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Jun 27, Jen rated it liked it. Beautiful photos and recipes. However, none of these recipes are for the every day reality of family meals. I would probably not make any of these recipes.

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This is a beautifully put together book though. Apr 25, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. I adored this book! I can't wait for my garden to start producing veg so I try some of the recipes! I drink it with soda water but I want to try it in mixed drinks too. All in all the book is well organized and the photos are amazing! I checked it out from the library, but I am considering buying it because it was so FULL of great ideas!

Sep 29, Eh? I did a rougher chop than intended and the egg layer wasn't as green as it should've been. Plus, the spinach pieces snagged on the knife when cutting. Add more salt than listed! Jun 13, Amy Paget rated it really liked it. Home Made Summer is a beautifully designed book. The recipes themselves are remarkably simple and feature the abundance of summer gardens. Among those I have Home Made Summer is a beautifully designed book. She is a freelance food stylist, recipe writer and columnist. Yvette also works as an illustrator for either editorial or commercial clients. Together with her husband, photographer Oof Verschuren, she made a number of cookbooks from scratch.

Jun 21, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: food-cooking. Pretty book but Realistically the photos just can't make a cookbook.

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While Yvette Van Bowen promises dishes that don't take much effort in the hot kitchen in the introduction, she fails to accomplish that goal. The cold soup recipes often require an hour on the stove after chopping and sauteing. One of the recipes she includes is beef stew-sorry but that isn't my idea of summer food. Likewise corn risotto, sounds good but I am not going to stir a hot pot in the summer. I was hoping for ideas Pretty book but I was hoping for ideas which didn't require much cooking in the house. Recipes that were full of fresh produce or relied on the grill. This book is not that.

It is pretty to look at and there are a number of interesting recipes I might try especially in cooler weather but I certainly would not buy this book. Another issue is most of Van Bowen's recipes are without any comments as to accompaniments, substitutions, etc. For those of you who are looking for "healthy" recipes this isn't it as there is lots of butter and salt, no or few whole grains.

Jun 27, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , cookbooks , 21st-century. What I like about the "Home Made" series: it's a combo of a journal maybe that's a stretch too far, but the best way I can describe it! Once in a while the recipe is "handwritten" with whimsical illustrations. There is also a lot of typical Summer recipes Strawberry Shortcake, anyone?

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Great pictures. The cover is a good indication of what kind of fun cookbook t What I like about the "Home Made" series: it's a combo of a journal maybe that's a stretch too far, but the best way I can describe it! The cover is a good indication of what kind of fun cookbook this is. May 01, Christine K rated it really liked it Shelves: cookbooks. I agree with most others!

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An absolutely beautiful book that will make you beg for dinner parties on southern nights. Beautiful pictures, beautiful layout. I love reading the little quotes and stories that went along with some of the recipes. Also, thought the illustrated recipe pages were wonderful, a real homage to old southern cookbooks Oct 23, Shanlie rated it really liked it. The author took this project to heart and you tell by the tender loving care illustrated throughout.

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Full of whimsy and deliscious meals, desserts and summer drinks taken from her life in France, childhood in Ireland and ancestry from the Netherlands. Heartfelt, heartwork Curl and dig in, i guarantee you'll feel well traveled and hungry thirsty! Fun and beautifully photographed. Jul 04, Naomi rated it liked it.

Or, add a douse of lemonade and turn it into an Arnold Palmer. With a hint of coconut and a squeeze of lime, one sip is like a slice of paradise. Smoothies Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, fruit smoothies are a healthy way to cool down on a hot summer day. And the best thing about smoothies is that there is no wrong way to make them.

Simply cut lemons and cucumbers into thin slices, put them into a pitcher of water and chill until cold. Similar to Italian soda, French soda is made with sparkling water, flavored syrup and half and half. Meer dan negentig nieuwste en leukste recepten zijn gebundeld in dit fijne boek.

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  • Steeds met duidelijke, foolproof receptuur zoals we van Yvette gewend zijn. How about a romantic Christmas dinner for two? A simple, wintry meal? Or an all out-Christmas dinner with your entire family? In this book you can find lots of tips on how to have a stress and panic-free Christmas. From papaya soup to a champagne bowl with cranberries, and from a leek, salmon and goat cheese terrine to blood orange meringue pies. Ireland is the place she ate her very first meal, and where her love of food arose. In this new book, Yvette cooks with the brilliant produce Ireland has to offer.

    Fom herbs and fruits which you can pick at the side of the road, to very free range beef and wild fish. She takes Irish classics and makes them her own. Home Sweet Home is an ode to both the traditional and contemporary cooking culture in Ireland. You can order Home Sweet Home for now only in Dutch here.

    Want one? Vanaf nu kun je wanneer je maar wilt naar Yvette kijken.

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    Leuk toch? In Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven you will find a brand new selection of the oven recipes Yvette wrote for Volkskrant Magazine.

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    Think green oven risotto, spring porchetta and lemon cookies for example. You can order Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven , but only in Dutch, here. In Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven vind je een nieuwe selectie van ovenrecepten die Yvette schreef voor Volkskrant Magazine. Een butternuttaartje, lenteporchetta en citroenkoekjes bijvoorbeeld. Je kunt Nog meer uit Van Bovens oven kopen bij de boekhandel, of online.