Entrepreneurs + Mentors = Success: 22 Convincing Stories

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All industries are invited to attend including tech founders, healthcare professionals, hospitality, fitness, finance, influencers, media and more. Are you a women founder? We have invited power house Venture Capitalists, Angel investors, Startup founders, and more to grow your network. We would love to see you there! Perhaps you have an amazing idea and you want to be able to network and chat with other women startups. This is your place to become your safe haven on a Wednesday night.

Invite your circle of influence to enjoy cocktails, conversations, and high-end networking at an amazing venue right in the middle of times square! Starts every Wednesday starting May 1st. You do not have to have a business to attend. We welcome all. Due May 8, In our experience, VC kills more startups than slow customer adoption, technical debt, and co-founder infighting — combined. With the pool of venture money increasing, venture capital seems to have become the default path for startups.

Free event, but RSVP required. Due May 9, Pitch Force San Francisco Galvanize, SF - "PitchForce is a monthly event for early stage high-tech startup entrepreneurs to get a chance to deliver a 4-minute elevator pitch to a panel of seasoned angel investors. This monthly event is sponsored by PeopleConnect, a year-old high tech startup recruiting firm. Presenters are chosen on a first come first served basis, and only 10 startup entrepreneurs are allowed to pitch at each event. Presenters will receive instructions on the 8 key points to cover in your pitch, as well as a sample pitch.

Pitches will be reviewed by the SF PitchForce team prior to the event, to make sure that you are delivering a message that will resonate with the panel. In addition, please send your 4-minute pitch deck and 1-minute elevator manuscript for our review to startups pitchglobal. Due May 12, The Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars - Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Our 13 week mentorship-driven accelerator programs provide in-depth foundational content that prepares you to run your startup, plus strong mentoring relationships with experts in your industry and in all aspects of entrepreneurship.

We truly set you up to DoMoreFaster—participants often say that they accomplish more in these three months than they would in a year and a half, working on their own. Programs culminate with Demo Day: we prepare you thoroughly to give your best pitch to a room full of interested investors. Learn more about the benefits of an accelerator www. Due May 13, UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars - Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. The two day conference will include angel education workshops, panel discussions with active angel investors, pitches from the rising pre-seed and seed stage startups including the InNevator IoT Accelerator companies.

The event will culminate with the announcement of funding into a select group of startups at all stages. This event will celebrate the successes seen in the region over the past few years including the creation of new investment funds like the Reno Seed Fund. Due May 14, These talented entrepreneurs read more here are diving into a variety of fields including education, food, music, and more.

They have been matched with mentors to help them fine-tune their pitches before they showcase their big ideas. Join us to witness the next generation of entrepreneurs take the jump that could kick-start their companies! It also provides industry leaders with an opportunity to discover products, services, and technologies with the potential to enable strategic business growth.

Due May 15, We addressed that by raising an early stage venture fund, building an innovation lab known as Toolbox LA, recruiting a values-driven community of founders and mentors, and connecting hundreds of talented founders with the resources they need to impact the world. We also operate the Make in LA accelerator to find, nurture, and invest in promising hardware companies at the earliest stages.

We believe that undiscovered hardware founders are too often overlooked, and we are the right team to fund them at the significant inflection point of pre-manufacturing. Pitch Globally www. We host investor events which are a leading curated platform for local and global startups to connect with investors in Silicon Valley. Our theme this year is Connections. This conference will not only provide information to grow your business but will provide opportunities to connect with professionals who can help you and develop the skills to connect more effectively.

Due May 16, She is now teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same! Funded in 60 seconds show entrepreneurs how to develop and deliver a powerful elevator pitch they can use at networking events or compete for cash in business pitch competitions. She will show you how to ace business pitch application process and where to find competitions online! WeWork Food LabsFood - Food Labs is a workspace and global platform dedicated to startups impacting the future of food. We support innovators across the food ecosystem, including companies working in AI, robotics, kitchen appliances, supply chain, ag tech, distribution software, consumer goods, hospitality, and beyond.

Hardware Accelerator Class6 - You and your team came up with a brilliant idea. You took your napkin drawing and turned it into an invention. The road ahead is full of obstacles that you wish to avoid. You may not have the money or connections. You may not know how to evaluate a manufacturing partner. However, you are passionate that this product needs to exist and you will stop at nothing to see it come to life. At lunch, they will have a group of panelists talking about ways to receive funding for your business.

What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From the Jedi About Mentorship

Due May 17, StartOut Growth Lab - "StartOut Growth Lab is a startup accelerator that offers top quality office space, mentoring, education, and networking opportunities for young companies that happen to be founded or co-founded by LGBTQ entrepreneurs. Just seven companies are selected for each cohort. This live pitch event is the culminating event of Illumin8, an interior design thinking challenge supporting unsheltered youth and the Fannie C.

Harris Youth Center. The winning pitch will result in proceeds to support the Center. At a recent event, we had team from Alibaba Ventures walk in the door looking for startups to invest — is that you? Pitch Southern West Virginia - "Do you own a new business or have a great business idea? The WV Hive Network, in partnership with TechConnect WV, is excited to announce the 5th of five different business idea competitions encompassing twelve counties in southern West Virginia.

The deadline to submit an application is midnight, May 17th.

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  3. Maritime Mix: Photos to enjoy (a childrens picture book).

We welcome Technovation teams from the Pacific Northwest, as well as community supporters and volunteers! Teams will exhibit their app at our science fair-style App Exhibit Expo. After getting a chance to share their idea with the community one-on-one, each team will get a chance to pitch their idea live to judges and receive feedback on their idea. MamasSupportMamas" Due May 19, Who will stir your soul? Due May 20, Please join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations.

Come learn about new projects and ideas forming in SF and around blockcchain! You'll hear from Node members and entrepreneurs alike! Get feedback on your idea or learn about what makes a great pitch. Projects and pitches will be announced as the date arrives. If you'd like to raise money for your idea, join Node's one-day Founder Funding course where you'll leave the workshop with a new set of slides and actionable advice for how to improve your chances of financing your startup. Due May 21, Investors seeking blockchain investment opportunities and blockchain professionals who would like to strengthen their network are invited to attend the event.

There will be a reception beforehand, then quick concise pitches from our cohort that's you , then a post-demo day celebration to be hosted elsewhere. Due May 22, Since the inaugural event in , the Women in Tech Festival has encouraged women — and men who support the advancement of women — to join together for two full days of inspiring talks, startup pitches, thought-provoking discussions, and educational workshops.

The Women in Tech Festival is THE event to create lasting connections and exchange ideas in a welcoming, supportive and fun environment. Learn more and view highlights from past years at the official event page here. Make sure to sign up for our official mailing list to stay up-to-date on speakers, agenda updates, specials, and more. Between 12 and 14 contestants will pitch their products and services to a panel of judges in an open forum.

The judges will comprise procurement officers from large organizations. Ameren Accelerator - Summer - Ameren Accelerator is a program that partners a leading energy corporation, a nationally-ranked Accelerator, and a state university system to help advance the traditional corporate Accelerator model to the next level.

We are looking for the best new energy technologies, related to the energy grid, distributed generation, digital communication and more. Whether you have a hardware or software company, early-stage or venture-backed enterprise, we invite you to apply. If your solution has any use that could apply to the energy sector, then you're a fit for our program. Due May 25, We are excited to have these speakers sharing their insights on go-to-market, funding and more: Stephen Dash founder Credible, Lizzy Brockhoff founder Masse, and Karl Redenbach founder LiveTiles. Whether you're a founder looking to raise capital or an up-and-coming investor looking for high-quality dealflow, you'll want to attend and learn how to navigate an ecosystem traditionally very inaccessible to women.

We welcome all women, non-binary people, and allies at the event. Click here to attend" Due May 31, Due May 31, Wealth Accelerator June - "Attend a full-day financial transformational event where both mindset and skillset come together to accelerate your relationship with money, from your mind to your habits to your bank account. We will also have some special guests sharing their wisdom on specific strategies for retirement planning and wealth protection. Supercharge your personal financial situation with this incredible workshop uncovering the secrets to wealthy living! Just some of the vital topics include:" Due May 31, You're in the right place.

