law currently requires that notification be made 15 business days prior to the scheduled hearing.

What can I expect at the hearing? You and the assessor will each have the opportunity to give oral testimony in support of your opinions of value and written evidence before our independent Board of Equalization. Keep in mind that the assessor is, by law, presumed to be correct. The burden of proof is on you to show that the assessed value is not correct by presenting clear, cogent, and convincing evidence to support your estimate of market value. How soon will I receive a decision from the board? You will usually receive a written decision from the Board of Equalization within two weeks of the hearing.

What if I am not satisfied with the Board of Equalization's decision? Your appeal must be filed with the State Board of Tax Appeals within 30 calendar days of the mailing of the County Board decision. You may also pay your taxes under protest and petition the Supreme Court for a refund by filing a lawsuit under chapter Forms are available at the Board of Equalization's office, or you may download them from the Forms Page. If I do not file my appeal in a timely fashion, can the Board be reconvened to consider my petition? There are only limited reasons for the Board to reconvene to consider assessments when an appeal was not filed by the deadline.

One reason is if a new purchaser bought a property after July 1st and before December 31 of the assessment year and the sale price was less than 90 percent of the assessed value. Another would be if the taxing official has been fraudulent in performing their duties. Should I wait until after my hearing to pay my property taxes? Pay your property taxes when due. After your hearing and the decision by the Board of Equalization, the County Treasurer will notify you of any adjustment to your taxes.

What if I need additional information? Additional information may be obtained in the tax statute Chapters How do I apply for a building permit? Review the permits and brochures for building permits on the building permits page. What construction codes are in effect in the unincorporated areas of the County? What design criteria do I use for designing a building? How long is my permit good for?

What is the basic minimum snow load for Spokane County? Do I need a permit for a fence? Fences over 7 feet in height require building permits. Do I need a fence around my swimming pool? Website 8. Is there radon in Spokane County? Do I have to mitigate my home for radon? How do I apply for a manufactured home permit?

What is an egress window and when is it required? What hours can construction noise take place? Read County Code Section 6. How do I get an address assigned to my property? Where do I get my electrical permit? How high can a fence be? How often can you amend the Comprehensive Plan? What are my setbacks? What are Critical Areas? What requirements apply within critical Areas? Where can I find information about minimum lot sizes in Spokane County?

What requirements apply within Critical Areas? Minimum lot sizes in Spokane County are dependent on the zoning of property and can range from 40 acres per dwelling unit to more than 15 dwelling units per acre depending upon the respective zoning designation. Variables to minimum lot size may be achieved through cluster developments, but in no case does a cluster development result in more lots or density that that specified by the respective zoning designation.

What is Construction Stormwater Permit Coverage? How do I obtain a Food Establishment permit? For more information, visit the Food Establishment Permit Page. What are the requirements for septic system inspections and permits? To learn more, visit the Septic System Permits page. How do I register a complaint? With the exception of unsafe or dangerous buildings or structures, if you feel an alleged activity is appropriate for investigation by or Department, you must provide us with a signed complaint either by letter or on a completed form available from our office.

Written complaints must include an address or other identification, owner's name if known , and a complete description of your concern. You must include your name, address and phone number together with a request for confidentiality if you feel your personal safety or property would be endangered by disclosure of your identity. Anonymous or phone complaints can not be acted upon unless an immediate life safety issue is present. What happens after a complaint is filed?

Once a complaint is received in our office it is reviewed for appropriateness and adequacy of information. Issues must be inside Spokane County and outside the city limits of Spokane or other incorporated areas. A quick background check is conducted. Inappropriate complaints are discarded, returned to the complainant or forwarded to the correct agency.

A sequence of actions then occurs: The site is inspected, the complaint is verified and notification is then sent to the property owner. If the owner complies the complaint file is closed. If no compliance take place the complaint is then forwarded to the county prosecutors for legal action. Initial action on a complaint will normally begin within 2 or 3 days. An inspection of the site will occur within 5 working days.

