Poemas de la Soledad (Spanish Edition)

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Paz, Octavio (31 March 1914 - 19 April 1998)

But that was later. Soon, Parra dropped that Lorcaesque music, feeling constrained by it. He continued a process of experimentation: some surrealism, some Whitmanian metric freedom, some Kafkaesque insights.

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Everything seemed to collide in the writing of Poemas y Antipoemas Poems and Antipoems , , the book that let the flies in. Neruda, at that point, was the sacred father figure of Spanish letters. A heavyweight. In Canto General, he was trying to break with traditional poetic metrics and getting closer to prose.

At the same time, he wanted to write using a simpler language. In this, Neruda and Parra walked on opposite sides. One could say that Parra strolled on the sunny one. Even though Neruda tried to write in a simpler key, his Canto was bombastic.

La realidad y el poeta (Letras e ideas) (Spanish Edition)

Parra just wanted to be Parra and talk to the guys los muchachos. Parra brought ugliness, the dust and the shoes, to poetry. So his words were ordinary ones; and his scenarios, his subjects, were the ones you find on street corners, in parks, among dirty sheets, in the small coves of everyday life. In it, Parra warns the reader and says that he would not answer for the discomfort caused by his writing. Even though the word may be absent—I did not do a fact-check—pain is present throughout his work.

A feminine noun is almost always used with feminine articles and adjectives e.

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I don't mind solitude; it helps me think. Loneliness was driving the pilgrim crazy. Regionalism used in the United States.

Dinorah Cortés-Vélez // Languages, Literatures and Cultures // Marquette University

La soledad afecta a muchas personas mayores. Lonesomeness affects many elderly people. The poet loved living in the solitude of the mountains.

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