This virtual accelerator was built for you. This virtual incubator accepts startups of any vertical and helps them accelerate their path to VC funding by guiding them step-by-step through the process for building a company that is attractive to investors. It includes personalized feedback on your business and how best to present to investors, as well as a VC Database of over contacts with email addresses at VC firms. Network virtually, pitch virtually, get one-on-one business growth advice and pitch deck tips from the comfort of your own home.

Due April 01, Led by innovators and leaders in several areas of agriculture, The Accelerator seeks startups ready to change the status quo. TechDiversity Accelerator with Travel Stipend: - The TechDiversity Accelerator program has not only proven to be a remarkable benefit to our diverse technology and entrepreneur community, but it has been recognized far and wide for its impact. Due April 04, Due April 05, The program focuses on teams who are building insurtech ideas, especially those who are focused on reaching new customers, creating next generation products, and digitizing processes.

Focused on additive manufacturing and eco-friendly sustainable packaging solutions, we are looking for companies developing innovative solutions in either of those two areas, and they may have software, hardware or material solutions. Due April 07, Techstars Atlanta, in partnership with Cox Enterprises - Techstars Atlanta, in partnership with Cox Enterprises, is located in the epicenter of startup activity in the Southeast, providing entrepreneurs with the resources and network to build meaningful enterprise technology companies and enduring consumer brands.

Atlanta shines as a model startup community, with active and exited entrepreneurs, as well as corporate giants, engaging with founders to help build the next set of disruptive technology companies. Partnered with Cargill and Ecolab, the program is looking for the best entrepreneurs across the entire food value chain, from AgTech, manufacturing and supply chains, to food safety, waste reduction and traceability.

The program is based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator - The Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator, a new Los Angeles-based program, focuses on the next generation of space technology companies and related frontier technologies. Startup companies in commercial space or that are developing related technologies are encouraged to apply.

Due April 09, Visa Everywhere Initiative: Women's Global Edition -Visa Everywhere Initiative is a global innovation program that tasks start-ups to solve payment challenges of tomorrow, further enhance their own product propositions and provide visionary solutions for Visa's vast network of partners. Due April 14, The program is backed by industry leading operators from companies like Box, Salesforce and Cisco with extensive experience scaling SaaS companies.

Due April 15, Unstuck Startups - Spring - Unstuck Startups is a Hyper learning community and accelerator that takes you from idea to prototype in 30 days. We are founders just like you. We bootstrapped, we raised capital, we had our failures and we had our successes. We accelerate your learning through the collective experience of our industry network and startup community.

Our focus is on creating tangible results. Great leadership transcends industry. We fund entrepreneurs that possess passion and vision to shape the future of St. Capital Factory May Accelerator - Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one startup state in the U. Last year more than , entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking.

We meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers. Due April 19, At this program, a small group of storytellers will gather for three days and nights to learn from masters in the field. And from each other. Due April 21, Due April 23, The best part? Veterans' Pitch Competition - "Are you a veteran with a great business idea?

The Veterans Business Outreach Center and Bryant University will also be offering an evening of workshops to help you prepare. Topics covered will include management, finance, accounting, and pitch skills. In partnership with Create33, Microsoft for Startups, and Stackpath, Founders Network is opening up its Seattle Chapter with a Pitch Competition featuring a panel of experts from the local startup ecosystem.

Accelerate - Lendon Wilson and Brian Dobbs are two powerful business coaches who share a common passion for the real estate professional. Through theWatch Our Northwest Ohio Pitch Competition combination of their approach to business they have unlocked principles and keys to turn your business into a lead generating and revenue making machine. In today's market, the pressure to produce high amounts of leads with little to or no conversion has made many professionals grasp at straws trying to make things work.

Lendon and Brian understand the importance of first creating cash flow and then establishing consistency. Accelerate is so much more than a lecture series, this program is for you to roll up your sleeves, put in the effort and get the results you are looking for. You will walk away with clear objectives and be able to track your efforts.

It is a great way to boost your business growth. Register today! Due April 25, Pitching Yourself and Your Business - A critical skill for any entrepreneur or startup team member is being able to tell your story in a clear way that will hold your audience captive, whether you're pitching ideas, products, your company, or yourself. Learn how to make your story compelling in this practical workshop, where you'll get to practice your new skills. Feel free to arrive with a pitch in mind that you'd like to work on. You'll find out how to structure your message, make it irresistible, and WOW your audience with visuals.

Apply these principles and tips to pitches of any length and to any audience, whether it be customers, partners, employees, employers, the media or others. Developed at Stanford University and shared with audiences worldwide, this popular Silicon Valley workshop will help you stand out with a solid, provocative pitch.

Participants who are able to bring intellectual rigor, curiosity, and the drive to go and apply what they learn in this program will see a successful transformation of themselves by the end of this event. Due April 26, From booming startups, to using creativity to build a new world economy that helps improve lives, our entrepreneurship initiatives make magic happen. Our final student ventures featuring students from Mexico, Uruguay, and USD will pitch in front of a panel of distinguished angel investors. GlobalGiving Accelerator - The GlobalGiving Accelerator is an opportunity for you and your organization to build skills, access tools, and grow your base of supporters to achieve crowdfunding success.

Learn how to leverage Leadership qualities. Learn all about the Gladiator In A Skirt monthly Professional development classes and all the incredible and amazing benefit you get by attending; for example monthly networking and elevator pitch contest, ladies night out, business seminars and much more! The Ignite Your Passion Summit is designed to Ignite your life, to equip, encourage and empower women with tools, ideas, resources and strategies needed to overcome everyday challenges and obstacles that are the root causes of limiting beliefs.

Geared for aspiring entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors, corporate leaders, realtors, sales people, leaders, CEO's and anyone in transition to becoming the best version of yourself ever! The focus is to help each company build and execute their US expansion strategy by supporting them to establish their US footprint, grow US sales and raise capital from US investors.

Success Stories

Due April 27, Due April 28, DyMynd Angels Fund Her Bootcamp - "Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day; teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. Transform the industry and everyone wins. She then is impacting the community with HER Investment. Due April 29, Finalists get the opportunity to pitch to a room full of investors and other entrepreneurs. We run this Pitch Competition in the context of our Angel Investing program.

Many of our Charter Members are active angel investors and advisors to startups in New York and around the world. Due April 30, We look forward to working with you at Sundance. The results have been outstanding and have resulted in several programs now making their impact on Quality of Place in Evansville. This event is open to the anyone in the community to pitch their business idea.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded cash prizes! Please do not register if you plan to attend this event as a spectator, this registration is only for those businesses who would like to pitch. Space is limited. High Street, Oxford. Each semester, as part of the Institute's RedHawk Launch Accelerator and our New Venture Creation capstone and Technology Commercialization courses, Miami University student-founders launch high growth startups that attack real problems and spend 14 weeks identifying and sizing the market, developing a customer acquisition strategy and launch plan to capture the market, and determining financial capital requirements to launch and scale the business.

May Networking Event - We will connect you with a wide network of people that will contribute to your success. Bring lots of business cards and don't miss this opportunity to promote both yourself and your business, or simply connect with people that can help you start your business. Learn what top firms look for in startups when they consider investing, listen to the types of businesses in their portfolios, and then introduce yourself when you find the right potential investor for your startup. Event on April 30, The winner will receive a bundle of prizes that will support the launch and growth of the business.

Due March 1, Blossom Accelerator, GAN Accredited - Please fill out this application for your startup to be considered for the Blossom intensive 4 week accelerator program from March 17th - April 13th, Teams will pitch their best credit investment ideas to a panel of distinguished judges, in the hope of taking home the top prize. Guests are invited to hear from our keynote speaker, Ronald Mass B. March 1, BrainHIT Startup Innovation Competition - Startup companies from across the globe addressing brain health innovations and technologies are invited to apply for a chance to pitch their innovation to a panel of judges as well as present their ideas in front of clinicians, peers and industry leaders.

