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Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Going Nowhere Faster , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 15, Arminzerella rated it liked it Shelves: quirky , realistic , borrowed-from-the-library , mystery , awkward-boys , coming-of-age , friendship , books-for-boys , high-school , first-love. What you need to know about Stan Smith 1.

Stan Smith hates his name. Stan Smith has just graduated from high school. In fact, Stan Smith is not going to college. Stan Smith works at Happy Video, which is not really happy at all. But, then again, neither is Stan Smith. Stan Smith is working on a screen play. Stan Smith is What you need to know about Stan Smith 1. Stan Smith is stuck. Stan Smith was threatened by fellow classmate Chad Chilton — who threatened to kill him for setting his locker on fire.

Stan Smith is not so secretly terrified of Chad Chilton who may or may not have already left town. Someone for sure is out to get Stan Smith — it might be Chad Chilton, or it might be someone totally unexpected. Whoever it is is making Stan Smith awfully paranoid. Stan Smith is required to see a therapist because of the locker incident. Stan Smith loves his little sister Olivia. Stan Smith has a huge crush on a girl. Who might like him back. And might not. It took about pages, but I really started to feel for Stan Smith. One can only hope that this provides the atmosphere and experience that he needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Amusing coming of age tale — PLUS! Lots and lots of stupid movie ideas and references! Feb 08, Eric Townsend rated it really liked it. Boring and overdone right? Did I mention the constantly gassy dog? See, there are so many elements here! The characters are fantastic. Stan is a great main character, the kind you want to give a kick in the butt to get him in the right direction in life and in general but that makes you laugh enough to forget to do so. The little sister, Olivia was really well done and instantly makes you want to take care of her a bit better than her brother does at least.

Also, the girl, did I mention she was kind of nuts too? Well it seems like everyone in this book is so I guess that got lost in the shuffle, oh well. The plot is simple but it works. Mixing in a plethora of movie references and nerd humor, the book keeps you intrigued and the pacing smooth.

If you want a quick, light read, and especially if you love quirky humor and movies then this is the book for you. Mar 05, Sam Mason rated it liked it. It ended well, but not how I predicted it would. This book also had a lot of funny moments, too. Plot Summary: The main character, Stan, is a basic teenage boy that worked at a home video store.

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He only had a few friends and his boss was a kind of a douch Name: Sam Mason Book Title: Going Nowhere Faster Personal Response: I think this was a good book because it was really relatable and had great detail. He only had a few friends and his boss was a kind of a douche. He goes through the book talking about his family and friends, also about the kid who wants to kill him. He always went out with his friends and drank a little. Towards the end, he finds a really good looking chick and goes out with her. Characterization: This book is told through the first person point of view of Stan.

He is a normal high school student that works at a home video store. His dad is really pushy about going to college and getting good grades. Recommendation: I would recommend this book to teen boys. Some teen girls might enjoy, too. It is a good book and is not very hard to read. Some may have trouble understanding what is going on, because the plot will change before you realize it, but will make sense later.

Dec 30, Booklover Butterfly rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult. Going Nowhere Faster by Sean Beaudoin is a young adult novel about a 17 year old boy, Stan Smith, who is searching for a direction in life. He lives in a small town and works at the local video rental store. Stan Going Nowhere Faster by Sean Beaudoin is a young adult novel about a 17 year old boy, Stan Smith, who is searching for a direction in life. I found this novel funny, but the uncomfortable conversations and situations that Stan repeatedly found himself in ended up taking away from my enjoyment because they were so cringe-worthy.

I actually felt embarrassed for this character. The protagonist was quite self depreciating and pessimistic which, when combined with the uncomfortable atmosphere, made me want to bash my head against the wall. Sean Beaudoin definitely deserves originality points. The characters, while often bordering on annoying, were unlike any other characters I can think of.

Telling Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere

Maybe a young male would appreciate this novel more than I did. Apr 19, Kellee rated it liked it Recommended to Kellee by: Misty. Shelves: realistic-fiction , humor , teen-ya. Stan is a genius. He can list all of Sylvester Stallone's movies in backwards alphabetical order, he can do any math problem in his head and he can tell you where any movie is in the video store he works in.

He is a genius and he works at a video store.

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And Stan is more than aware that this makes him quite far from being cool. However, his dreams do not include college and brilliance which is what everyone else wants him to do; his dream includes screen writing. Going Nowhere 3. Going Nowhere Faster was quite funny at times and Stan's rough draft screen plays throughout are hilarious.

