Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear

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Capsule Wardrobes: How to Build a Sustainable Closet for Life

The real problem arises when we mix different styles. They have nothing to say because they have different language codes. Do you remember math in elementary school? Than the real secret is to buy less, to buy better with consistency.

Regarding colors, for example, men choose those they look better with. Have you noticed that some men wear only black-blue-grey and others only brown-green-buff? Instead women are more complicated you choose to give that a positive or negative meaning and we are at the mercy of a thousand variables: taste, fashion, celebrities, Pantone color, friends, time, weight, etc.

In Style A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Here why! Posted on December 21, Just like you need the bread to pull the sandwich together. Does that make sense?

Capsule Wardrobes: How to Build a Sustainable Closet for Life

I have come up with a go to list of 6 outfits to wear when I feel like I have nothing to wear. They are all pretty different to apease whatever mood I may be in that day. The trick with making a simple jeans and a tee outfit notsobasic is to really step up your accessory game. A statement belt is a closet staple I swear by and perfect for those jeans and a tee kinda days. And if you want to feel a bit more sophisticated, throw on a blazer too.

The Importance of Closet Staples

I love to dress up a simple jeans and tee outfit with some open toe heeled sandals. I looovveeee finding casual ways to work a little black dress into my daily life. Okay, so basically every time I wear a kimono I get a compliment on my outfit.

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Especially on those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. Something about the contrast of a chambray button down and black skinny jeans really does it for me. A chambray button down with my favorite black Rag and Bone skinnies are one of my favorite outfits to go to when I feel like I have nothing to wear. It caught your eye, you grabbed it and promptly brought it home, without ever thinking about how you could wear it. We are ALL guilty of this!

If you come up with fewer than three ideas, do yourself a favor and leave the precious item in the store. Of course, this method is not applicable to shopping for the special occasion outfit, but rather for your day-to-day wardrobe. The clothes you have no longer fit your life or your lifestyle.

Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear - Destress your Mornings

Perhaps you once worked in the office, but now you are stay-at-home entrepreneur. Yet when you look at your closet it is still full of office shirts, suits, gray jackets. And, you have nothing more than jeans and t-shirt for those more creative and casual days. Fast fix: analyze your lifestyle and the amount of time you spend in each aspect of it. Decide how much clothing and what type of it you need for every activity.

Keep this in mind while shopping by always asking yourself questions like: Do I have an event to wear this pretty sequin skirt? Will this pair of leather pants serve me for more than one use? Is the fancy blouse a practical addition to my wardrobe? Your wardrobe is monotonous.

Every time you shop, you are drawn to the same type of clothes in your favorite stores.