Participation will provide high visibility of their innovation and the opportunity for valuable direct feedback from a panel of professionals. Do you want first-hand experience in how problem-solving and idea formation can create innovation? Then participate in the Innovation Skills Competition! March 02, Ida B. Wells Fellowship promotes diversity in journalism by helping to create a pipeline of investigative reporters of color who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests to their work. Fellows will also receive funds to cover travel and other reporting costs, and the costs associated with attending the annual Investigative Reporters and Editors conference, as well as a one-week data reporting boot camp.

They will enjoy access to research resources, legal assistance, professional mentors and assistance with story placement and publicity. Accelerate Summit - Chicago Agent magazine, the leading source of news and information for Chicagoland residential real estate professionals, presents Accelerate Summit - a consortium for the top-producing real estate professionals. March 05, Interested in networking with local entrepreneurs over an open bar? Battle it out for a chance to pitch in front of investors for capital along with free advising from professionals!

Followed by a networking session! Open for spectators - applications to pitch are below. Due March 06, Briefly we will define 3 primary grant sources and review the requirements of any grant. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of specific funding sources. Accelerated Global Connections - AGC provides the ultimate networking experience unlike anything you have ever attended before.

March 06, Youth teams from Detroit area faith-based organizations will square off to win cash prizes in this Shark Tank-style pitch competition. Due March 07, Learn how to sign up to submit 2 grants for your program. March 07, This is an open competition, available to all students, of all majors, from all colleges and universities. The competition will start at a. Coffee, snacks, and light refreshments will be available. March 08, We hope you can join us to support your colleagues and get first hand tips on what it takes to craft the perfect elevator pitch!

Due March 08, We were established by a founder who envisioned that anyone — regardless of their background — can start a technology related company. We offer unparalleled acceleration programs, sessions, workshops, and advisory services. Fueled by a passion to offer excellent solutions for startup founders, sFoundation was conceptualized to identify and ease the pain points of entrepreneurs in founding and scaling their startups. Due March 8, In alignment with that mission, we have crafted a pitch competition that embodies each of those tenants.

Wealth Acceleration - The Wealth Acceleration Workshop is unlike any financial "event" you've likely attended. We imagined what the ideal financial seminar would look like and created that for you. We didn't want a boring lecture or a frenzied pitch fest. We wanted something intimate.

Something personal. Something that helped people get the quickest results possible in a customized way. Something that was so comprehensive it unleashed your full financial potential, yet was simple to understand. March 09, Baltimore City Students Diamond Challenge Pitch Competition - Students who passed the first round of submissions in the Diamond Challenge will be competing internationally for cash and awards that would go towards their business and social innovation ideas. On March 9, invited students from Baltimore City and surrounding areas will be pitching to a group of judges their business and social innovation concepts and will be competing to be the Semifinalist for Baltimore City.

Semifinalists will be invited to the final round of the National Summit Diamond Challenge competition in April. Perry and his crew are welcoming, accommodating and share the same hustle as the sponsors and attendees. The quality of the speakers in on par with anything on the coasts. For those complaining about the St. Louis marketplace here is your chance to support a home-grown success story.

Get out your checkbook and sponsor MDMC and send your marketing managers there and have them write a report. Money and time well spent! We'll see you next year! This event provides education, networking and showcasing of some the best female startups. The price of attendance includes lunch, access to classes, shopping, the awards portion and the pitch competition. March 9, If you've ever wanted the chance to connect with some of the best accelerators in the world, other startup founders, Brex and SendGrid's Accelerate community, join us on Saturday, March 9th.

You'll not only have an opportunity to meet incredible connections in the GAN Community, but we'll have food, live music, and an open bar. Space is limited, so RSVP to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Due March 10, March 11, Think Big! The modernization of legacy enterprise creates massive potential for value creation along the intersections of materials science, specialty chemicals, remediation methodology, energy production and systems automation.

The accelerator is located at The Center in Indianapolis. Due March 12, The program will focus on digital health and wellness solutions that help support and enhance the experience of UnitedHealthcare members. Join us for the first class of the program which will run during Q3 Free to attend, open to all to join us! Refreshments will be served. This workshop will last approximately one hour and consist of networking, a discussion about the anatomy of a pitch and insights into what venture capital investors look for on the receiving end of a pitch!

March 12, To be eligible to pitch, please sign up here and email c4e owen. If more than 5 teams pitch, we will have a preliminary round to determine the 5 teams advancing to the pitch competition. Food provided. Find the right grant opportunity for your project federal, state and foundation grants. Enactus Innovation Pitch Competition - Do you have an idea that could help make everyday things easier for your community or humanity? Send your ideas in for the Enactus Innovation Pitch Competition.

Finalist will pitch their ideas at the event on March 13th at IgniteHQ. March 13, Over the past eight years, we have accelerated more than 1, startups from across the world — startups that have made patients healthier, our communities more connected, and our communities safer. Due March 13, H2 Refuel Accelerator - Sponsored by Shell and Toyota - The H2 Refuel Accelerator - a unique partnership between Fraunhofer TechBridge, Greentown Labs and the Urban Future Lab - offers unparalleled collaboration opportunities for startups who want to bring their hydrogen innovation from concept to market with the support of Shell and Toyota.

March 14, This is good fun for good causes. As one of last year's attendees summed it up, "I can't think of a better way to enjoy an evening with friends and support innovative nonprofits at the same time. We really enjoyed learning about the great work happening in our city. Exponential Impact XI - Exponential Impact XI is a week mentorship-driven accelerator focused on early stage security technology companies. Priority will be given to companies focused on artificial intelligence. Due March 15, If the brand also needs funding we are also offering an opportunity for each brand to pitch to our investors.

March 16, This will be done by as the presenter actually, via internet, accesses a searchable database of private grantmakers that accept inquiries and proposals from a variety of organizations; federal deadlines; links to state funding agencies; and a growing database of international grant makers. Business-focused accelerator - Our goal is to boost your sales and increase evaluation of your company in order to successfully negotiate with big clients and investors that will be introduced to you.

Best companies will have the opportunity to work with our cross-border acceleration team capable of establishing business connections in CEE region. Due March 17, This is a wonderful event focuses on startups founded by women. March 18, In this recently introduced, and evolving format, three or four companies will receive coaching from MABA investors prior to competing at the live 1stPitch event.

The night will bring together many Fairfield County residents, business owners, entrepreneurs and artists representing a range of creative professions. March 20, For a select group of dreamers and doers, that means turning their passion into a business. This will work especially well for those who were newly promoted from other positions. This course is a complete review of all the skills and tools needed in order to maximize performance of employees and avoid common problem areas. Black Dog Venture Partners has hosted investor events throughout the west and has raised millions of dollars for start ups as a direct result of our fast pitch conferences.

March 21, Due March 21, Long acquisition life cycles run counter to innovation. We aim to cultivate existing ecosystems and provide outlets for ideas to take root and strengthen all Armenians involved. March 22, Each program is capped at five teams and requires no fees and no equity. Due March 22, March 23, We work with a variety of non-profits encompassing many missions. Given our diverse background, we are able to connect and work with those aligned with our mission to support those who are aiding others in need.

We want to hear it. Entering the contest is a chance to promote your business and get your fans excited to spread the word about you. Follow the steps below to enter now and start getting votes for your business. Federal Express Grant Opportunit - Federal Express has a small business grant program and the application period is currently open!

GT Launch Pad Q2'19 - We help with everything from funding to business development, and everything in between. If you are in the conceptual stages through the scaling stages of a startup, you should think about applying. Our high profile board of advisors, such as PNB rock, make it easy for us to support startups in countless ways. Due March 25, It is focused on hard-working founders who have the grit to test new ideas and aim for innovative outcomes. The programme is based in Lisbon - Portugal - it is 3-months long followed by 6-months of ongoing support and includes an equity-free cash stipend to help you through your stay.

The application deadline March 25, , at pm PST. No more than one founder per company can apply to each cohort. We suggest that you reserve 30 minutes to complete the application. Due March 26, Due March 27, You will also explore grant-planning and time management. Applicants participate in a bracket-style competition to the final event. March 28, Due March 29, Do you need to secure funding, customers or inspire employees to join your startup?

