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The Crimson Pact. If you have any business proposals or ideas on how we could improve our service, please contact us. Posted on Aug 31, Chickens This might sound a little silly, but the number of players killing poor chickens suggests that it is definitely worth trying out, especially for newbies. Goblin using his silly martial arts to block a scimitar blow with just his arms Al Kharid Guards This might sound strange, but in Gielinor getting into fights with law enforcement can be very rewarding.

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During peak time Al Kharid palace resembles a battlefield more than a palace. Check out the latest posts from our blog More blog posts. Satisfy your Runescape needs! Buy Runescape gold now. Sign up for special offers! Get Gold discount codes! Show them they are wrong! This might sound strange, but in Gielinor getting into fights with law enforcement can be very rewarding.

After you have leveled up enough by butchering innocent cows and earned enough coin to purchase best equipment you can use, head to Al Kharid palace. Carry some supplies and coins with you to pass through the toll gate and go south. Eventually you will see a big building. Go inside.

Swing your weapon at a guard and watch those level-up messages popping up. You can farm Al Kharid guards up until combat level Al Kharid palace is a multicombat area, meaning you can engage multiple enemies at once, unlike in previous cases. This is extremely useful once you see that you can easily handle a single guard: attack one guard, attack another and then you can basically go AFK if you wish. Just make sure auto retaliate is turned on!

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