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Please select an air method when ordering this item for those locations. All Orders must also have a physical address and not a P. It cannot be shipped to a P. Orders must have a physical address. The smell is incredible, one of my favorites perfume miley, FL. Was this review helpful? Smells delish Love It kellbell15, WV. Okay from what you have said whatever is it it wants you out the house. I have got some tips which work. If you believe in God you say aloud i am i child of god be gone say it three times. What also helps is putting holy water on every door sprinkling it on the floor and doors!.

Getting roasry beads and praying. As i said only do it if you believe in god.

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If it is a demon they are normale provocted so if you have used a wigi boared or you have called upon it, it will come. Also negative energy brings it in. If its a sprit then they can come for no reason if it has realtaionship to the house it will not go. You said you grandama heres stuff at 2 well 12 to 3 is the hour of the demons thats when they normale come out. Okay if it gets to the stage where someone gets hurt call a exorcist. Dont talk to it, dont comunicate with it, if it talks to you block it out wif tv or music. It helps if you believe in god!!!

Tyra,,, im sure by the time you get to Heaven,,, you will be glad to be rid of the challenges here on earth…. Karen,, i know what you mean about playing with fire!! I have heard of, laying crushed up bricks along your doorways, so evil cannot enter?? From a Biblical perspective.

The point is that this man went back to doing whatever it was that got him in trouble the first time…, the original spirit returned and brought several more spirits like itself. I see a parallel between this Biblical account and what others have experienced present day. Greg and many others here,, i agree!!! In a way,, its just like germs,, we have to keep on cleaning to keep them at bay….

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I have had Demons in my room before. I hope this helps. Trolldoll,, ok!! Sounds to me like you did this in a way that works, in other words, in a way that affirms your will, as well as your faith that there are benevolent beings who wish to help you. Trolldoll, i will have to try the sage,, im sure it smells good inside!!!

I was so scared that i had ran out of the house but it happen when I was 6 years old. I want to be a holy hunter, ya know kill the evil creatures, fight evil spirits. KTM, I have also heard that burning sage works to cleanse your house of just negative energy also. Not even spirit related, just bad energy. I bought fresh sage for my turkey and plan on drying what is left and burning it. Need all the positive energy I can get!!!!! Hello, How does a herb a plant like sage keep something as dastardly as evil demons away??

Thanks in advance. Okay, I agree with you. Thanks for your help! I have been living with the same thing for about 2 years now and you are right only your faith in God and the blood of jesus will remove the demon. I must say this is quite funny, sage keeping Demons away? Demons are the great and powerful Pagan gods and goddesses, worthy of respect and reverence.

You need to do your homework before coming up with stuff like this, Demons are not evil. True Ghost Tales. Annunaki Cats Native Americans. Aliens Paranormal Investigations Sleep Paralysis. Blog this! Comments Do you like to talk about the paranormal world? Check out our paranormal forum at www. February 25, at am. Anthony says:. January 29, at am.

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November 10, at pm. Coyote says:. November 24, at pm. Holy Hunter says:. November 25, at am. DarStarr says:. November 25, at pm. Mr unknown says:. It was kind of dumb. The last story is the best and is from Tanya's POV. Its about the demidova team heading to FL to check out a portal to faerie in connection with an increase in Demonic possessions. Its far too brief and I didn't care for Tanya's constant questioning about Omega:s power and Declan's mental state. She isn't much older than him and is a friggin princess of all the darken in the world plus runs a major worldwide organization with emmense wealth, power and pull besides being a unstoppable supernatural force herself and married to the God Hammer.

Oh, and btw, she is a vampire, a preditor by nature, dependant on human blood to survive, but we aren't questioning her motives. I love this series!!!! I encourage everyone to listen to all of them. It is fairly short. It introduces some new characters, and I'm not really sure if they will play a part in things going forward. I always enjoy the books in this series, some books more than others.

Narrator is always solid. This is a good series of reads.

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Only issue, short but bring together stories that will hold your interest and easy the pain of waiting for the next full story to be published. Love the series. This story is good. Book ended too quick. Keep writing please. Thank you. I love these short story nuggets and I loved hearing Tanya tell a story in first person. I love this series so much that I don't even mind that John Conroe is obviously trying to cash in by putting this into 2 volumes. I am just happy he was willing to write it.

John- keep them coming and I will keep buying James Patrick Cronin- as always was great! Have to say this one was better than volume 1. Though a couple of the stories seem weirdly shortened. The one with Declan and Stasha built fast and abruptly ended.

Could have used more of a build up and fleshed out some. I have virtually inhaled this entire series and loved all of it. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: John Conroe. Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin. Series: The Demon Accords. Length: 2 hrs and 57 mins. People who bought this also bought Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Overall.

Dungeon Deposed By: William D. Publisher's Summary Volume two. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews.

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Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Jill Amazon Customer Liked it alot, not ready to boast that I love it. Enjoyed This is a good series of reads. This is a good book. Albritton It wet my appetite for more I love these short story nuggets and I loved hearing Tanya tell a story in first person. I love this series. Walter W. Chu Western United States