Resolutions however, can take weeks, months and sometimes longer depending on the complexity and legal ramifications involved. How do I make payments for court imposed obligations I owe? Contact the Superior Court Clerk for the appropriate court for payment of fines at Clerk Page 2. Clerk Page. The office is open from a. How do I get information about a case?

Please see the Getting Information About a Case page for complete information. Getting Information About a Case Page 3. Can I take a court file out of the Clerk's office to copy it? The public may not remove a court file from the Clerk's Office. What does it cost to file a law suit in the Superior Court?

These fees are in accordance with RCW Filing fees must be paid by cash, money order, cashiers check or an attorney trust account check. The Clerk does not accept debit or credit cards. For a listing of filing fees refer to the Clerk fees list. Where do I file court documents? Spokane County Courts. How do I review the County Code? Information about the County Code and the Zoning Code is available online. Resolutions are available to the public through the Resolution Directory. Citizens are able to search by date, keyword or department. Should you have any difficulty the Clerk of the Board for the Board of County Commissioners can provide you with information about resolutions that have been passed by the board.

The Spokane County Clerk of the Board may be reached at or via email. Contact the Board of Commissioners. How do I find out about County employment opportunities? Current Openings Page 2. Where do I begin? Everything starts at our Spokane County Human Resources page. Clicking on one of these links takes you to a list of current job openings. Employment Page 4. If you haven't yet registered, go to the links above and select "create an account.

It takes very little time. Above all, remember to keep a record of your username and password once you have set up an account. You will use the same "username" and "password" each time you apply for other positions or check the status of your application. An email address is required to complete the online application form.

If you do not already have an email address, free email is available through a number of providers. Though we cannot endorse any particular vendor, you may want to click on these links for more information: Yahoo, and Gmail or search for other free email sources. There are a number of ways to apply online for Spokane County jobs: you may use the public computers located at most libraries, Worksource Spokane, family and friends may also have internet access available for your use, and there are computers available in our Human Resources lobby.

The entrance to our building is on the east side. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, a. What if the online application requires an electronic document attachment such as a resume, cover letter, writing sample or drivers abstract and I only have a paper copy? These documents, if not already on your computer, need to be scanned in and saved.

Most public libraries in Spokane County have scanning capability for public use. Also, check with your local UPS store or print shop to see if they offer this service for a small fee. Can I apply for a Spokane County job by e-mail? The Spokane County recruitment process is fully automated. Applicants must login to the Spokane County page to apply for Spokane County government positions.

Applications submitted via postal mail, email, fax or hand-delivered will not be accepted. Employment Page 9. Can I apply with a resume instead of an application form? A resume will not be accepted instead of an application form. A resume may be attached to our required online application form, if requested; however, it may not be used as a substitute for completing any part of our application package. Can I apply for more than one job? You can apply for each position for which you are interested and for which you think you are qualified.

What is the deadline date to apply for a job? Each position will be posted with a specific deadline date to apply or as an "open continuous" process.

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For those with a specific date, applications must be submitted no later than p. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline date. If the position you are applying for is open continuous, you may submit your application any time. Can I add additional information to my application after the deadline date? Changes can only be made to your application prior to the deadline date. How will I know whether I am being considered for the job? The department that is doing the hiring may also use NEOGOV to inform you about your interview if and when that may occur.

Employment Page Spokane County is committed to ensuring that this process is easy and user-friendly. How do I access my online account once it has been established? Once you have established your account, you may access your account by clicking "Applicant Login" located on the Spokane County Human Resources or Civil Service job opportunities page anytime and whenever you have internet access. You may check the status of your applications s , update your applications s , or create a new application, and view all jobs for which you have applied.

Who do I contact if I have issues accessing my online account? The system will generate an email with that information. Applicant Login Page When is the Employment Opportunities list updated? I don't want to miss my chance to apply. The list may be updated every business day. Seasonal and temporary jobs may have shorter recruitment periods and can open and close at any time. If you check your own email frequently, set up a 'Job Interest Card.