If you are selected to participate in this Bootcamp, you will meet some of the brightest and most talented mentors across Silicon Valley in small groups and one-on-one sessions. The new class will be announced in April, Please check back in December for our next application cycle. This application is for the Program which begins on May 14, and ends in May Your application will be reviewed by the Praxis team and advisors.

Accelerate Your Business - Chicago - Bidding on projects is the lifeblood of any construction firm. If you get the estimate wrong, it can cost you the contract or your business. This is a two day workshop. When you register, you are registering for both days. Wealth Accelerator - Half-day financial transformational event to accelerate your relationship with money, from your mind to your habits to your bank account. March 30, You will network with business owners and individuals from around the city and suburban communities, government agencies, wealth management and capital firms, angel investors, banks, credit unions and venture capitalists.

Due March 31, Growth Accelerator Program - "Each company is different so we design a tailor-made program for each one of them. Applications are reviewed as they arrive and the accepted companies can start at any moment. The Ocean Solution Accelerator partners with founders to provide the guidance and resources needed to develop their prototypes into market-ready solutions.

Most Fundable Companies - "Are you an early-stage U. Are you willing to invest some of your time to assess and improve your readiness for funding? Take part in our Qualifier Survey today!

Get objective feedback on how your business will be viewed by potential investors. We aim to help you think about how to structure your business and pitch your service or product so that you are seen as a worthy investment. The top startups will be selected for our annual Most Fundable Companies List.

Visit www.

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  • A DuPont FastPass gives a startup company support to accelerate their business forward with access to research space, scientific equipment, leveraged facilities, and business building capabilities of the Delaware Innovation Space with key insights and collaboration with DuPont. Companies are not required to be based of Tampa, but must come to Tampa 3 times in the 90 Day Program.

    Goto Angel Global Q1 - We help grow companies. Techstars - Techstars helps entrepreneurs succeed. Through the Techstars Worldwide Entrepreneur Network, founders and their teams connect with other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporate partners who will help their companies grow. Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Program supercharges success and Techstars Startup Programs inspire, educate and connect entrepreneurs. Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships helps brands create world-changing products and services.

    Due February 4, Hartford InsurTech Hub - Startupbootcamp's Hartford InsurTech Hub accelerator offers 10 to 12 startups in each cycle the opportunity to access Startupbootcamps resources and network to accelerate their business and work closely with insurers located within walking distance of the hub's offices. Startups will have access to the Startupbootcamp global mentor and investor networks, and the depth of expertise of the team that have already delivered the most successful independent acceleration program in Europe. Only 3 student teams will be selected to participate.

    Our Pitch Competition is a highlight of the event. Tech Startup Pitch Practice [Meetaway] - Founders, this is a risk-free way for you to get feedback on your investor pitch and stack the odds in your favor. If you want to raise funding for your venture, then this event is for you. Simply register, choose who you meet, and then we'll match you for conversations over video chat. It couldn't be easier. February 19, Projects can be at any stage, while rough cut is ideal, early production to completion and even films scheduled for festival premiere are acceptable.

    Join us February 27 to ring in the new year with the grand finale to the Caffeine-Induced Pitch Competition and to support and vote for your favorite new idea in the community. All merchandise and event proceeds will go directly to the finalists! Link to the Competition Site Click Here. The preliminary dates for our two pitch events in agent participation dates are February 22 to March 1 and July 12 to The Boss Pitch - The Boss Pitch is a "Shark-Tank" style pitch event where business owners, filmmakers, and dreamers have the once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch DIRECTLY to the decision makers of influential and successful corporations, media giants, investors and influencers.

    February 23, The event will kick off at PM. Due February 24, Hardware Cup Atlanta - The event will kick off with flash talks from serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and seasoned investors. Doors Open at pm, and event kicks off at 6pm. We also want to have the correct head count for food and drinks! The event will kick off with flash talks from serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and seasoned investors.

    This competition is open to ventures at Queen's and in the Kingston region. In the adjudication process, the impact of the venture on the Kingston region will be taken into consideration for all regional applicants. Unstuck Startups - Winter - We are a hyperlearning community and accelerator that takes early stage founders from idea to prototype in 30 days.

    Due February 25, Attendees will walk away with clear guidance about the new requirements under 2 CFR , how the changes will impact their federal programs and where to start. This platform will nurture emerging talent in fintech throughout the competition, provide selected finalists with unparalleled access to industry expertise as well as invaluable exposure, branding and more at LendIt USA. This week program is the only one of its kind in the US, providing state-of-the-art technical advice, one-on-one business coaching, market research and more. Companies will receive a customized international growth strategy, assistance in leveraging blockchain technology and funding readiness using our due diligence intensive.

    Due February 27, Eight finalists will be determined by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, non-profit, and business professionals. The application deadline for this one is February 28, Application. Black and Latino pre-accelerator - The Black and Latino Tech initiative is a Pre-Accelerator Program developed and sponsored by The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at Rutgers Business School and in collaboration with strategic partners of the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    The mission is to provide Black and Latino startup entrepreneurs with educational training, coaching, mentorship, networking, potential funding, and connection to resources and experts. Due February 28, We invite all HBS and Harvard alumni working on an early-stage startup to join us for the upcoming Competition and Entrepreneurship Summit!

    MINI experts guide founders in design, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, community building and branding. Urban Us connects startups with the leading community of founders, investors, companies and city officials. IA sources more than 1, applicants from around the world and selects up to 12 early-stage pre and post revenue companies per year. Its program is customized for each startup and includes access to seed capital and VC funding, customer acquisition, quality mentors and services providers.

    We will have live presentations and Skyped in presentations. Luminate NY - Luminate is the only international startup accelerator focused solely on next-generation optics, photonics and imaging OPI. Located in the world capital of imaging—Rochester, New York—Luminate is bringing visionary entrepreneurs from around the globe together with OPI pioneers and qualified investors to speed innovation and time to market. Due January 2, Multicultural Innovation Lab - Building a community of early stage technology and technology-enabled startups led by women and multicultural entrepreneurs, hosted within Morgan Stanley.

    Due January 4, Due January 10, Due January 11, HERImpact DC Social Enterprise Pitch Competition - HERImpact DC offers female entrepreneurs in the area, educational opportunities, technical assistance, mentoring, coaching, and financial resources to encourage creative thinkers with plans for small businesses or startups that will also make their communities better places to live.

    Food-X Accelerator Program - We provide startup capital, hands-on help, mentorship, and our global network of food business thought leaders. Our fast-growing family of hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and growth hackers are keen to pass their hard-earned experience and knowledge on to you. We are eager to help you overcome your production woes, identify the right marketing message, improve your user experience, or figure out retail distribution.

    Due January 13, Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs as they work on the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of women in technology. Due January 18, Due January 21, Working together to apply AI for social good - Google. Due January 22, The ArtsAccelerator Program supports artists working in any media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation art, performance art, video art, or social practice as defined below. It's Digifest - Project entries or ideas must be the original work of the applicant s and the business must be registered 3 years or less.

    Due January 25, At AlphaLab Gear, we guide early-stage physical product companies through a week program, providing funding, office space, education sessions, connections to customers, and mentorship from experts. We follow the program with an optional eight-week manufacturing-focused module. We take companies from an initial idea or prototype, through engaging early customers, to fulfilling demand by manufacturing at scale. Due January 27, Ocean Accelerator - Ocean Accelerator is a high-tech startup accelerator located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Ocean helps entrepreneurs scale their business with knowledge, relationships, coaching, and seed funding.

    Past Mentors at the Leatherby Center

    We enhance the holistic growth of entrepreneurs by integrating a spiritual journey that explores how investing in a founder's financial, intellectual, physical, relational, and spiritual resources can create sustainable growth in the marketplace. Due January 30, Accelerate24 Winter Cohort - Our Accelerate24 program is mentorship driven 3 month accelerator working with select early-stage startups to validate and scale business model potential, collaborate with advisors and peers, and ultimately launch, grow, fund, and build defensible and scalable products in Marketplace, SaaS, Enterprise and Emerging Technology categories.

