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Squash the drama. Because losing your mum is devastating! Each one [of] us has a different battle regardless of what the media portrayed. At the last update , Beth was still in the medically-induced coma. Dog asked his Twitter followed to "say your prayers for Beth" late Saturday night and Lyssa asked her on Twitter to "keep fighting" on Monday morning. Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in and declared cancer-free that same year.

In the fall of , doctors discovered that the cancer had returned and spread to her lungs, making the diagnosis terminal.

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She announced on Mother's Day while speaking at The Source Church in Bradenton, Florida that she was not undergoing chemotherapy treatment and had placed all her faith in God. A dog with diabetes displays symptoms that are easily recognized. A dog with complications that can lead to coma will exhibit additional signs.

There are many types of disorders that can lead to diabetes with coma.

Each one has specific causes that will lead your dog to a state of being unresponsive and comatose. If your pet is becoming extremely lethargic and moving in and out of consciousness, bring him to the veterinarian or emergency clinic without delay. A few are listed below:.

Diabetes With Coma in Dogs

Insulin resistance. Insulin effectiveness. Diabetic ketoacidosis. Hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetes.

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If you are at home and discover your dog is unresponsive, try to remain calm. If you are aware that he is diabetic, you can try rubbing corn syrup under his tongue or on the gum, in order to revive him. Once you have given him the corn syrup a small amount only, as you do not want him to aspirate the liquid into his lungs due to the unconscious state , do not wait for him to come around. Bring him to the emergency clinic right away.

Informing your veterinarian of recent behaviors, and giving a timeline as to when the onset of symptoms began will be extremely helpful.

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You will need to let your veterinarian know the insulin schedule and dosage that you have been giving your dog, so be sure to bring any records you may have kept along with you. The veterinarian will order a complete blood count, biochemical profile, and urinalysis. She will need to know the blood sugar and electrolyte levels in order to determine the problem and the relationship to diabetes.

These tests will also give an indication as to whether there is an underlying condition, like pancreatitis perhaps, contributing to the comatose state. The veterinarian will begin intravenous therapy in an attempt to bring your pet back to consciousness. Your veterinarian will explain the process to you; glucose levels should be checked every hour to every two hours, as recovery progresses.

Lyssa Chapman Responds to Fan Slamming Her for Feud With Stepmom Beth Chapman Amid Coma

Giving insulin too fast can cause more complications, and administering it too slow can impede recovery. Once your pet is stabilised, your veterinarian will further her investigation into why the coma accompanying the diabetes is occurring. She may need to run additional tests to check for explanations for the problem such as underlying diseases, insulin resistance, or chronic hyperglycemia.

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It should be noted that treatment for hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetes has a poor prognosis as renal failure is often present at time of diagnosis. Follow-up care for a dog with diabetes is extensive. A dog with diabetes, in particular one who has experienced a coma, will require consistent monitoring and close care to ensure the risk of recurrence is nil if possible, or limited. TMZ Live.

Sad News: Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Chapman Placed In Medically-Induced Coma

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