Each time a job opens in a selected category, you will receive email notification. Can I apply for a job that isn't advertised now? We are only able to process application information submitted in response to a specific advertised vacancy. If you wish to receive email notification when a job you are interested in becomes available, sign up for the 'Job Interest Card' service. Can I apply for a job shown under "County Employees Only"? Only current Spokane County Government employees in specified bargaining units, as noted on the posting, may apply for "County Employees Only" jobs. What are "Civil Service" opportunities?

All classified jobs in our Sheriff's office fall under Civil Service rules. The Civil Service rules may be found on the Current Openings page. Why are some positions "Civil Service" positions? What is the typical testing process for "Civil Service" positions? Those who have a bachelor's degree any subject or a 2-year degree in a program related to the position will receive 2 additional points to their passing grade. Veteran's preference points are awarded according to RCW Documentation is required to receive these additional points. How important is the integrity interview? Integrity interviews will be held according to the candidate's position on the eligible list.

The Sheriff's Office has a high standard of acceptable behavior. It is possible for candidates to be removed from the eligibility list based upon information received during an integrity interview and subsequent background investigations. What if I have the highest score on a Civil Service test? This means the Sheriff can select anyone from the top 5 candidates for 1 position. Our contract requires that we sign the bottom of the posted job vacancy notice. Will this change? You will continue to follow the contract language and sign the bottom of the department's posting.

Our contract requires that we complete the Spokane County application to apply for a position. Will the paper application be available to use? You will need to use NEOGOV, create an account, complete your application once and then submit your application for each and every posting. Human Resources faxes out individual postings for the various bargaining units to various County office locations. Will this continue? Not entirely. Human Resources will no longer send out individual posting notices. Instead, we will send out a list of all openings, including those in each bargaining unit, to various County office locations.

That list will identify individual job openings and the bargaining unit in which that position belongs. We will not send individual postings. Departments will have the responsibility to post that list in the usual visible locations. Employees can also look on the Human Resources page for a list of all current job opportunities at any time, day or night. Employment Page. Where do I get information about abandoned vehicles in the County? To report an abandoned vehicle in the County or to get information about an abandoned vehicle, please contact the Spokane County Sheriff.

Contact the Sheriff's Office 2. Where do I get information about the bicycle safety program for 3rd through 8th graders? The Public Relations office of the Spokane County Sheriff can provide you with information about bicycle safety programs. Sheriff's Office Page 3. Where do I get information about, or report bicycles that were lost or stolen? Where do I report a juvenile runaway? Call Crime Check anytime to do a report over the phone. When the runaway returns call back to cancel the report.

Why does a Crime Check call receiver take my report by phone? Call receivers can take the information on who you believe has the warrant, where the suspect currently is, and pass it on to police and sheriff's dispatchers for whatever action is appropriate. Is making a report the same as "pressing charges"? When you make a police report, you indicate to law enforcement that you want to press charges for the crime. Charges are "pressed" when sufficient evidence exists for the prosecutor to file the charge.

Not all reports will conclude with charges being pressed. What information would be helpful to gather if possible before calling to make my police report? When you call to make a police report, the call receiver you speak to will try to get as much information as possible to give investigators a greater chance for follow-up. View more information on the Making a Report page. How do I add information to my report? You may contact Crime Check anytime at , however call volume is usually highest between 3 and 9 p. Monday through Friday. Calls are answered in the order received. What happens with my report now?

Whether you e-filed or phoned in your report information, once a report number has been assigned it is: - Reviewed for completeness by the on-duty supervisor. No, call receivers are civilian employees of Spokane County. No, call receivers are not allowed to give legal advice. In some situations you might be told that your situation seems civil vs. Learn more on our Personal Information Theft page. How do I get a copy of my police report? Requests may be faxed, mailed or emailed to the SPD Records office.

Spokane, WA. Reports cannot be faxed to you. Spokane City Police Records Website Who should I call to check on the status of a previously filed police report? Please allow a minimum of two-three business days for the report processing to be completed. Read more on the Follow Up page. What is the appropriate number to call to make a complaint about a Law Enforcement officer? Review our Making a Report section for more information. Call the Records Department at Washington State Patrol Website If this is not the case, then call the animal agency that handles your area to make a report during their regular business hours.

