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Reviews can be a marketing tool, just like social media or press releases. Photo Credit: Yelp. All that being said, competition is still fierce on Amazon, just as it is on Google. Congrats to Visual Dialogue! Consider Fritz Klaetke and Susan Battista the exception. Their aim? Not just to rub elbows with celebrities. In an article on Boston. Congratulations to Visual Dialogue for getting the attention of Hollywood on this project.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, there is huge opportunity for you to implement visual marketing in your location. A tastefully designed in-store display can help draw attention to specific products as well as bring in people from the outside. Here are a few tips for leveraging visually appealing design in your store, no matter what you sell. A table tastefully set up with items you want to highlight can help you sell more of them. Bunch items that complement one another, such as a shirt and tie, to encourage multiple-item sales.

Real, actionable resolutions that will get done. I make them for my business each year, and I do my best to stick to them. Make the year you get them done. Here are 10 resolutions you might want to add to your list. I Will Update my Marketing Plan. Because technology brings so many new options for marketing, it is imperative that you revamp your plan to best target your audience through the latest tools available. Whatever has made you uncomfortable in the past, you will try in Who knows?

It just might bring in new clients. I Will Get More Visual. Find ways to incorporate images and infographics in your marketing and see what the results are. I Will Ask for Help. We small business owners have trouble delegating. Hire an intern, a consultant or a part-time employee. I Will Diversify. Instead, aim for a mix of marketing strategies, to include social media, email, content marketing and traditional marketing methods, if appropriate.

I Will Learn.

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We need inspiration and education from the outside world. Attend conferences. Read books, blogs and magazines. Talk to other business owners to get new ideas. I Will Admit Defeat. Move on to something else. I Will Pay Attention to Analytics. I Will Shoot for the Stars. And not all of us want to be billionaires. Print them and keep them out where you can read them regularly. This will help you keep them in mind as you run your business, which will help you achieve them. For the past four years, the image solutions provider has invited frustrated office workers to submit videos of them demolishing their printers.

A winner was chosen based on votes. While the brand has decided not to continue the contest, the brand wanted to play off of the success of the contest. I find that many of the IT managers I meet with really enjoy the videos and they always make for an outburst of laughter and disbelief which sort of diffuses the staunch nature of such business meetings and allows for the vibration of the prospect to be become more positive and relaxed, thus causing them to be more open and receptive to what I have to offer them.

The brand took an already-successful marketing campaign the contest and added on to it. It also helps brand Nathan, who now is a face, not just a name. See the entire comic here. But what does it mean to have a visual marketing strategy, and is it for every kind of company? Here are a few examples of how you can do so:. So all this being said, can every business benefit from a visual component in their marketing plan?

Yes, but to different degrees. The point is to show images that interest others, and draw in new customers that way. If you run a graphic design firm or architecture firm, use the opportunity to show off images or photos of your work. You will likely find an increase in social media followers and traffic to your website as a result. Photo: darkmatter on Flickr. If content was king a few years ago, visual images are now in charge. Studies show that blog posts and social media updates that include images are more likely to encourage response.

Consider the blog posts that appeal to you the most. Likely they include appealing images like this one. Photos help break up a blog post and provide something for the eye to look at. There are regulations that require you to attribute any photo you use, including creative commons. Pick a format like this and make sure to link to the source where you found the photo:.

Images for your blog should be clear and professional looking. The sites with stock images tend to have cleaner backgrounds and more appealing subjects. Avoid using images with children, as any photo you use should have the permission of the subject, and some people post photos of their kids, unaware that they could be used on a blog. Photo: Kolobsek on stock. The photo app, available for iPhone and Android, recently crossed into the 80 million users threshold. Brands of all sizes are finding ways to use Instagram to promote their products and create a community.

Many brands use Instagram to take photos of employees, products, and events, and consumers are eating it up. Instagram, like so many other social tools, uses hashtags to organize content. So if you run a jewelry company and tag your Instagram photos with armcandy , your photo will automatically appear with all the other images of bracelets under that hashtag. More people will find your photos, and thus, your brand. Instagram also serves as a great test market.

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Not sure about a product you want to launch? Upload photos and see what the response is. Brands like McDonalds are finding ways to tell stories around their brand, and they do that by sharing photos of more than just hamburgers. As a sponsor of the Olympics, the fast food chain has been sharing images from London this summer, further ingraining its followers into its activities.

