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He has participated in several projects, both collaborative and solo, including interactive performances and concerts, generative visuals for print and motion graphics, mobile applications, interactive installations, and video mapping. Lyssna fritt i 30 dagar! Ange kod: play Du kanske gillar.

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Dynamic Logic. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Cinder is one of the most exciting frameworks available for creative coding. You will learn how to use multimedia content, draw generative graphics in 2D and 3D, and animate them in compelling ways.

Introduction to Creative coding

Beginning with creating simple projects with Cinder, you will use multimedia, create animations, and interact with the user. Sign In Register.

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    Malware Analysis. Reverse Engineering. Web Penetration Testing. Audio Processing. Document Preparation. Image Editing. Project Management. Soft Skills. User Experience. Workflow Automation. Business Management. Enterprise Resource Planning. Operations Management. Real Time Communication. UI Development. Video Editing. Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook. The practical recipes show you how to create interactive and visually dynamic applications using Cinder which will excite and delight your audience.

    Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Read Now Look inside. More Information Learn Process and analyze images and draw graphics in 2D or 3D Create applications that use multimedia content including video, images, audio, and text Draw and render particles to create powerful simulations Animate using tweens, timeline, paths, and cameras Create interesting animations with particle systems and physics Interact with the user by tracking and sensing from the camera in real-time Generate audio and create sound visualizations About Cinder is one of the most exciting frameworks available for creative coding.

    Features Learn powerful techniques for building creative applications using motion sensing and tracking Create applications using multimedia content including video, audio, images, and text Draw and animate in 2D and 3D using fast performance techniques Page Count Course Length 10 hours 33 minutes ISBN Date Of Publication 22 May Table of contents.

    Introduction Creating a project for a basic application Creating a project for a screensaver application Creating a project for an iOS touch application Understanding the basic structure of an application Responding to mouse input Responding to key input Responding to touch input Accessing files dropped onto the application window Adjusting a scene after resizing the window Using resources on Windows Using resources on iOS and OS X Using assets. There's more See also Preparing your application for iOS. Introduction Transforming image contrast and brightness Integrating with OpenCV Detecting edges Detecting faces Detecting features in an image Converting images to vector graphics.

    Introduction Loading and displaying video Creating a simple video controller Saving window content as an image Saving window animations as video Saving window content as a vector graphics image Saving high resolution images with the tile renderer Sharing graphics between applications. Introduction Creating a particle system in 2D Applying repulsion and attraction forces Simulating particles flying in the wind Simulating flocking behavior Making our particles sound reactive Aligning particles to a processed image Aligning particles to the mesh surface Creating springs.

    Introduction Texturing particles Adding a tail to our particles How it works… Creating a cloth simulation Texturing a cloth simulation Texturing a particle system using point sprites and shaders Connecting the dots Connecting particles with spline.

    Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

    Drawing 2D geometric primitives Drawing arbitrary shapes with the mouse Implementing a scribbler algorithm Implementing 2D metaballs Animating text around curves Adding a blur effect Implementing a force-directed graph. Introduction Drawing 3D geometric primitives Rotating, scaling, and translating Drawing to an offscreen canvas Drawing in 3D with the mouse Adding lights Picking in 3D Creating a height map from an image Creating a terrain with Perlin noise Saving mesh data.

    Animating with the timeline Creating animation sequences with the timeline Animating along a path Aligning camera motion to a path Animating text — text as a mask for a movie Animating text — scrolling text lines Creating a flow field with Perlin noise Creating an image gallery in 3D Creating a spherical flow field with Perlin noise. Introduction Creating an interactive object that responds to the mouse Adding mouse events to our interactive object Creating a slider Creating a responsive text box Dragging, scaling, and rotating objects using multi-touch.

    Capturing from the camera Tracking an object based on color Tracking motion using optical flow Object tracking Reading QR code Building UI navigation and gesture recognition with Kinect Building an augmented reality with Kinect. Generating a sine oscillator Generating sound with frequency modulation Adding a delay effect Generating sound upon the collision of objects Visualizing FFT Making sound-reactive particles.