Such as a dog on the freeway that continues to be a traffic hazard. Such as a horse with a broken leg loose on a roadway. Where can I get crime statistics for a neighborhood? View the resources on the Crime Check page. Does Spokane County have a Noise Ordinance?

Spokane County has adopted an ordinance regulating noise disturbances in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County. Can the Community Correction Center be built without replacing Geiger? The Community Correction Center is a vital part of our comprehensive approach to Spokane County's criminal justice system, but it is not the only aspect. Ensuring public safety not only requires that those who can benefit from recidivism reducing programs can access them but also means that there must be enough space in the jail for those who don't qualify for the programs and must serve their sentence.

Have partnerships for a regional facility been considered with other jurisdictions such as the State of Washington, the federal government or neighboring counties including Kootenai County, Idaho? Sharing costs with other agencies to create a safe and modern detention facility and community corrections system is an excellent idea and one that we vigorously pursued. For a variety of reasons all jurisdictions declined to participate. How much will this cost? For full information, please see the Project Cost page.

Does this mean that Geiger no longer has to be replaced? But this seems to be a short term situation as the numbers have resumed climbing. We know that the Spokane County Jail has been overcrowded since the mids and remains overcrowded today. The jail was built to hold inmates; its average daily population over the past 15 years has been people.

Geiger Correction Center serves as an overflow facility but is limited to lower risk inmates. This means little pressure is taken off the main jail because only a select few offenders can be safely housed at Geiger. And because arrests have also increased over the past two years it's clear that Geiger still must be replaced to ensure that enough space is available in the existing jail to hold accountable those who do not qualify for community corrections programs. What is the Community Corrections Center? The Community Corrections Center will house several comprehensive programs designed to reduce the number of people returning to jail.

The Center itself will be located on the County Campus because of its easy access to transportation and other necessary services. For more information, please see the Community Corrections Center page. What is this project? Among the goals of this plan are a new corrections facility that absorbs the future lost bed space at Geiger, reduces overcrowding in the current Spokane County Jail and improves inmate and public safety. A key component of this project is an innovative and sustainable Community Corrections Center to house existing and future programs designed to equip offenders with the necessary life skills to help them become productive citizens and avoid returning to jail.

When will we vote on this proposal? Spokane County residents will decide when this issue will be placed on the ballot. A vote could come as soon as Why must the Geiger Corrections Center be replaced? Geiger is an outdated, expensive and inefficient detention center that was not designed for its current use. A safe and modern replacement for the former WWII era Army barracks will ensure that all local, state and federal standards are met; staff and inmate safety will also be paramount.

Why not remodel Geiger Corrections Facility instead? The Geiger Correction Center building is in such as state that it would have to be razed rather than remodeled; the amount of land available at the current site is not enough to accommodate the safe and modern detention facility that is required. Geiger location on property leased from Spokane International Airport is also of concern. The SIA board is working with Spokane County to ensure that Geiger remains open if movement toward replacing the aging detention center continues.

Spokane County conducted two lengthy and comprehensive studies to determine the best place to site a replacement structure for Geiger and the Community Correction Center. The West Plains site just off the Medical Lake Interchange was chosen because it best meets the requirements for a safe and modern detention center.

Expandability, flexibility and cost are also critical requirements.

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  • The acre parcel chosen for this portion of the project is just a few minutes from Downtown Spokane, will support the necessary infrastructure and has access to public transportation. That means that a convenient, easily accessible and well designed building should be placed near where the participants reside. In most cases this is in Spokane. The downtown Spokane County campus is an urban location with good public transit, parking and access to other services and agencies and is the best choice for the Community Corrections Center.

    Will the Community Correction Center house sex offenders? Where do I apply for a Public Defender? Where is my ticket number? View the link below for a picture pointing out the location of the ticket number on your ticket. Am I eligible for E-Deferral? To be eligible for E-Deferral, you must meet the following criteria: - You must have a valid driver's license.