You might not be sure how Instagram might help your small business grow. The best thing to do is try it out. Browse viewing tools like Statigram to see what brands similar to yours are sharing. Follow your customers and start sharing photos. Tag your photos to help more people find them, and include a link back to your site. You might be surprised the response you get after a few months of using it!

Find ways to incorporate percentages or X out of Y in your verbiage and see what results you get. Here are some ideas:. First, you can get it yourself. Create a survey and send it to your clients. Target points you want to address, such as:. Then take the total number of people who filled out the survey and divide the number who responded to the point you want to highlight Product A by the total to get your statistic. Remember: use the statistics to your benefit! And never lie about them!

Another option is to find existing statistics. Find natural ways to place your statistics into your web, product or marketing copy. You might use a callout bubble or starburst to call attention to it. Photo: sivlen on stock. We all know that logos are extremely valuable in marketing a brand. But have you ever stopped to put a value on yours? We define a logo as the image that captures not only where a company, product or service is but where it wants to be.

It embodies the aspirations and future of the organization as well as representing the values of the past. Read the entire post here. What will your customers respond to? Will you spend a lot of energy developing a profile, only to find it fall flat? It all started because I wanted a board on my personal account to show off how great it is to work for Get Satisfaction. Since Kobe and her coworker have started their Pinterest boards, other coworkers have joined in the fun, creating a company-wide fever.

Sometimes experiments bring the most fun results. A good company delivers on all points, be it through its Pinterest page or customer support line. He highlighted some of the tips he enjoyed the most from the book:. All small businesses need to find a way to market their business through a smart phone. We are huge believers of infographics on UnderstandingMarketing. Blogger outreach is a skill that is acquired through experience, not necessarily through education.

But word clouds are highly effective with bloggers and should be used by small businesses in an effort to build relationships online. A big thank you to Danielle Leslie for her video about visual marketing! She highlights three of her favorite visual marketing tools, as well as gives a shout out to our book on B2B Online. Thanks Danielle! We all find inspiration in unlikely places. Many of these prospects have eventually become retail customers and I have also gained a contract with a local fiber-optics company via our Facebook page, which had it not been for the contest would not be an on-going element of our marketing efforts.

Contests can be a successful way to get more web traffic and increase sales. Focus on using the contest as a catalyst to transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Get non-contestants involved by opening the contest to a public vote. If possible incorporate the need for contestants to create and submit content which can be re-used in future marketing endeavors. Make the contest itself a rewarding experience so regardless of interest in the prize, people will still want to enter.

The eyes might be the window to your soul, but your business card is the window to your company. Hase says:. Sometimes the simplest way to stand out is to spend the money on a thicker card stock than your competitors, adding a spot varnish, selecting a unique and memorable paper, adding a die cut, or printing them with a pure Pantone color or with letterpress. Something about them stood out to you: be it the color, shape or texture. A simple tweak to your card can make you more memorable to the people you meet.

Hase says many businesses spend a lot up front on brand identity, but then dwindle down their budgets over time for marketing materials, making their business cards the last thing they focus on. Her tips for creating a memorable business card center around simplicity and uniqueness:.

The 49th annual People to Watch list has identified many designers who have since become luminaries. OCD helps me organize information and brings clarity to my design work. She knew the collection of family recipes would touch the hearts of guests of the hotel like no other type of marketing. What made the cookbook really sing, says Black, were the photos.

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Nothing sells a cookbook better than lush, vibrant photos of the results of the recipes found inside. Black always looks for some design element that people can relate to, and in this project, the images were what warmed people up to the marketing piece. Avoid becoming a machine that simply spouts off reasons someone should buy your product or service, and instead focus on providing value to your customers.

When you run a website, how can you get people to interact with you in person? For Delivery. The New York City-based food delivery site wanted to get three-dimensional, so to speak. As a website, our users only get to interact with us online; we felt a bigger impact would be made by coming to see them offline, and of course keeping it fun and lighthearted. The stunt naturally got some attention on the street. It looks to see what successful brands are doing in the online space, and takes a page from the best in the business.

Take its social media customer service, for example. Few companies are yet using Twitter and Facebook effectively, but Delivery.

