Imaging of Orthopedic Sports Injuries (Medical Radiology)

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The Hospital for Sick Children is internationally renowned for pediatrics. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and St.

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The Toronto Western Hospital has a special interest in hand, foot and ankle surgery. In addition, the physiotherapy department, with its team of nine physiotherapists, rehabilitates patients undergoing knee replacement, osteotomy, ACL hamstrings reconstruction or surgery for shoulder instability or rotator cuff pathology.

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Equipment in the physiotherapy department includes two isokinetics machines Cybex norms and Cybex , 3 kinetechs, several rehabilitation stations and an area for strength, function and endurance recovery. The centre also has two X-ray rooms with remote control, and facilities for dynamic X-rays for interventional radiology; a digital, high definition development machine with radio luminescent screen, and ultrasound equipments with high definition probe until 17 MHZ - Vein and artery colour Doppler.

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All the examinations are available on the PACS for internal or external clinicians. About 16 months ago, the centre opened its MR department, which is now equipped with a 0. The system uses a permanent magnet, high definition applications and high-density coils.

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The high resolution images obtained with the MR scanner enable the radiologist to better visualise the lesions and therefore provide enough details to the surgeons to operate. The clinic scans about 23 cases daily. Thus, imaging in sports is an important link between sports medicine and imaging sciences stimulating each other within interdisciplinary clinical management.

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The subcommittee for Imaging in Sports was founded with the intention to promote the various aspects of specific indications, of standardised techniques of investigation, and of the better understanding of imaging findings. Based on a first congress for imaging in sports organised by Prof. Contacts with orthopaedic and trauma surgeons as well as with specialists in other fields of sports medicine are regarded as a key-issue of the Committee.

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A programme of implementing a continuous exchange of information will be executed within the next years. Following a suggestion made by N.

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  6. Egund an initiative to standardize specialised imaging investigations in sports medicine will be started. Imaging findings in various sports-related diseases are discussed. Especially young researchers in this field are encouraged to submit the results of their research work for presentation during these sessions.