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Published: January 29, Words: 66, Published: October 3, Cecily Carlisle had a hunch that was going to be a bad year. Georges Steil, an eccentric hypnotist hired by her father to fix her, only provides further mental anguish…. Published: December 20, For centuries the undead had fared poorly in their war against the werewolves, outmatched in power, intelligence and killer instinct. An ill wind blowing in the walled town of Niederstadt threatens to tip the scales in favour of the undead as a new Necropolis threatens both werewolves and the sparse human survivors inside the town and even the world outside Sequel to Traveler's Respite.

Words: 18, Published: April 4, Ruth Henne has led a lonely life. Saved by the innkeeper, Ruth develops an infatuation and follows Wulff into the forest and learns that his name fits him better than anyone realises. Whether man or beast, Ruth has to have him and neither his wife nor his pack will stand in her way.

Words: 17, Published: March 28, Prison had been an ordeal this time around, one that Ute Adler has no desire to repeat. A nice peaceful holiday visiting her old colleague, Hedwig, at her country inn promises rest and relaxation while an unorthodox partnership with the coachman begins a profitable venture with minimal risks. Published: March 22, Honour amongst thieves proves to be a redundant concept for fugitives Thomas and Volrad, who argue in a strange and unsettling Bavarian forest over a bulging coin purse.

Only one man leaves the woods alive to seek shelter in a remote inn where he hopes he will be safe from the police and whatever else lurks outside. Or what lurks within.

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Words: 6, Published: November 9, Sphinx entertains an important figure in her Rome base as they have ringside seats for the fall of Kammani, her temple and the false religion of Kammanism in the final part of the saga. Words: 4, Published: October 20, Kammani finally reaches the end of the line, the final destination signifying the last goodbye to her long dead husband. Her hopes that this ending could lead to a new beginning with Shaozu seem doubtful as he looks towards a new direction. Words: 7, Published: October 4, So writes Ludovico, the scribe of the cult, yet within the temple clothes are being shed and inhibitions lost as key figures give in to their urges with primal abandon.

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Published: September 28, Laying your feelings on the line can feel riskier than any battle, as both Shaozu and Kammani discover. Shaozu handles rejection worse than Kammani, leading him to make a foolhardy, drunken mistake. Words: 5, Published: September 21, Ursula Fey accidentally reveals to Shaozu the secret of how the Kammanists found their Goddess, confirming his suspicions that the cult is a malignant force.

Published: September 18, A tortured and dehumanized prisoner one week, a revered Goddess the next. Published: September 16, Kammani survived the attack but wishes she had not as Octavius inflicts cruel and unusual punishments upon her fragile frame. Published: September 14, Having come to terms with her feelings for Shaozu, Kammani attempts to show him that the bitter and twisted mistress she used to be has been replaced by a kind and benevolent figure.

Bigger problems than money loom on the streets of Venice. Published: September 12, With the central figure of their love triangle condemned to the dungeon both Kammani and Lihua have time to work out what he really means to them — and how far they are prepared to go to secure his release.

Words: 94, Published: December 29, A quiet life in the country? That was the plan for Wulff Winter, his young bride, Hedwig, and his teenage daughter, Anna. Running a remote inn in rural Bavaria should have made for an idyllic existence if not for the motley crew of guests and the family playing central roles in a long running feud between werewolves and zombies.

A feud which is about to come to a head. Words: 32, Published: August 19, Black Lodge is a supernatural whodunnit set in in which former members of a disbanded cabal are murdered one by one.

Cult of the Mothman, The Full Story - Mothman Revisited - Fallout 76

As one of a handful of people to have been a member of the exclusive group, Georges Steil has a personal stake in solving the crime. With one of their number a sectioned serial killer, are the group being targeted for his sins, or could their old rivals be seeking revenge? Published: August 17, Kammani takes a risk by visiting the crotchety old priest at his monastery to try to figure out what makes him so special.

Published: August 3, With Kammani entranced and vulnerable an opportunistic schemer decides that this is the perfect time to strike. Published: July 27, Kammani needs a test subject for the hypnotist before she places her own fragile mind in his hands and Shaozu has drawn the short straw.

