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As we headed out to his writing studio, he talked.

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I could. Can you imagine? He does not like distractions while he writes. But I was most surprised to find a photo of Ernest Hemingway, the writer to whom Harrison has been most frequently compared. For the first half of the s, however, Harrison was trapped in that odd half-success of acclaim that lacks financial recompense. Legends is about a father and three sons whose fortunes wrathfully diverge around a woman.

In , he was stunned to realize that he made more money in the previous year than the president of General Motors.

Sean Connery and Jack Nicholson had their first meeting at a lunch with Harrison. He did coke with George Harrison. Werner Herzog was so determined to convince Harrison to write the script for Fitzcarraldo that during a hotel-room negotiation, he followed Harrison into the shower. This period strained his family life. Still, he and Linda have remained married for 51 years. Harrison and Hollywood had a less perfect union. Cocaine, you know? In the Key West, Florida, of the early s, McGuane, Caputo, Harrison, and several other writers and artists often gathered to fish and destroy themselves.

The story was greatly influenced by a couple of marathon conversations with Wallace, who shared the habit. Two of my literary heroes were talking to each other through me. We were silent for a while.

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Every day of the year, the first thing I do after breakfast is take the dogs for a walk. They absolutely depend on it. It is a chase novel in which the chase never gets started. While The Great Leader is hugely enjoyable—Harrison is probably incapable of writing a novel that is not enjoyable—it is also slightly shambolic.

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The language, though, remains stunning, like when Harrison describes U. And that drives people a little bit crazy, that sense of waning sexuality. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw a tall redheaded bird high-stepping around. Inside the house I told Linda I was pretty sure I just saw a turkey. Linda was surprised and asked me to describe it.

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I asked my friend how he knew what those trees were; such sensitivity to flora seemed unlike him. My friend told me he had no idea what a sugar pine was. We both laughed. You cannot share anything worth knowing unless you make it clear what you do not know. Harrison refuses to hide his research.

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If he reads a book to learn about something, the characters in his novels will invariably read the same book. It makes the stuff Harrison does know that much more striking. Nature is slow, Harrison told me.

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I met Harrison in his writing studio. He wanted to make sure I got that into the piece. He quickly had second thoughts, though. He looks away and starts breathing wheezily from his chest and his eyes fade, and you begin to worry that he is in the middle of a cardiac event. Other times, when he is losing his patience, he resembles some kind of Indian werebear with a face wrecked by pit fighting.

With Harrison it is impossible to feel something so simple as friendship. He would listen carefully and judge prudently. We would never doubt his judgment, even when we saw him playing in the stream an hour later. Harrison lives close to his mind. You sense this more and more the longer you stay with him. You want to know that unmediated part of him, and so you want to tell him things. I was not the only one. I skipped to the final pages and, lo and behold, there it was.

There's an incest angle god again?


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