Stan narrates and I did have a hard time getting used to his voice and him in general; however, once I got into it, it no longer bothered me. Oct 09, Kiera rated it did not like it. Feb 04, Stacey Adams rated it it was ok. I appreciated the different style of this book. The scripts and movie lingo throughout were unique.

Telling Signs Your Career is Going Nowhere

The story itself was not that interesting. The main character was too middle of the road, non commital for me. I did like his quirky parents and his house though. His relationship with his younger sister was nice too. He was selfish and uncaring through so much of the book I didn't really want him to succeed. I didn't care about him. He was too strange and not a very nice person to his friends or I appreciated the different style of this book. He was too strange and not a very nice person to his friends or family. He didn't seem to even notice the world around him, the good things there for him.

He just dwelled on his own boohoo for me attitude. I found him to be annoying. I did finish the book but I was really just skimming it at the end. I just didn't care. Jan 27, Rohan rated it it was amazing. Going Nowhere Faster is a hysterical, quick-witted novel that takes no risk to get across its humor. Through a page young-adult novel, author Sean Beaudoin uses protagonist Stan Smith as a prop for laughter. Stan is a teenager struggling to stand up for himself in Millville, Pennsylvania as his high IQ of leaves him as a victim for bullying.

Though Stan tries not to be smart, his intelligence is always evident with his job at Happy Video. At this video rental store, Stan can name every s Going Nowhere Faster is a hysterical, quick-witted novel that takes no risk to get across its humor. At this video rental store, Stan can name every single movie in the store and more and list them by genres, actors, or preference in reverse alphabetical order within seconds.

Not only that, but his quick math skills allow him to solve any arithmetic problem in an instant, which he uses for the bookkeeping. To start off, Stan thinks his name is the worst possible name on the planet. Stan is considered a complete loser, but falls in love with a beautiful girl named Eleanor Rigby Ellen. Stan can never stop thinking about Ellen, but with her ex-boyfriend Chad Chilton as his bully, he is always afraid.

Even though Stan should be making something out of his life by going to university, he just seems to be going nowhere, faster. In my opinion, this book was outstanding. The book is full of twists and turns, as the storyline always opens up new surprises. I sometimes felt that plot had no definite structure to it, as it was like separate events bunched together in different chapters. However, the humor and unpredictable nature of the book made up for lack of structure, keeping me hooked. I also enjoyed this book because it relates to teenage life.

The feeling of embarrassment Stan faces from his parents is similar to the one I sometimes feel when my parents interfere with my social life or do something ridiculously humiliating in public. Also, the issue of university is highlighted, which is a problem I face every day when I go to school. Overall, this book is great, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading comical, young adult novels.

Feb 18, Luka rated it really liked it. Review from an 8th grader Reading the summary off the back of the book, I thought it would be a very interesting read; humorous, filled with different characters, and unpredictable. For the most part. Filled with different characters? Almost too much. Stan - math genius and chess cha Review from an 8th grader Reading the summary off the back of the book, I thought it would be a very interesting read; humorous, filled with different characters, and unpredictable.

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Stan - math genius and chess champion but is not in college - is considered a "special ed. Chad Chilton - is "going to beat up Stan" c. Keith - store owner of "Happy Video" d. Miles - Stan's only friend e. Ellen - who Stan loves f. Cari - Mile's "girlfriend" g. Olivia - Stan's little sister h. Stan's mom - vegetarian maniac i. Stan's dad - inventor maniac j.

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Prarash - uh, idk really - a person who really stinks and calls Stan a "young bee" k. Felder - Stan's therapist l. Chopper - one old dog m. Roberto - Actually, uno, dos, and tres n. Daphne - helps Stan with her cheery attitude at one point 3. Who knew that view spoiler [ Ellen kissed Miles and was actually "pretending"? He works everyday at Happy Video to only worry about Chilton killing him. Not to mention that Chad never kills him in the end. Stan just suffers in his own life by overthinking things a lot and just as the title says, Stan is going nowhere faster.

Sometimes I can relate to Stan, feeling insecure or dumb about my choices or embarrassment, which is one of the reason why I enjoyed reading this, because it feels like you're the character in the book, as you're reading it. I gave this book a 4, not exactly a 5, because it wasn't exactly a book that "overwhelmed" me or surprised me or anything; it was entertaining enough to reach a 4. May 05, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , read-by-other-reviewers. Aren't there times when we all feel that way? Stan Smith has more problems than you can shake a stick at.

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