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Revived by G Johanson You set the price! Published: July 20, Published: July 14, Part IX - Having discarded Shaozu in the wilderness with no food or water, Kammani enters Constantinople in high spirits with grand ambitions of meeting the boy Sultan and his mother. Before she can enter the inner sanctum she has to win over a eunuch representative, whom both of her remaining servants distrust. Published: July 6, Published: June 28, With Kammani already feeling deflated the last thing she needs is a nocturnal visit from Sphinx who has unsavoury plans for her.

Revived is a 21 part paranormal serial dealing with immortal feuds and tangled love triangles set in Published: June 20, Eidolon, the final book in the Accursed trilogy, is set in Cold War America and details the fall and rise of the spiritualist medium James Grey alongside the systematic liquidation of any and all occultists.

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Words: 60, Published: June 18, The end of the world - again? The old magician Georges Steil has heard this tale too many times, and the source of this latest prophecy is wholly unreliable so Georges attempts to put the warning from his mind and enjoy his old age with his lover, the Contessa, in Paris, The reappearance of a twisted pupil of his, Odessa D'eath, and the staging of a cursed play sets alarm bells ringing.

Underbelly, the sequel to Accursed, follows James Grey again as he tours the States performing as a medium, contending with dark forces hidden in the shadows. The greatest danger comes from fulfilling a favour for a friend, which threatens the present and all that James holds dear. Words: 28, Published: June 17, With the guns still warm from the death throes of World War I, with the world in the grip of the Spanish Influenza pandemic, a nihilistic cult seizes an opportunity to unleash a parasitic demon upon mankind.

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A military hospital is at the centre of the storm which sees a battle of wits between a nurse and a patient for the future of the hospital, a small French town and, ultimately, the world. Words: 29, Living statues and sinister changelings prowl the streets of Occupied Paris Words: 31, Published: June 16, It was originally said to have a wingspan of 13 to 16 feet but was even said to be the size of a small passenger plane.

Many scientists and cryptozoologists The study of cryptids believe that many of these sightings were not Thunderbirds but actually the California Condor The picture above. The California condor can weigh of to 33 pounds and have a wingspan of as long as 9. He was said to be a bringer of natural disasters and bad luck, his most notable disaster was the collapsing of the Silver bridge Which in fact took the lives of 46 people.

Black Panthers in the U. S This massive cat is less of a cryptid and more of a misplaced animal.

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These beautiful animals are commonly found in Africa and Asia but have recently been spotted in America. In the last couple of years people have been sighting black panthers in places like Kansas,Louisiana, and parts of eastern North Carolina. Scientists and zoologists say that the sightings are not black panthers but actually melanistic Melanism is a mutation like albinism but instead of white they are black mountain lions.

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  7. Believe or not but the first sighting of a UFO in America was all the way back to where John Winthrop wrote in his diary of a flying light in the sky that had caused controversy on board their ship. Sometimes they shot out flames and sometimes sparkles. This was about eight of the clock in the evening, and was seen by many. Could this possibly be the first human-alien hybrid or is it dead extraterrestrial? Do you think they lied about the DNA tests? Who knows what it could be, all we have left to do is speculate and question what we are taught to believe.

    Either way little is know about these things other than they wander aimlessly at night and are basically white cloaked creatures that appear to only be legs on a tiny head or torso. This creature has also been said to be a hoax perhaps even a puppet someone is controlling on a string. People have tried to react theses videos with puppets or dummies but none have come close to looking like the original beings sighted near Yellow stone National Park.

    The Yeti or Abominable Snowman This is like the distant cousin of the Sasquatch and has been sighted in cold places like Alaska,Canada, and parts of Antarctica. They are believed to be both friendly and aggressive while stories range from them saving people from freezing to death to killing innocent explorers and lost travelers. The photo above was believed to be a print left by the yeti, this creature has even been on National Geographic and they fully believe it exists.

    Everest found a footprint that appeared to be hominoid. It was believed that someone would turn into a wendigo when certain circumstances were present, normally a person would transform into a wendigo do to famine,cold weather or snow storms, and starvation. Above is a photo drawn by Native Americans on a caves wall. The photos in my opinion seem pretty realistic though many claimed it was a hoax.