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Distance Select All 5f 6f 7f 1m 1m 1f 1m 2f 1m 3f 1m 4f 1m 5f to 1m 7f 2m to 2m 3f 2m 4f to 2m 7f 3m to 3m 3f 3m 4f to 3m 7f 4m plus. Dragons Call IRE b f Track Horse. Dragon Pulse IRE. Dam's Sire. F Campbell. John James Feane. Last Win.

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  • Ideal venue for racing dragons!
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Last Run. Flat IRE. Under Rules Total. Form Figures. Form Timeline.

Dragon Racing

Form Figures - Date Course Conditions. Race Result. OR Class. D E Sheehy.

Dragon Racing

Rated S M Crosse. S P Davis. K J Manning. R P Whelan. M A Gallagher. However, Astrid broke her arm during the race. Despite this, Hiccup, the twins, and Snotlout continue onto a third race.

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Hiccup then asked Fishlegs to be on his team. Stoick arrived and decided to allow it in place of the Regatta. He also provided face paint for the races. Hiccup then allows another dragon race to be held with Fishlegs as his teammate and Astrid as the referee. Stoick then arrives and is pleased with the new sport. He then has all the riders put face paint on before the first real dragon race begins.

Ideal venue for racing dragons

During the race, Hiccup and Fishlegs were winning. However, Snotlout and the twins then cheated by painting a white sheep as black.

Annual event provides fun on the lake

However, Fishlegs was able to get the real black sheep and thus won the race. Two years after the first dragon race, Snotlout then invented a Sheep Launcher to throw sheep around during the races. Tuffnut and the others also improved their face paintings and added paint on their dragons. The Hooligans continue to hold Dragon Racing competitions for years afterward. How to Train Your Dragon 2 starts when the Dragon Racers are playing the sport and ends the same way. White sheep are worth one point each.

Riders must collect white sheep from the ground, picking up the selected few then complete a lap by dropping them into the marked net. The net has wooden planks with drawings of the dragons competing in the race. The sheep themselves are decorated with paint on their sides to indicate legitimate sheep in play.

This likely came out of the twins' attempt to cheat by taking sheep that weren't Sven's during the first official race. The black sheep is the sheep worth the most amount of points. In the first Dragon race the black sheep was worth only 5 points.

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  6. However, the black sheep then became worth 10 points and therefore most of the dragon riders try to get this sheep. The Black Sheep launched into the air by Gobber using Snotlout's sheep launcher in the final lap. In the franchise the other riders can give or steal the sheep from each other. It is announced with a horn blown by a Viking. To Dragon Race, the players must have face paint and sometimes Dragons have face paint too but they have it on their wings and heads. Colors that would used were the ones used for the family crest. This Horn isn't like the horn of an animal.

    It is an instrument that makes a loud sound so the racers know the black sheep is about to be thrown. The Horn's shape resembles a Thunderdrum. Riders could use variety of weapons on hand. Dragon Racing both opens and closes the second film, indicating the perseverance of the Hooligan people. To Berk and Beyond is a self-described scrapbook of Hooligan and Dragon life.

    It contains passages from the major characters in the Franchise. Astrid has an entry detailing the rules of Dragon Racing. It is an activity that players can part take in.

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