    Due January 31, Selected companies will receive hands on support from leading SaaS operators across product, go to market, sales, growth, marketing and fundraising. Due December 7, You will:. Due December 1, The 2-day event consists of a series of workshops and a pitch platform where entrepreneurs present their innovations. Day 1 invite only, contact us focuses on workshops that teach early and seed stage digital health startups critical lessons in support of sustainable company growth.

    The programme awards funding of up to USD , each to social enterprises, startups and grassroots projects from around the world, based on their potential to impact the environment positively and generate real social value. Due December 2, America's seed Fund - We support research and development of groundbreaking, high-impact, high-risk technology. Due December 4, In order to unlock equitable opportunity for our community, we all have an imperative to do tech right by acknowledging and dismantling community barriers — in order to fully thrive as one community.

    Reflect America' Fellowship - The fellowship is designed for an early- or mid-career journalist who wants to work and grow in one of the nation's most dynamic newsrooms. The Fellow will have the opportunity to gain critical skills in reporting, writing and producing on audio and digital platforms while working with some of the country's best journalists.

    Due December 9, Pioneers - Accelerating Innovation - The ultimate meeting point for tech innovators; where decision makers from mobility industry providers meet 70 of the most promising seed and Series A startups working on truly game-changing technologies.

    Bringing together hundreds of decision-makers under one roof to have important conversations and make the introductions that have the potential of driving the industry forward. Reflect America Fellowship - The Reflect America Fellowship will bring a tenacious journalist to NPR for 18 months to help our journalism look and sound like America by finding new, diverse sources.

    The fellowship is designed for an early- or mid-career journalist who wants to work and grow in one of the nation's most dynamic newsrooms. Due December 09, Ilim Group and GenerationS Corporate Accelerator - Ilim Group is a leader in Russian pulp and paper industry and one of the industry leaders globally with a wide geography of sales. Ilim Group has three largest pulp and paper mills located in Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions, and two modern corrugated box plants in Leningrad and Moscow regions. Due December 14, Please use this form to self nominate and share more about your work in venture capital.

    We are creating this list to bring visibility to the changing demographics in venture capital and to spotlight the amazing work you are doing. Due December 19, Boomtown Accelerators - Boomtown accelerators are week programs designed to help promising startups optimize, revolutionize, and accelerate their development and growth. Due December 15, Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars - Tel Aviv - This unique partnership between Barclays and Techstars brings two networks together into one accelerator program that offers entrepreneurs unprecedented access not only to a world leading bank, but also to Techstars international mentor and investor relationships.

    Due December 16, With our top expertise and professional network of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and exclusive access to valuable mentors and investors, Lair East Labs proudly announces its fourth cohort- Winter By participating in a week program, portfolio companies get access to the best of both worlds - Learn from alumni founders of top Silicon Valley-style accelerators and gain access to a mentor and investor network with extensive experience navigating the Asia market. Due December 23, All the nuts and bolts for a successful pitch including valuation, exit strategy, market strategy, due diligence, term sheets, pitch academy and more.

    Due December 25, MuckerLab : MuckerLab is a low-volume, high-touch accelerator program. We work closely with only companies per year to help them reach the business milestones that will position them for top tier venture funding. Most companies work from Mucker's office in Santa Monica over the course of the one-year long program. Due December 31, Disruptive Labs Incubator Program - Our early-stage incubator program is designed to help founders get their startups off the ground. We work with a very limited group of startups at a time and provide extensive one-on-one attention and services, tailored to their individual needs.

    Echoing Green invests deeply in the leadership of innovators and entrepreneurs around the world in order to accelerate their social and environmental impact. Due November 1, Our mission is to use entrepreneurship support and training as a vehicle for poverty alleviation and wealth building. Black women founders are underserved, unbanked and underfunded.

    It's time to change that!. Due November 2, For a few months, Arlington, VA hosts one startup technology company that wants to build and expand its vision in our backyard. But how do get there? What are the first steps? How can you make sure you tackle startup challenges effectively -- so you reach your opportunity? Due November 4, Techstars Berlin - Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. It is attracting founders from all over Europe who are coming to build their companies amidst a sea of top talent, a supportive community and a great place to live.

    Investors from all over Europe and the rest of the world are traveling to Berlin to invest here. Due November 5, Fall Venture Fair Application - The Annual Fall Venture Fair provides students with the opportunity to present their ideas and receive critical feedback from successful entrepreneurs and other knowledgeable practitioners from our entrepreneurial community in a fun and energized forum. Each student participant has their own booth at the event. Due November 6, Ignite Northwest Fall -Session B - Ignite Northwest is a technology-focused business accelerator that helps companies in the Pacific Northwest grow to create sustained economic impact.

    Arcadis City of Accelerator, Powered by Techstars - As our first program in Amsterdam, the Arcadis City of Accelerator, Powered by Techstars is looking for teams pioneering technologies that will revolutionize how we live, work and travel in cities now and in the decades to come. Innovative solutions that will transform the natural and built environment and improve the quality of life. My preference was to study agriculture and because of this I could never pay attention to my talent of fashion designing; to my keen eye for style and trends. At EDII, he realised that the peer group was always in appreciation of his taste for clothes.

    At some of the in-house events, Abhinav even designed clothes for his classmates and was applauded for his work each time.

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    • He recalls how a friend had once chided him for studying agriculture and had mentioned that he must take up fashion designing. Abhinav learnt the art of doing business and with the help of his mentors, crystallised his plans. My guide helped me firm up my action plan and in the meantime, I crossed paths with Priyanka, a fashion graduate. His clothes carry his trademark taste which is reflected in every minute detail of his outfits. No wonder Abhipri is a top brand today. Just this name is enough for customers to bestow faith; for them Abhipri stands for quality, ethnicity and modernity.

      But was the journey easy for Abhinav? He had always thought that I would join agriculture. My family had spent lot of money in my training in the area and to mention to them that I was thinking about venturing into the fashion industry was quite a task. His family even tried to discourage him but Abhinav had done his research and crystallised his plans - there was no way he was backing out. Finally, his family had to relent.

      The first challenge Abhinav had to face was finance. He had his project proposal in place; the banks were ready to loan him but his father who harbours an anxiety about availing bank loans did not allow Abhinav to take this route. He offered to loan him which Abhinav accepted. He was dependent on fabric producers, and processors, and a delay on their part meant a breach of commitment on Abhinav's part. There were complaints about the accessories used in his outfits, which he purchased from the open market.

      As rectifying measures, Abhinav entered into a contract with a fabric supplier and a processing house, ensuring a fixed number of work days solely for him. This gave him control over their functioning. He also started manufacturing every small accessory in-house. Even the threads used in stitching were monitored personally by Abhinav. In several situations, in order to win the trust of his customers, he even returned payments in case of outfits for which he received complaints.

      Going by the bleak profits in the first year, for a moment, anybody would have thought of closing down but Abhinav was there to persevere. He started off the second year with a better control over all departments of cloth-making and his hard work paid. Very soon, I will go online with my products.

      I am sure this and the other initiatives I am planning will yield even better results. All the best Abhinav. Targeting the Next level…. Clubbed with an early exposure to business, the learning at this camp inspired in him the spirit for embracing entrepreneurship. Pratik's family is into manufacturing of textile machines. It is an engineering setup and their firm designs, develops and manufactures standard textile machines. They also customise machines as per their clients' requirements.

      The idea behind joining the PGDBEM course was to get proper training and skills for handling and promoting his family business. It was here that my plans got crystallized. I started with incorporating better management techniques. This was done partly through understanding several project reports before finally implementing their strategies for expansion of the business. We identified and scrutinised opportunities for expansion and acquisition of businesses. The outcome of such a thorough and well-thought plan is in front of you.

      I have successfully acquired three businesses in the past seven years and have turned them into profitable ventures. With constant support and motivation from his family members, he has scaled newer heights by the day and has turned the scales in his favour, over the years. His confidence in me was a major driving force. I knew that even if I stumbled anywhere, he was there to back me and push me further.

