Cobwebs In The Mind

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Everything we act out in our life is a product of a thought, and each thought has many potential conclusions. All of these thoughts produce many cobwebs, all overlapping other cobwebs throwing us into a state of confusion and panic as our minds reach an overload capacity. Have you ever been walking in the woods and, before you had time to react, run smack into a cobweb that has been stretched from one tree across the path to another tree?

You lift your hand to sweep away the cobweb attack, but this just worsens your problem as other cobwebs attach to your arm and your hand. We tend to become frantic when too many demands are placed on us at one time.

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Our brains reach overload, our thoughts become cobwebs over cobwebs over cobwebs, with too many thoughts. We are being pulled in too many directions at one time and asked to complete too many tasks. This book - cobwebs of the mind - attempts to guide you to safe places that allow you to take the time to react.

You will learn that you make the choice as to how you react and that your choice will either increase or reduce the level of your stress. You will learn how, through organization and prioritizing, you can cut a path through the cobwebs in your mind, setting thoughts on one side and thoughts on another side and, as a consequence, reduce the number of cobwebs while you coordinate these thoughts.

Begin by clearing out the cobwebs from every corner of your life! You may not think your corners have cobwebs but I assure you, if you have been mired in negative, fear-based thinking for any length of time, your entire life is filled with stagnant energy that will continue to drain your power. Clearing out the cobwebs is a very simple process of sweeping away old, stagnant situations that no longer serve you so you can make room for shiny new circumstances that DO.

Destructive or unfulfilling relationships, partnerships and friendships Boring or unchallenging jobs Unhealthy habits Unfinished business Unnecessary expenses Excessive obligations These situations will vary greatly from person to person, and only you will know when it is time to let something go. There are other options, like having a heartfelt talk with your partner and working on improving the relationship together. Just wanted you to know I read this and it touched my in a very very deep place. I have not lost a child but it's the horror that sits on the shoulder of ever parent, and there were times I knew I was on the very edge of it.

I aso remember distinctly the day when my cousin died after playing with a home made bomb; I saw him, covered in blood, just before my father drove him to hospital.

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I was too young to know what dewath meant but that I knew the meaning of it from the reactions of al the adults in our family. God bless you. Post a Comment. I have no clue, honestly, if this post belongs here in Cobwebs Of The Mind. This is something you so do not want to open up.

Clear Out the Cobwebs and Make a Fresh Start

This is beyond understanding and beyond normative individuals to comprehend. Be quiet. Words are just not going to work. You will fail as you must fail, and all you will get for your post is one whole lot of black and lots of pain. I knew it as I knew in the cliche, day comes from night. And I knew if I did read it and found out that what I suspected to be is true, that my normative world would once again come crashing down in a whole lot of black pain. But of course, my eyes continued because I knew that the tragedy had already happened - and the events no matter how many tears would be laid at the ubiquitous throne of God, would not change.

And so I discovered that a Literary Agent, Daniel Greenberg had lost a two year old son in a car accident. NY Daily News Report I knew then that the seed within had been planted and the nightmares would return. It is not as if I do not know many people, who like myself, have lost children.

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Unfortunately, no matter how unnatural it is that a parent stand at an open grave, waiting for their own child to be lowered within, it takes place, and especially where I live, in a land torn about by war, more often than any one cares to think about. And I also knew, oh how I know, the utter devastation the parents of this child are going to have to confront. I knew exactly how the deep dark and horrible fingers of steely death also laid a hand upon their hearts. I know just what night terrors and nightmares await these parents even in their waking hours.

Cobwebs of my Mind

Age will creep up overnight. The mind will not stop with its teasing "what if" scenario and you begin to know that madness is but a short step away. Nay, it is not a short step, it has already encompassed you and taken hold of your whole being. I do not know the Greenberg's at all. And as an author, yes I have heard the name of the agency, and I have absolutely no remembrance if I ever wrote them a query.

I am sure somewhere in the many query rejections that I have garnered, the name of this agency will show up once or twice though. But I do know that the Greenbergs have now joined a very special society. One where you never ask for membership.

Clear Out The Cobwebs And Make A Fresh Start – MIND-SETS

A society where when you see the members gathered together, if you are normal, you shun like you would run from Satan himself. They have joined a society to which I have been a member for almost 17 years. And once in there is no way out. It is a lifetime membership with no option to leave. The days will be replete with black and death. Breathing, which comes so natural to all of us, will be an impossible task. And no, I will not tell you it will get better.