    Please keep in mind that even if you have met the above listed criteria to apply for the Deferral Program your entry into the program is a discretionary decision that will be made by the Judicial Officer. Are there conditions for an E-Deferral? How do I apply for a Deferral? Click here To Apply Online 5. Where can I get more information about Deferrals? For more information, please contact and select Option One. Am I eligible for E-Mitigation? To be eligible for E-Mitigation you must meet the following criteria: - You must have already received a hearing date from Spokane County District Court.

    The following violations cannot be reduced: - Speeding in a school zone or playground - Speeding in a construction zone - Driving without proof of liability insurance - No valid operator's license, 2nd degree - Handicap parking violations To see if you qualify for a reduction for a ticket issued within Spokane County, contact Spokane County District Court at , ext. What is Mitigation? Ticket Mitigation is when you admit to committing the violation s but would like to be considered for a reduction in fines. During this process you may comment on your side of the story.

    You understand that this ticket can appear on your driving record if "Traffic" is checked on the front. Parking tickets are civil infractions which do not appear on your driving record. How do I set a hearing date? A hearing date is obtained when you mark the hearing option on the back of your ticket, sign, and return the paper to the court, either via mail or in person. How much will my ticket be reduced? Where do I get information about registering to vote? The Elections Division of the Spokane County Auditor's Office can assist you with registering to vote, upcoming election information, results from recent elections, upcoming issues on the ballot, candidate filings, etc.

    Please contact them for more information. Elections Division Page. ALERT SPOKANE is an emergency notification service that allows emergency officials to notify residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message, email and social media regarding time-sensitive general and emergency notifications.

    These may include boil water advisories, evacuation notices, or missing persons. This system is an enhancement to existing means of communication and is meant to supplement current or past systems used for mass notification. However, no resident should assume that their information is in the system. The home page of the Alert Spokane website, www. I have a business located in Spokane County.

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    Please note that emergency calls can only be delivered to a direct dial number. Automated attendants will disrupt the process and the calls will not be delivered. What if I want to register additional numbers for my address? After you submit the initial registration form, you may start the registration process again and submit more numbers for the same address.

    Is my personal information protected? They will not sell, trade, lease or loan any data citizen supplied data to third parties. Personal information is also protected by Washington State law. If you need to replay the emergency notification message again, simply dial the number and you will be able to hear the message again. Listen carefully to the entire message.

    You will have the option to repeat the message by pressing any key. Do not call for further information unless directed to do so or if you need immediate aid from the Police or Fire department. I have a cordless phone, and it does not work when the power goes out. How will the system be able to contact me? Make sure you have at least one working corded telephone — and be sure to turn the ringer on. Both primary and alternate phone numbers will be contacted when a notification is sent.

    What happens if the line is busy? What circumstances might prevent a message from being delivered to me? How does the EAS work? In the EAS, an alert originator at the local, state, or national level inputs an EAS alert into the system using specific encoding equipment. Specially designated stations then broadcast this alert to the public in their listening areas. Other EAS Participants television and other radio broadcasters, cable and wire line video service providers, radio and television satellite service providers, and others monitor the specially-designated stations for EAS alerts.

    This next group of EAS Participants, in turn, broadcasts the alert to the public in the vicinity of their stations, as well as to any other stations that may be monitoring them. When is the EAS used? When would a national EAS alert be sent? The EAS alerting architecture is frequently used by state and local emergency managers to send alerts to the public about emergencies and weather events.

    While the requirements for carrying a national-level EAS alert differ in some respects from state and local alerts, the national EAS test will test the underlying architecture that also supports state and local alerting. Ensuring that the EAS architecture functions properly will benefit emergency alerting at all levels of government. The EAS provides the ability to send messages regionally or nationally, though it has never been activated at these levels.

    But a major disaster like an earthquake or tsunami could necessitate the use of the EAS on a regional or national basis to send life-saving information to the public. We cannot anticipate which communications infrastructure will withstand a particular disaster, but the EAS is one of the tools we have to send alerts, warnings, and information to the American people.

