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I— covers her mouth Dev: murmuring So you said it. Jean: Damn it, Scott, slow down! I won't be ignored, Summers! You'd better slow down so we can talk.

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Damn you and your long legs! Scott: What do you want? Jean: What do I want? You have the nerve to ask that question after you left me hanging in the middle of the dance floor like that? Scott: I did not leave you hanging. I told it like it is. There's a huge difference. Jean: Don't even try to worm your way out of this! Now finish what you were going to say on that damned dance floor! Scott: Why?! It doesn't matter anyway. Jean: Because I need to hear it, you ass, that's why! Scott: Fine!

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I care for you too much to be just your friend any more! Every time I see you out with another guy, it rips my heart out! I've loved you from the moment I set eyes on you! I won't play this game anymore. Jean: Scott Scott: Don't. Jean: You stubborn jerk! Don't you dare run away from me after saying that! I love you, too! I've loved you from the moment you helped me carry my suitcase up the stairs to my room, my first day at school. Scott: What? Jean: You heard me, you stupid jerk. I love you. I'm not repeating it.

Everyone at school already considered them a couple, and the way their relationship had grown would make it appear that they actually were. Ultimately, it was just an illusion, a cauldron of mixed feelings and unspoken emotions. Lying there on his bed, his arms around her slender form, Shinji wanted to end the illusion and make it a reality. For he knew now what he'd seemed to know all his life. Candace : "I, uh Um, this may seem awkward, but I I know it's weird and wrong b-because we're I really, really l-love you. Van: So. You want to go over these lines again, and see if you get 'em right?

Or do you feel like playing script doctor again? That is not in my script. That's Lyla's line from Scarlet Song. Kara: I know. But what was the line her leading man gave her after that? Van: 'I'd say that one of us is probably crazier than the other. Van: Uh, KZ. Kara: Don't get your hopes up too much yet, VO. But I think I like you, too. Van: Stop finishing my sentences. Kara: kissing him Who wants to talk?

Van: Holy sun and Mother Moon. Fade to black. Films — Animated. Films — Live-Action. Elin does this to Agnes at the end of Swedish lesbian movie Show Me Love in an adorably awkward babble that can basically be summarized as "Viktoria said that you loved me. Is that true, because if it is then I do too, to you I mean?

In Volunteers , the female love interest is about to do something dangerous, and Tom Hanks is refusing to let her go. She finally demands to know why, and he answers: "Because I love you! In the climactic end of Charles Dickens ' David Copperfield , David and Agnes finally confess their love for one another, after decades of being just close friends.

In the third Anne of Green Gables book, Gilbert finally confesses his love to Anne and asks her to marry him someday. Anne basically tells him she can never love him and crushes his heart to bits. Peeta Mellark does this on national television in The Hunger Games. The series ends with Katniss making such a declaration to Peeta. Inverted in The Wheel of Time. Rand tells Egwene that he feels their relationship is more Like Brother and Sister than love.

She agrees.

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At the end of the Warrior Cats book Starlight , Crowfeather saves Leafpool's life and then confesses that he's loved her for a while. In The Pillars of Reality , Mari thinks Alain is about to make such a confession, but he's actually just going explain the prophecy about her. She cuts it short by saying that she already knows without saying what she knows and defers the discussion, therefore missing some important information. Live-Action TV. However, he is on some pretty heavy duty medication, so whether that influenced his confession is up for interpretation.

Scully obviously thought he was confessing under the influence, if her reaction is anything to by: Mulder : Hey, Scully. Jane: So instead of telling you the reasons why I love you, I'm gonna tell you the reasons why I don't.

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I don't love you because you're smart, and kind. I don't love you because you're hard-working, and competitive, and way too defensive. Micheal: I'm not defensive. Jane: I don't love you because you are incredibly sexy. I love you because you're my best friend, and I want to grow old with you. Spike : A hundred plus years, and there's only one thing I've ever been sure of. Hey, look at me. I'm not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it's not because I want you, or because I can't have you—it has nothing to do with me.

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You're a hell of a woman. You're the one, Buffy. I'm in love with you. Powerfully, painfully in love. You make me feel like I've never felt before in my life. Like a man. I just thought you might wanna know. For the last time. Alone was better. You make me feel safe and warm. So, I get it now. I finally get love, Xander.

I really do. Tara: No, I-I understand. You have to be with the person you l-love. Wesley : I've loved you since I've known you. No, that's not—I think maybe even before. Daisy : You can't just die for me like this, it's wrong! Lincoln : I don't know. Saving the girl I love and the world at the same time, seems pretty right to me. Sheridan: I think it's time you knew that I can no longer imagine my world without you in it. I don't know exactly when or how it happened, but I'm glad it did. Ianto: I love you.

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Jack: Don't. Jack: I never said it properly before! Ianto: Doesn't need saying. Jack: Yes it does! Ianto Jones , I love you! Ianto: And I love you, Jack. Chandler: "Okay! You win! I can't have sex with you!

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Chandler: "Because I'm in love with Monica! That's right! I love her! I love you, Monica. Richard : Do you love me, Anne? Anne : smiles shyly What?

Richard : Do you love me, and the king? Anne nods yes with a small grin. Anne : You would approach the king on my behalf? Richard : Yes, if you'd like me to. Anne : Why would you do that? Richard : stares at her longingly Why do you think? Retrieved 28 April Cambridge University Press. Retrieved Journal of Graduate Medical Education. Berkeley: University of California Press.

During a 'study' session, the person receiving criticism usually makes a substantial verbal response of some sort. For example, Song Shan remarks that all seventy-six times she was subjected to a struggle session in front of thousands of people, the format of the event was exactly the same. In Morris, Charles W. Chicago: University of Chicago Press published That is to say, self-criticism is essentially social criticism, and behavior controlled by self-criticism is essentiall behavior controlled socially. New York: The Guilford Press. Confession also occurs outside religious institutions.

Within political systems that actively discourage religion, such as offshoots of Marxism, forms of confession or self-criticism are fostered. Categories : Communication Secrecy Confession.

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Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Share your stories in the comments below! A Guide to Japanese Condom Brands. By Shizuka Sakamoto. By Victoria Vlisides. Everything a girl needs to know about these pay-by-the-hour ubiquitous rendezvous spots. By Hilary Keyes. While Japan has been historically treating affairs with a blind eye for longer than it should have, a conversation with 15 Japanese men, five of Saying 'I love you' is not the words I want to hear from you.

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