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You can add multiple books to a library. After adding all of the books you want to publish to a library, publish the library to finish the publishing process. The books in a published library are shown in the mobile viewer app. You can edit all of the information shown in the mobile app, including the library name and the cover image.

Once you have finished editing your library, you are ready to publish it. Click the 'Publish' button on the far right side of your library to publish it. The program supports various interactive features, including multimedia, animations, and SVG, which are all supported by EPub 3.

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It also stores the book's font information to maintain consistency between the draft or edited version of the book and the final version. Make your first ebook experience easy and fun with wepubl author. When you launch wepubl author, you can select the layout of your ebook. An ebook in EPub format can have a fixed layout or a reflow layout.

A reflow layout is when the ebook layout changes automatically depending on the screen orientation and aspect ratio.

Since the layout changes automatically according to the screen, the images and other items may appear differently than they were intended to by the author. Therefore, a reflow layout works well for novels and similar books with a lot of text. On the other hand, a fixed layout, which remains unchanged regardless of the display, is best for showing the content in specific layouts by utilizing more efficient display effects for embedded multimedia. However, since the layout remains unchanged, automatically resizing the text is not supported. As a result, a fixed layout requires deliberate customization for each display type.

The Curious Comeback of the Dreaded QR Code

If you select a fixed layout, you can select the height and width of your book. The main screen of wepubl author includes all of the essential elements required to create an ebook. The various features of wepubl author, with a wide range of support for EPub 3. These features are designed to make your ebooks stand out even more. Click the 'Load Background Image' button in the 'Background Image Setup' area on the right to select a background image to apply to the cover and resize it.

You can easily move your chapters around in the table of contents or minimize the current editing page to view an overview. You can change the order of the images or add new images. This function is useful when you want to show a number of related images on a single page.

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You can make your ebook more visually inviting by using various forms of license-free graphics files from graphicburger. Be sure to read the license policy of graphicburger. Simply select a video and insert it into the desired position. You can also change the thumbnail image of your video. Since there are many types of ebooks, a wide variety of authoring tools are required.

The cell context menu also makes editing each cell very easy. Just select any shape, such as a square or an arrow, from the objects list to insert it into the editing area. Commonly used formulas are provided in a separate list for easy insertion. You can specify the speed and replay count for each animation.

Associated Data

You can play various images, videos, audio objects, and also check for any errors. You can check whether your animation effects work correctly or not. You can also check for typos more easily before you publish your book. Scan a QR code to hear a book talk done by one of the teachers. I have used them to liven up bulletin boards, give parents my business card and provide a link to a slide show.

The students competed in an Amazing Race type game. The students used iPods to scan QR codes posted around our middle school campus. Each code was a review question for their upcoming final exam and a hint to the location of the next QR code.

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Every 4th QR code was a constructed response challenge. The groups could not move on to the next QR code until the challenge was correct. The students loved it Pupils spend first 25 minutes of the day completing QR challenges.

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Reports can then be reviewed and exported online. I recorded students reading biographies that they wrote. The QR code linked to that video.

New Author and QR Codes

I have added QR Codes to student homework which link to video tutorials to help students if they are stuck on the problems. Video scavenger hunt in audio video production Codes on books in school library that direct students to an audio review of the book. Audio created by audio video production class. Unfortunately still none of my QR scanners where able to scan the code If so, character 34 would have to be a? Again, I tried to fill in the bits corresponding to my guess, but still to no avail, and generating the corresponding QR code did not match the original one.

I started counting the missing bits. By randomly guessing those bits, it should be possible to get half of them right. It really ought to work! I held up my phone towards the screen and started to randomly flip the unknown bits. Suddenly a beep! My scanner had managed to decode the QR image! The value of the ref param was apparantly hl! Unfortunately no link to a secret webpage and no prize to collect see below!

But it was extremely satisfying to finally crack it! I posted link to this page on the publishers webpage. They repsonded with this:. Translation: Nice with so curious and engaged readers! Of course the first person to crack the code should have a prize!

Andreas Lundblad. Clearing up the data and filling in the obvious parts.