    The national EAS test will help us improve its capabilities should it ever be needed at the regional or national level in an actual emergency. Why do we need a nationwide test of the EAS? Although the EAS has been in existence for over 15 years, there has never been an end-to-end, nationwide test of the system, and we need to know that the system will work as intended should public safety officials ever need to send an alert or warning to a large region of the United States.

    Only a top-down, simultaneous test of all components of the EAS can provide an appropriate diagnosis of system-wide performance. How will the national EAS test be conducted? On November 9, at 2 p.

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    The PEP stations will then rebroadcast the alert to the general public in their broadcast vicinity, as well as to the next level of EAS Participants monitoring them. This should continue through all levels of the system, until the national alert has been distributed throughout the entire country. FEMA and the FCC will study these results to determine if there are problems with the system and, if so, how best to remedy them. We anticipate that a national test will be conducted periodically to ensure that the EAS is, and remains, functional.

    The lessons learned from the Alaska tests will inform how the agencies conduct the national test. What will people hear and see during the test? Outreach will include specific information tailored to the needs of those with hearing disabilities that will be readily available at online sites.

    How long will the test last? We anticipate that the test will last approximately 30 seconds. To evaluate whether the system properly interprets the national message code in the national EAS test, the message duration must be longer than two minutes. Are broadcasters and other EAS Participants ready for the test? What if their equipment does not function properly? While EAS tests may be disruptive, they are important to ensure that the EAS is functional and that EAS Participants are prepared to issue alerts, and it is our intent to minimize disruption and confusion to the extent possible.

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    The November 9 date is near the end of hurricane season and before the severe winter weather season begins in earnest. The 2 p. EST broadcast time will minimize disruption during rush hours, while ensuring that the test occurs during working hours across the United States. We would therefore expect such equipment to be in good working order. Where does media communications-based alerting fit within the development of next generation alerting systems like PLAN and the availability of social networking sites as tools for emergency alerting? Because we cannot anticipate what systems might be affected by an emergency, it is important to have a redundant, multi-platform alerting system.

    The EAS is designed to work when other methods of disseminating emergency alerts are unavailable. While there is no guarantee that any form of communications will withstand major disasters, various elements of the EAS are hardened to withstand such calamities. Moreover, the EAS uses technology that is widely accessible to the public. While our ultimate goal is to have an integrated public alert and warning system that will use multiple communications technologies, the EAS will serve as a primary method for transmitting national emergency alerts and warnings for the foreseeable future.

    What is the Disaster Mitigation Act of ? This act required state and local governments to develop hazard mitigation plans as a condition for federal grant assistance. Among other things, this legislation reinforces the importance of pre-disaster infrastructure mitigation planning to reduce disaster losses nationwide. DMA is aimed primarily at the control and streamlining of the administration of federal disaster relief and programs to promote mitigation activities.

    Prior to , federal legislation provided funding for disaster relief, recovery, and some hazard mitigation planning. The DMA improves upon the planning process by emphasizing the importance of communities planning for disasters before they occur. What is a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan? These plans act as a key way to federal funding afforded under the Robert T.

    5 Myths About Los Angeles' Metro System

    Stafford Act. These plans meet statutory requirements that include: - Organizing resources - Assessing Risk - Engaging the public - Identifying Goals and Objectives - Identifying actions - Developing plan maintenance and implementation strategies 3. What is meant by "mitigation"? Hazard mitigation is any sustained action taken to permanently eliminate or reduce long-term risks to human life and property from natural hazards. Sustained action means an action that is long term in its impact.

    This is an essential component of emergency management, along with preparedness, response, and recovery. Disasters can have significant impacts on communities. They can destroy or damage life, property and infrastructure, local economies, and the environment. Who was involved? What is a Steering Committee? A committee made up of elected stakeholder representatives from within the planning area will oversee this plan update process. This committee makeup includes the following representation: - Citizens - Academia - State Emergency Management - County Emergency Management - Municipal planning partners - Special District planning partners - Business interests The Steering Committee will meet regularly throughout this process and provide direction and guidance to the planning team on implementation of the scope of work for this process.

