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CRC Press. Archived from the original PDF on February 21, Heavy Weather Powerboating. Adlard Coles Nautical. Journal of the Institute of Navigation. Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Retrieved 12 September He is the head of the underwater technology, instrumentation and monitoring at the Norwegian NGI. But the data was not wrong.

When NGI looked over the measurements and calculated the effect of the wave that had hit the platform, the conclusion was clear: The wave that struck the unmanned platform Draupner E on 1 January was indeed extreme. Freak waves: rare realizations of a typical population or typical realizations of a rare population? Retrieved 18 April Brest: iFremer. Doubleday Canada. In February those onboard a British oceanographic research vessel near Rockall, west of Scotland experienced the largest waves ever recorded by scientific instruments in the open ocean.

Under severe gale force conditions with wind speeds averaging 21 ms1 a shipborne wave recorder measured individual waves up to The fully formed sea developed in unusual conditions as westerly winds blew across the North Atlantic for two days, during which time a frontal system propagated at a speed close to the group velocity of the peak waves. The measurements are compared to a wave hindcast which successfully simulated the arrival of the wave group but underestimated the most extreme waves.

Oceanography: Contemporary Readings in Ocean Sciences. Oxford University Press. Grant Gross 1 March Prentice Hall. Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering.

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The area of the Central North Sea is notorious for the occurrence of very high waves in certain wave trains. The short-term distribution of these wave trains includes waves which are far steeper than predicted by the Rayleigh distribution. From the wave recordings more than freak wave candidates were found. The ratio between the extreme crest height and the significant wave height min value has been found to be about 1. The latter ratio is clearly outside the range of Gaussian waves, and it is higher than the maximum value for steep nonlinear long-crested waves, thus indicating that freak waves are not of a permanent form, and probably of short-crested nature.

The extreme statistical distribution is represented by a Weibull distribution with an upper bound, where the upper bound is the value for a depth-limited breaking wave. Based on the measured data, a procedure for determining the freak wave crest height with a given return period is proposed. A sensitivity analysis of the extreme value of the crest height is also made. Houston: American Bureau of Shipping.

Retrieved 13 January Recent research has demonstrated that extreme waves, waves with crest to trough heights of 20 to 30 meters, occur more frequently than previously thought. April Retrieved February 23, Retrieved 14 January Steele; Steve A. Thorpe; Karl K. Turekian 26 August Academic Press. European Journal of Mechanics B. Bibcode : EJMF Physics Reports. Bibcode : PhR Contemporary Physics. Bibcode : ConPh.. Retrieved 16 April Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. Bibcode : JGRC..

BBC News Online. Retrieved May 8, Retrieved April 15, July 11, The New York Times. Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved April 8, Sapsis 5 January Journal of Fluid Mechanics. Bibcode : JFM Reports on Progress in Physics. Bibcode : RPPh Retrieved January 25, Shukla, I. Kourakis, B. Eliasson, M. Marklund and L. Retrieved April 17, Retrieved October 11, Ocean Prediction Center.

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National Weather Service. April 22, Science Now.

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Physical Review A. Bibcode : PhRvA.. Scientific Reports. Bibcode : NatSR The Glorious Three , translated by M. Olagnon and G. Colin Johnson December 24, Electronic Engineering Times : 14, Nature Physics. Bibcode : NatPh Commissioners of Irish Lights. Retrieved 28 October The Scottish Islands. Edinburgh: Canongate. Thule Press.

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Ships of the White Star Line. Ian Allan Publishing. Cabinet Magazine. Retrieved 10 October Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Naval Research Laboratory". Freak wave pummels cruise ship. Edited footage viewable online at Discovery. La Vanguardia. Puertos del Estado.

The Independent. Retrieved 17 February History Press Limited. Parliamentary Debates Hansard. House of Commons.

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The MV Derbyshire was registered at Liverpool and, at the time, was the largest ship ever built: it was twice the size of the Titanic. May This report describes the navigation systems and methodologies used to precisely position the vessel and vehicles. Precise navigation permits the survey team to control the path of the subsea vehicle in order to execute the survey plan, provides the ability to return to specific targets, and allows the assessment team to correlate observations made at different times from different vehicles.

In this report, we summarize the techniques used to locate Argo as well as the repeatability of those navigation fixes. To determine repeatability, we selected a number of instances where the vehicle lines crossed. By registering two images from overlapping areas on different tracklines, we can determine the true position offset. She can't even have relationships due to the chance of her crushing them to death. Remar is also considered a freak on his world for he can create multiple incarnations of originals. Remar is a successful member of the Sector Guard and now with Drahali becoming his partner and mate with the guard he feels he is up to it.

The characters are well developed and become well liked within the story as well as by the reader and the story is quite unique as is most of this author's. I enjoyed this short read and I found this story to be read best in sequence of the series but they are all enjoyable as this one is in my opinion. Multiple Organisms by Viola Grace.

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