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Not a bad deal! But illustrator Robert Pizzo knows how to get the attention of potential clients. He finds email to be a flexible medium that he can adapt to the times, where direct mail tended to be stagnant and unchangeable once you approve a campaign. He simply enjoys sending creative means of expression. If someone wants to buy, so much the better.

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So the moral is: be there! He says you should always ask for permission when emailing new people, and keep the content simple with no more than one image per email. Michelle Villalobos loves Sharpies. She uses them to draw charts and enhance her visual presentations on branding. Villalobos took a few headshots with a span of Sharpies spread out in front of her. We featured Villalobos in Visual Marketing because of her unique approach to the professional headshot.

Most headshots, says Villalobos, are stale and cookie-cutter. It is important for the subject to decide how he or she wants to be portrayed everywhere: on their website, in social media profiles, on media kits and on the web at large, and then communicate that to the photographer early, and develop a plan for executing that.

Villalobos encourages all business owners to have a professional photographer take headshots for their website and social media profiles. So we showed him with his tie on, jacket off, standing with his foot on a stack of books. He loves this picture — and so do his clients. Make sure the headshots reflect who you want people to see. Having shown this to both a business owner and a graphic designer, I was surprised how both saw benefits in the book, but from different points-of-view. In fact, I had to beg for the book back from the business owner, so I knew it had to be a keeper!

Not only does the Internet make it convenient to find and hire design professionals, but online design tools make it easy to experiment with creating great visual elements on your own.

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What we noticed that with each review, the blogger or reviewer picked his own favorite from our book. We are humbled by the number of reviews we have had for the book, and are supremely happy that our book is resonating so well with small businesses! And we love the coverage our contributors are getting! Thanks to all of you! So many small businesses do a poor job of marketing their services. Instead bring a cowbell to the concert. The pillows could have been blue. Or multicolored.

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At the very least, associations can be made between that color and us. And as to why the company chose pillows rather than pens or other traditional tschotchkes, the company wanted to signify comfort, and give recipients something they would actually keep. To create further engagement with the contacts DAAKE sent the pillows to, the company followed up with a short video showing the pillow having its own adventures.

Sure beats that coupon I got in the mail today! Daake encourages small businesses to think creatively when it comes to branding. If other people are [doing] 8. If other people are sending postcards — send cupcakes. Daake says that overnight successes are the stuff of myths.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how much is the packaging of a product that people actually pay for worth? Their first impression of a product, a company, a brand happens at that moment and you know the old saying about 1st impressions and 2nd chances. And if the formula is flipped and you have a fantastic product but bad packaging design, your product will sit on the shelf gathering dust. Packaging should speak to them, the way the StartMeUp packaging now appeals to an audience beyond guys who work on their cars. Despite technology taking marketing more online, direct mail is alive and well, just with an updated look.

His company worked with Trap Media to create a visually appealing voucher book, which was featured in Visual Marketing.

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The first step in creating direct mail that people will read and act upon, says Holman, is knowing your audience. What interests them? What sort of offers will make them jump off the couch? Next, you need a strong call to action and clearly visible contact information. When it comes to design, there are several ways to get the attention of your audience. These days, technology gives us ample opportunity to see what offers are working best. Holman and Trap Media implemented reference codes on each of the coupons so that they could see which deals were redeemed the most, and which did the poorest.

Barcodes and QR codes are also great ways to track how well direct mail does. Taking the time to carefully plan out your direct mail strategy, as well as including a tracking system, can help you reach new customers. The SMPT will provide a comprehensive results service throughout the event with game scores and links to players results available here.

In the West Area Newlynn Trinity Jowsters lead the way with a 10 point gap over Holmans who in turn have a further 10 point gap ahead of Porthleven Fisherfolk. County Singles Over the weekend 40 players competed for eight places in the finals of County Singles at Carnmoggas. On both days 20 bowlers were drawn into 5 groups of 4 with the group winners and three best runners up going to a single knockout round on each day. In the knockout games Williams defeated Topliffe , Banks eased past Dodd Bealle defeated Balow and Watson won against Tripp.

The knockouts saw Daniell defeat Reeves Maunder won against Worth. Stanley defeated Shorthouse and Holden won against McCormack. Somerset were the top county on the day winning all three games. The eight qualifying pairings will return to Carnmoggas on Sat 3rd March to compete for the title.