    The Steering Committee will determine the goals and objectives for the plan, the public involvement strategy, review the risk assessment, and provide input to the planning team on the assembly of the plan. All Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and the dates and times of these meeting are posted on the Hazard Mitigation Plan website. What hazards does it address? This plan will address the natural hazards of concern that could impact the Spokane County planning area, as well as a number of man-made and technological hazards of concern.

    It should also be noted that there are many secondary hazards that are directly attributable to these primary hazards that will be addressed by the plan as part of the analysis of the primary hazard of concern. Climate change will not be viewed as a stand-alone hazard in this plan. But there will be detailed discussion of the potential impact of climate change on all six hazards of concern.

    By law, the local plans are to be consistent with the recommendations of the state plan. How does it affect me? As a citizen within a participating jurisdiction, you will be able to reap the benefits of the risk reduction actions identified by your local government. Sometimes these can be a direct impact to your property in the form of reduced insurance premiums and reduced risk if you live in a high hazard area.

    Most of the time, these benefits are secondary. By reducing risk exposure, your local government does not have to expend as many resources on preparedness, response, or recovery from the impacts of natural hazards. How will it affect my community? By participating in this planning effort and adopting the updated plan, your community will be eligible to pursue funding under any of the five FEMA hazard mitigation grant programs, as well as potential other grant opportunities.

    These programs provide millions of dollars worth of grant funding annually for risk reduction measures identified in these plans. It should be noted that not all eligible local governments within the Spokane County planning area will be participating in this planning effort. What is the Community Rating System? If your community is not covered by a local hazard mitigation plan, they have two options: 1. Prepare a single jurisdiction plan that meets the requirements for that jurisdiction. Did it cost anything to produce this plan?

    Where are the hazards in my area? By law, this planning effort must map the extent and location of all hazards of concern utilizing the best available data and science. This planning effort has identified the natural hazards that have the potential to impact the planning area. See the potential hazards within the plan and specifically within the annex to the city, town, or unincorporated area in which you live. Who can I contact for questions?

    How can I reach Fair and Expo Center staff? Where is the facility located? What's the mailing address? How do I get to the facility if I'm coming from the East? Take Exit Broadway. Turn right on Broadway, continue west to the corner of Broadway and Havana. How do I get to the facility if I'm coming from the West? Take Exit B Thor-Freya. Turn left on Havana, continue north to the corner of Broadway and Havana. Does the Fair and Expo Center offer on-site camping?

    Contact Superior Court 2. You must however, call in any child support modifications to Note: For Monday hearings, you must call in by noon the Wednesday before and for Friday hearings you must call in on the Tuesday before. What if I am low income and cannot afford the filing fee? You can ask the Court to sign a waiver of the filing fee. Clerk Page 4. The Family Law Coordinator is responsible for the management of all related family law calendars and events scheduled with the Court Commissioners.

    Do I need an appointment to speak with a facilitator? The Court House Facilitator does see people on a walk-in basis as well as scheduled appointments. What are the facilitator hours? The Court House facilitator's hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a. How can I contact the facilitator if I live outside the State of Washington? The Court House Facilitator is available for in-person assistance only, no telephone calls or emails.

    How do I attend the Sharing the Children Seminar? There is a list of providers that you need to contact directly to arrange a time to attend the mandatory seminar. She sees things in the darkness that no one else can see. Mysterious men cloaked in shadow, moving through the night. The problem is, pointing out invisible people is a fast track to a padded cell. Orphaned at age five, Sasha quickly learns an important survival tip: keep her mouth shut and stay out of the spotlight. Until one night, everything changes. She and her boyfriend, Jared, find themselves stranded on the wrong side of town.

    Suddenly, the men she was convinced were hallucinations, are very real. And very dangerous. As a new world opens up around her, she meets him.

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    The Boss. An alpha leader who entrances her mind and tugs on her body. Primal and sexual, his people have a different set of rules. As danger rises up around her, her differences may be the only thing that saves her life. Sasha must embrace the things she tried so hard to hide, while resisting the person her body craves most. She has finally found her shadow men, and they will change her life forever.

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