      There was a time when he kept moving at a great pace but his family started fragmenting. During that time, we faced severe crisis in adopting and getting familiar with the smaller, demerged units. The first few years were also difficult as there was financial shortfall due to change in management. Gradually though, we overcame the situation and business started falling in place. And with diligence and perseverance, Pratik came out of the grim situation.

      From a family business, Pratik has gone on to lead four companies today. With his entrepreneurial spirit intact and sight on distant goals, he is here to stay. The top priority at this point in time is to go public. We wish him the best in all his endeavours. With perseverance, everything will eventually fall in place. Ayrton Mayengbam PGDM-BE Ayrton Clothing Ayrton Mayengbam is an example of faith in self; he affirms how determination can steer passion, and help break the barriers of language, boundary and customs, to rise and shine.

      Ayrton hails from an affluent family of Manipur. Infact, I never planned my life with my education in mind. I was a rebel. If someone said that a particular thing was out of my reach, I would put in all means to achieve it. I have been a rebel and let me confess, I loved being one. But he never saw himself joining his dad's business. Being my own boss fascinated me. Left with no other option, he started exploring possibilities in India. EDII's entrepreneurship course appealed to him as it was in consonance with his ultimate goal. Also, Gujarat being renowned for its business mindedness, coming to the state with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur somewhere instilled a curiosity and hope in him.

      EDII gave me a platform to think about entrepreneurship in a systematic way. His father is a construction baron in Manipur, and he and his family wanted Ayrton to join the construction business back home. But, Ayrton wanted to be on his own; he wanted to carve his own identity. His search for business opportunity was leading him to a no-man's land when at a party, his school friend reminded him of his creativity in designing denim jeans. Ayrton was popular among his friends for designing his own denims. Ayrton never bought readymade jeans for himself; instead he had designed every pair of jeans he owned.

      The suggestions instantly went down with Aryton and alongside pursuing his course at EDII; he started exploring the possibilities of getting denims manufactured. I realised this was my passion. Also, I had grown up under the informal mentorship of my grandmother who was a fashion diva and a jewellery designer in her own times. Every aspect was now hugely impacting my decision to venture into the field.

      I felt it was always in me; just that I had never jolted it. Encouraged by this, he ordered more pairs. But this time, the order was not executed to his satisfaction. I had outsourced everything and had taken things for granted. This failure taught me how important it is to focus on even the minute details when it comes to business. I sold these at a very cheap price. I was often mocked but I bore it all, drawing a lesson from even failure and every mockery only because I wanted to have the last laugh. The first few months were tough as finances posed a major challenge.

      On several days, he went without two square meals. Ayrton had refused to accept financial help from his father who had initially disapproved of his business. He wanted to fight back every odd and prove his mettle. Financial training and able mentorship made me research the systems of creating denim.

      Eventually, sheer hard work clubbed with faculty guidance showed me the way. It was only because of my training that I could work within limited budget, handle manpower and succeed in a state where I had come just two-and-a-half years ago. He believes that while East gave him the direction, the western end of the country gave him the entrepreneurial route.

      He has also initiated work towards floating textile export house and launching cotton trousers. With a capacity to roll out 10,, denims a month, Ayrton lives life by the motto — life is short. This young entrepreneur has his growth strategy perfectly in place and is focussing single-mindedly on the three most important aspects of business — product quality, brand-building and market. Fighting back is Ayrton's biggest trait and he is determined to move ahead.

      The Story of his Steely Resolve. He wanted to make it large but never thought seriously over what it takes to make it thus. As a protected child from a family with business background, he wasn't ever coerced into working hard and establishing a distinct identity. After his graduation in commerce, he was once again at crossroads — he wanted to join business but at the same time felt it was too early and that he should dabble with something else. But the phrase — 'something else' made no sense to him. All he was sure of was that he did not want to pursue a master's degree in engineering akin to his peers.

      I got more focussed here. The desire to create something of my own got kindled in me. He started contemplating his own business. After research and under mentorship of his guide and father, who possessed 45 years of experience in the steel industry, he zeroed in on steel rolling mills. He prepared a detailed project report and tried to learn as much as possible about the idea. The question about a permanent base for his business bemused him but only for a while, as somewhere in his heart he was convinced about Ahmedabad as his 'karmabhumi', as Sumit puts it.

      Sumit was discouraged by many of his friends who were dissuading him from joining the steel business; they said he was technically not sound and, therefore, would not be able to pick up tricks of the trade. But, Sumit remained resolute and never doubted his competence. Hence, I was against quitting this easily. I did understand why not being an engineer would hinder my business or could be a mark of my technical incompetence. So, despite his impatience to take the plunge immediately after completion of his course, Sumit waited for a while.

      He took up a job with an Ahmedabad-based company as a trainee to derive on-job training. Simultaneously, he got an opportunity to put his skills to test when he revived a steel plant. My father encouraged me, saying that unless I soiled my hands, I would not learn anything. Vinod International gradually started moving up the ladder. Sumit has made a mark for himself and today owns offices in Saudi Arabia and Dubai as well.

      But, success didn't come easy to him. He has had his bad days when he felt like quitting but he hung on. Sumit smiles as he shares how, owing to his pride, he never took any financial help from his father even though there were times when mustering finance was a hefty task. To survive in the market, he had to offer credit for 90 to days, which he found utterly difficult, given his limited resources. He carefully devised strategies to deal with every difficult situation and to sustain in the market. There were times when he had to substantially reduce his margins to stay in the league.

      Sumit's optimism kept him going. Always on a lookout for newer opportunities, Sumit is ambitious and raring to go. Over the next five years, he plans to put Engineering Quartz Slab Project together. Having established himself as a successful entrepreneur, Sumit also wants to give back to society. He has represented India during Ministers' Forum at Uganda and is also an active member of several organisations.

      Sumit's grit and determination has scripted an inspiring story, a story that entails the transformation of the steel business in India. Taking Plunge after testing the Waters. It was a new place for him, a new land with a vast expanse of opportunities. Little did he know that this would soon become home away from his home in Bihar. Few days into the state and Ranjeet was awestruck with the freedom, peace, business-friendly, people-friendly and crime-free life here.

      He could see girls and women travelling alone at odd hours and kids on scooters at midnight, enjoying their lives. Then and there, he had made up his mind; he was here to stay. He had decided to make a living here and as destiny would have it, today, Ranjeet is a popular name in the entrepreneurial circle in the city of Ahmedabad. Ranjeet's interest in entrepreneurship stemmed from his roots. His family was into the business of LPG Distributorship.

      Ranjeet wanted to bring more professionalism into their business and thus started looking for courses in entrepreneurship. It was then that he came across EDII and without any doubt, took the plunge. At the very onset, Ranjeet had decided that he wouldn't delve into his family business immediately post graduating.

      Instead, he would first help set up at least five businesses as a consultant, and then plunge into becoming a fulltime entrepreneur. The learning at EDII, as he shares, benefitted him aptly. Between and , Ranjeet charted an inspirational journey. In the first 18 months of his tenure here, he bagged six promotions! The repository of knowledge that he had gained at Maniar Vehicles was vital in this success of his life.

      The understanding of the local market came handy at Kotak. In , he finally took over the reins of his family business in his hands. It was a tough challenge but Ranjeet not only sailed through, but also mentored his spouse become an entrepreneur. Forret India Pvt. Ltd, his consultancy firm, has in the past nine years grown from two to 40 employees, with an increase in turnover of almost 50 per cent year-over-year. In the year , Ranjeet ventured into yet another domain — boutique services — with the name of Askanytime. This firm operates only for its registered clientele and has a whole range of services, ranging from event organising, tour operations, IT services, house or office renovation, etc.

      Seeing this kind of success gave me strength and confidence to start my own venture. So much so, that I did not take a penny from my family, friends or relatives for starting my venture. I made it work single-handedly and that made me feel as an entrepreneur. They always had faith in me and my capabilities. They believed that I would run the business well, owing to my education and professional skills, and that I would be able to handle the pressure well.

