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Even though he joined the team recently, Morris was here in and intermittently throughout the next few seasons inspiring new ideas for the IronPig fans. Coca Cola Park would not be the same without him. Get your Tickets! These folks selling tickets have the busiest jobs in minor league baseball! The demand for the highly prized IronPig tickets is high and these folks give the fans what they want.

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Even more so as in the last two years the IronPigs have added several new seating areas to accommodate additional fans to include the Tiki area and the premiere of the Bacon Strip and Hot corner! Community Relations Director Sarah Marten is largely responsible for that. Just yesterday two separate people spoke of how great and generous Sarah was in helping with their charity event.

More communities need people like Sarah Marten. That brings us to Food and Concessions. Sadly, we saw our old friend Jan Giejda depart recently. Farewell old friend.

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Another departure was that of Head Groundskeeper Bill Butler. Going the extra mile is the standard for her. Using stats, interesting facts and trivia these guys have pulled together an IronPig legion of fans craving more. Matt and Jon make those road trip days much easier to get through. The list below is not all-inclusive my memory gets worse every day but that I am able to compile this lengthy list shows how the IronPigs are impacting baseball franchises across the country. He did excellent work. We will certainly miss all of our friends and family that have moved on to follow their dreams and wish them much success in all their future endeavors and perhaps one day we may even see a few of them return.

Adam Dobrowolski radio intern is out of baseball. Hey, nice reporting of where our friends have gone. Another name it looks like will be missed is Erin Holt who doesnt seem to be on the employee list. Is she gone too? Her high energy will be missed. Otherwise, I'd come up a little bit short every month. It's pretty tough to live on what we make.

Five grand a month is the norm in Triple-A. And it's often overlooked that most minor leaguers' pay is for five months, not Most minor league seasons begin in April and end in September, and minor leaguers don't get paid unless they're playing. Bailes is a successful business man now, in retail and real estate. But as a younger minor leaguer he spent his off seasons working various jobs in various stores.

In , major leaguers made three times more than minor leaguers. By , that ratio was to There is no other minimum. Show me the money in the spring, in the Grapefruit League or the Cactus League, it has been said. In spring training, if you're in the major league camp you're lucky. If you're not in the major league camp, you're out of luck.

The explanation is easy.

Players in the major league camp get paid. Players in the minor league camp don't get paid; they get room and board and a plane ticket or traveling expenses to get there. But the players know usually they're fortunate just to be there. A study by the Major League Players Association in showed that:.

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Of those, only one of 10 play one day in the major leagues, and only one of 50 play long enough six years be become free agents. Otherwise, no matter how much you make, you're going to have financial trouble. There are approximately 7, professional baseball players in 29 leagues, playing for teams. There are two major leagues, 18 minor leagues operated by the NAPBL and nine independent minor leagues, with no official connections to the major leagues. People try to lead life styles once they're out of the game that they can't afford to lead.

That's just not the way it is in Springfield, Mo. We're very comfortable. My three daughters are going to be comfortable. He wasn't always comfortable, though.

Bell's pro baseball experience dates to his days in diapers. His family is one of only two with three generations of major league players. Bell's grandfather, Gus; father, Buddy; and brother, David, have been to the big leagues. The only other three-generation major league family is the Boones: Ray, Bob and Bret. I have a lot of fun doing it. I've made a lot of good friends. Show me the money, sunny, it has been said. Well, not really, but it sounds better than "Kill the ump!

The salaries are based on experience. Minor league umpires above the rookie league level receive group medical, dental and life insurance. All pro umps receive free lodging. Triple-A umps receive complimentary rental cars or vans. Triple-A umpires fly to their assignments.

Double-A umps are provided with vans. Other umps are paid 25 cents a mile. The last seven seasons, MLB has paid for all equipment, salaries and meal money for minor league teams and umpires. In pro baseball, the PBA is the contract that governs the relationship between the major and minor leagues. And the Player Development Contract PDC is the agreement between major league organizations and their minor league teams. For example, the 89ers have a PDC with Texas through the season. The PBA, the agreement between the major and minor leagues, has been around since But the current version expires after this season, on Sept.

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