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By Joe Loria - February 14, Billions of farmed animals are brutally killed every year for food.

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Many go to great lengths to escape their cruel fates. These are just a few. Phineas was found wandering on an interstate highway near Stratford, Connecticut. Believed to have jumped off a truck on his way to a slaughterhouse, he made a run for his life, sustaining just a few scrapes. Thankfully, he recovered and his story ended happily, although this fate is highly uncommon for farmed animals.

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A cow destined for slaughter at a meat-processing plant in Pocatello, Idaho, fought desperately for her life, jumping a six-foot fence in a brave attempt to escape being killed. Unfortunately, she was cornered and shot in the head multiple times by police before being dragged off to the processing plant. A driver in China captured harrowing images of a pig's courageous attempt to save her own life. Crammed into a transport truck destined for the slaughterhouse, one determined pig made a death-defying leap out of the vehicle and onto a busy roadway.

Luckily, she survived and authorities promised she could recover and live out her life in peace.

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A pig in China ran from a slaughterhouse and ended up at a Buddhist temple. What makes this story unique is that the pig knelt down and appeared to pray in front of the temple.

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  4. This sparked a flurry of speculation on Chinese social media that the pig was on a pilgrimage. In reality, this poor animal was probably exhausted from running for her life. Fortunately, his brave escape paid off.

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    At Fates Mercy will no doubt grow and evolve further with the experience of playing together as time goes on. Testament to the energy of their live show is a growing fan base who will definitely dig this release. Some in the heavy music-listening community might find much of this album a little restrained however, hardcore fans are sometimes a bit like a seasoned drinker in his local pub; why offer a fancy boutique beer when all he wants is a VB?

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