      Their confidence in me has led me to my targets. Initially, he faced fundraising issues as he had committed that he would not take a single penny from family, friends or relatives. So, the start was risky. But, god helps those who help themselves. He managed funds from his savings and some promoters. Thus, Ranjeet sailed through and managed things using his knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship. EDII played a key role in keeping me motivated. The learning that I derived at the Institute has helped me grow at every stage of my venture. For his future, Ranjeet has steady plans, well-thought and well-planned.

      He wants to capture the whole market with his products. You are unique and you have the courage needed to plunge into entrepreneurship. Sparkling all the way….. A designer par excellence, she is a renowned name in the jewellery industry. Priti had a protected childhood in a joint family in Surat. A national champion in skating, she grew up with the learning that nothing comes easy; hard work begets success. To become an entrepreneur did tickle her creative instincts and she decided to give it a shot by undergoing the course.

      Doing business was not new for Priti as her family was into the business of chemicals and she had grown up seeing them discuss business. However, she had never thought of entrepreneurship as a career for herself. Priti had the desire to achieve but was clueless about the trajectory that she wanted to adopt. But, I believe somewhere that an inkling impressed upon me and I decided to join EDII to learn how to become an entrepreneur. It was an apt decision, I must say. Quality sessions, knowledge and guidance of faculty and industry interactions proved to be helpful.

      I knew I had it in me to make it big. Her husband was into pharmaceutical and hotel businesses. Priti was assigned the responsibility of managing operations of Lifespring. But by this time, despite all the satisfaction that I derived from running a business, I had begun to feel the need to have something of my own. Despite all efforts, she could not save her marriage and returned to Surat.

      She was at an all-time low. Life seemed to have given her a mean defeat. My mother was aware of my knack for business and motivated me to think on those lines. I had a passion for jewellery and had made some keen observations. I had noticed that people were being cheated in the name of diamond jewellery. So, I had made a mental note that someday I would venture into diamond jewellery making on account of huge market potential and because I believed people deserved better.

      Here are 6 benefits that mentors provide

      I had shared this idea in the past with my mother who now encouraged me to start a business in diamond jewellery-making. My mother thoroughly convinced me. She started thinking on the lines of setting up her dream venture. Priti attended a one-week diamond grading course, followed by one-month jewellery-designing programme at International Gemological Institute IGI in Mumbai.

      Both the programmes proved to be helpful. While the diamond-grading course offered knowledge in the key area of diamond business, the designing programme imparted insights into creating artistic pieces of jewellery. Exclusively designed by Priti, the jewellery brand was created from carat gold and embellished with diamonds and gem stones. The raw material is sourced from Surat and Mumbai. Elegant, ready-to-wear jewellery pieces are made by job contractors based in Surat and Mumbai, and is the forte of Awesome Sparklers.

      The jewellery-makers were informal workers and labourers, compensated through the piece-wage system. The products of Awesome Sparklers range from rings, pendants, chains, earrings to complete sets, both in the light and heavy ranges. In addition to retailing these products, Priti also got into small-scale distribution of loose diamonds.

      Awesome Sparklers has earned the reputation of selling unique jewellery with awesome craftsmanship. And, that they will do only when the designs are subtle yet appealing. All my designs depict a distinct subtlety except the bridal and the special-occasion jewellery, which are heavy. Recently she started her own all-equipped, technically innovative jewellery factory where emphasis is solely on quality and workmanship.

      Who could have proved this better than I. I was fortunate to have got trained in entrepreneurship and to have received guidance from my father, whom I consider my role model. No wonder, one connects instantly with Preethy. Just when I would begin to settle at a place, my father would get transferred and within a few days, I would find myself in a new school, among new people, trying to make friends. I think that trait has remained with me.

      I love to meet people, so much so that my father even lightly mentioned during my growing up years that I must get into the hospitality business. Somewhere, that light comment by my father had a deep impact on me and I actually began nurturing the dream of a career in the hospitality business.


      She proved herself and in three months, was promoted to their Executive Lounge to receive VIP guests of the hotel. It was her father who introduced entrepreneurship in hospitality to her and suggested EDII to pursue training in the area. I still remember we had a lot of case study exercises and exciting field visits for a comprehensive learning experience in entrepreneurship. I opted for Services Management. EDII put my entrepreneurship plans in perspective. I knew I was thinking right. Her project report at EDII was also on homestay business.

      Homestay is a form of tourism that allows a visitor to rent a room from a local family in a homelike setting.


      It is sometimes used for improving language skills and getting familiar with the local culture and lifestyle. Guests are either accommodated in the family home or in separate quarters nearby. Nowadays, most homestays provide their guests with just as much comfort as a reputable hotel. Preethy had thought about this business idea because her assessment of the footfall of foreign tourists to India had given her a fair idea about the huge potential that lay in this business. Homestays are in demand in regions witnessing maximum foreign tourists and, therefore, Preethy had very carefully chosen Kerala.

      Hence, Kerala is an appropriate location for a homestay venture. However, it involved several reminders and follow-ups for the inspection and other essential formal procedures. It was a big challenge indeed to understand the way labour is employed in Kerala. Only specific kind of workers can be hired for a particular work, so one cannot recruit people from other community for some kinds of work. Thus, owing to stringent labour rules and high literacy rate, it was very difficult to hire manpower at a reasonable rate.

      Homestay units fulfilling all the essential conditions prescribed by the Department of Tourism and meeting all required criteria in the checklist of facilities, belong to the Class-A category and are given the Diamond House status by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation KTDC.

      The journey was replete with challenges but was worth the effort. That became our winning point. The homestay was also done up with that objective. Karithanam is an ayurveda homestay with an ethnic touch; it caters to the wellness and rejuvenation needs of the guests in ancient and traditional Indian ayurveda way. Karithanam Homestay also offers a full-fledged library equipped with over 3, books from varied areas so that the guests can explore India through these books.

      As a business strategy, Preethy is very particular about sustaining relations not only with the lead travel agents in and around Kerala but also with other travel agents across India so that the business prospers. I wish to provide excellent hospitality and the best of other services under one roof to each and every individual who visits us. Khadi on the Voyage of Grace and Elegance…. Gradually though, the fabric came to be associated with ruggedness and lack of finesse, and got relegated to a backseat among the list of fabrics.

      For a very long time during the evolutionary stages of India, Khadi was fighting a losing battle. Some relief came when Khadi started getting blended with other fibres like silk and wool to produce appealing, colourful fabrics with some distinct qualities and sheen. Several designers took turns to reviving the image of Khadi and ensuring that it starts getting associated with modernity while simultaneously underlining the traditional feel that it embodies. Yet there are miles to go before Khadi bears a victory baton.

      Priyanshi Jariwala is one of the few visionaries to sight the glamour quotient in Khadi. Priyanshi took the plunge into entrepreneurship with an assurance to the young that she would introduce Khadi to them in a fashionable and ever-so-desirable form. Her innovative start-up, The Khadi Cult, offers fashionable and youth-centric Khadi clothes. Her family is into metallic yarn manufacturing. They also own a diagnostic centre franchise of Apollo hospitals. But, Priyanshi had other aims. She wanted to join her family business not as a natural successor but as a deserving successor with an idea about business to make it big on her own merit.

      She wanted to make a meaningful contribution. The professors were approachable and were always ready to help us with our business ideas. They tested waters every now and then to make sure that we were certain and confident about our business idea. Right from the first year, Priyanshi started working on her business idea. She had a liking for clothing and accessories, and these were the two opportunities she focussed upon for market research. Ultimately, she settled on floating a business of providing comfortable and fashionable clothing in Khadi for the youth.

      While they have an orientation towards western clothing, they also prefer comfort and style. I decided to move away from the run-of-the-mill fabric used in designing clothes for the youth; instead gave them different kind of clothes that promise style and comfort. She visited a host of Khadi Bhandars to assess the market and without much ado, took to business. She expanded choices for youths and pitched Khadi as a stylish fabric, which remains cool in summers and provides warmth in winters. She adorned the clothing with modern prints, styles and cuts.

      With such focus, Priyanshi worked on her start-up. Even for her internship, she worked on her own start-up, thus having perfected the strengths and assessed the weaknesses by the time she launched her unit. The path for Priyanshi was not a bed of roses. Lack of experience and practical training did put her into losses and wastage of metres of cloth. Reaching out to people was also a task. However at this juncture, she used her entrepreneurial training. So, at every stage, I fought till I gradually felt confident.

      This helped her achieve creative landmarks by way of designing Khadi chaniya-cholis which got her noticed. She is also careful about not repeating her designs and places more focus on innovating. Her next innovation is Khadi Denim. Priyanshi plans to make Khadi popular in India and abroad and is already in talks with a few companies in New Jersey, France and Europe that are interested in the distribution of Khadi wear. This young entrepreneur is all charged up and is taking small steps to success. We wish her all the best! Tiling her Success Brick by Brick. And, it is this tag that Kinjal wanted to break-free from.

      I was clear as to what I wanted to equip myself with and hence, surfed the internet to gather details on the syllabus of various business-related courses. My two-year stay at EDII opened up a new world for me. I was surprised to know the scope my family business had in terms of expansion and modification.

      The focus of the growth plan was on identifying strengths and weaknesses, and addressing these with forward-looking strategies to place the business on a higher growth trajectory over a period of next five years. Kinjal was now ensconced in knowledge and felt comfortable. She was determined to be the torchbearer of a business where presence of women is almost negligible.

      Hundreds of families in Morbi are involved in manufacturing ceramic products but the number of women entrepreneurs in this business is negligible. Also, the manufacturing units deal directly with the suppliers and there is no retail selling. The owners of ceramic units have to deal largely with labourers, truck-drivers and suppliers. Therefore, even if it is an established family business, parents do not encourage their daughters or sisters to join the unit. But, with the new generation of girls wanting to make a contribution, they are now joining the business although mainly in the marketing and accounts departments of the units.

      Very soon, her card bore the designation of Managing Partner - Shreeji Ceramic. Kinjal shares her card with an exuberant smile. I had joined the institute wanting to learn the nuances of family business. And, EDII not just made me competent in this area abut also taught me several other aspects related to entrepreneurship.

      First and foremost, I gained immense confidence which helped me sail through every situation. Being an age-old business, certain practices had almost got embedded. To change them needed to primarily assure the promoters that these are further contemporary in outlook and will guarantee far better results. Kinjal also looked for freedom in decision-making and style of work.

      She did not want to get inhibited by the interference of the promoters. I did not want such a situation in my business on account of my joining it. I was aware of some of the gaps but I did not want to impose anything on anybody too soon. I was fully aware of the repercussions of such a pressure. So, I decided to take one step at a time. All my soft-skills training at EDII was being put to test — creativity, leadership, communication skills and so on. Gradually, she introduced professionalism in business and made everybody do away with the traditional ways. Kinjal researched the ceramic tile industry, carried out a market research and pointed out how the consumer preferences had changed and that a progressive business is always the one to match steps with the market trends.

      Today, her production unit produces several new varieties which is in keeping with the demand and leanings of the people. Kinjal understood the importance of innovation for a business and therefore introduced several innovations in tile designs. This was an instant hit among the consumers, and also positively impacted her company's productivity.

      Kinjal also technically upgraded the traditional tile-making process which was prevalent earlier, which resulted in better-finished products and in turn increased demand. In another landmark move, Kinjal ensured that in line with campaigns such as Digital India and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, her organisation too adopts green and clean fuel for power sources. Step by step, Kinjal almost turned around her family business.

      She not just imparted it a progressive outlook in terms of its business processes but also introduced positive modifications in technology and design. Slowly and steadily, I have made my place in the business. I learnt at EDII that if I want my suppliers to give preference to my products or buy only my products, I must take care of their needs. It is important for the manufacturer to know if the supplier is facing problems; these could be in transportation, in procuring the supply on time, etc. Here lies the gap as generally manufacturers in ceramic industry do not involve themselves in such issues.

      I just identified these gaps and addressed them. I was delighted to see the results and more importantly, to see my family develop faith in me. She is working on branding Shreeji Ceramic internationally by resorting to all modern tools of marketing. She has also joined hands with another EDII student Nikita Maheshwari in developing a website for selling ceramic tiles online.

      This initiative has earned rave reviews and appreciation. The colour of the tiles displayed on the website varies from screen to screen. Indian customers are still not used to buying such products online but there are ways and means which can be relied upon to address these problems. Today, Kinjal is an example for other potential women entrepreneurs and is a testimony to the fact that women can succeed in any field of their choice. Kinjal is highly confident about the technical bent of mind among women and says that with right knowledge and orientation, they can fly.

      Kinjal thanks her stars for having got an opportunity to hone her skills at EDII. A second-generation entrepreneur, Kinjal has carved a niche in the domain. Today, the senior members of her family acknowledge her support and look forward to being guided by her. On a Ride to Tickling the Taste Buds. In college, his friends looked up to him for organising events and mustering sponsorship support.

      My confidence instantly soared up. That was the first time the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown in me. Determined, he made another foray but unfortunately, that also met with an inglorious end. Just when Parth had given up all hopes of making it big in business, a friend mentioned that he must give himself a second chance.

      Driven by passion and motivation, Parth decided to delve again but this time, certainly after equipping himself with relevant knowledge. Parth was in no two minds about undergoing a course in entrepreneurship. In fact, he had even tutored kids of India in a course on Entrepreneurship Leadership, managed by Infosys. But, only a few days into the course and I realised that the world of business was vast, its vicissitudes were perplexing and unless mastered, it was difficult to move ahead.

      Calculated risk-taking, business opportunity identification, project implementation and sustainability were areas that particularly caught my fancy during the course. Parth had always been experimenting with food. He was fond of cooking and had tried his hand at it several times, simply out of interest. Ironically, Parth had also never looked at his skills from the point of making a living. At EDII, he realised he could convert his passion into a business opportunity.

      Parth started working on his idea. His biggest concern was to impart a unique identity to his venture. Parth began work on his business model and crystallised his plans well within the duration of the course. I was studying all the time, thinking business or taking actions related to my plans. The process of creation had engrossed me completely. The idea did raise eyebrows initially, so we asked Parth as to how did he think about it and not a restaurant which normally would be the idea for a food enthusiast. For me, finance was a constraint and so, a lavish restaurant at a posh location was ruled out.

      Next was the idea of a theme-based restaurant. Parth had to reason extensively with him to get his nod. Parth started popularising his signature drink — the jamun shots, served in an enticing glass rimmed with salt and garnished to tantalise the taste buds. This soon became a rage among all age groups and people from nearby localities started frequenting his truck, especially after dinner. Parth was careful about giving a twist to every dish that he served.

      Besides shots, The Fruit Truck serves exotic fruit platters, cold-pressed and blended juices, vegan smoothies, fresh fruit shakes, and fruit desserts that are a rage among young and old alike. This was when some people copied his idea and parked trucks with almost the same products, at cheaper rates. I knew I was in a business where I would sustain even if I used sub-standard products.

      Gradually, people realised that what I served them was chemical-free and healthy and that is how my customers started thronging to my truck again. He addressed this concern strategically, leading to very little wastage. Parth considers the storage facility as his biggest strength and says that because of gaps in this department, several vendors could not sustain. He smiles and is quick to add how this trade secret is his biggest blessing. He plans to diversify and capture different locations. The squeal had already summoned Jay who welcomed us with a firm handshake.

      So, this was the only dream which I had always harboured. My goal was clear; I was only looking for means. Jay was a focussed student. He is good at probing ideas and scenarios. I always encouraged him to engage with the external environment and keep sourcing opportunities. The process of approaching a business which was taught to us through various means and methodologies prepared us well for our role as an entrepreneur.

      After a lot of exposure and exploration, Jay settled on exploring the potential in professional logistics. Jay wanted to venture into a business based on a revolutionary model; the Uber model appealed to him. He initiated MUVR. There he discovered the adaptability of technology in logistics which provides people flexibility and convenience.

      Jay replicated the UBER model into the logistics sector by providing mini truck and tempo services within fingertips, using technology. Once MUVR receives an order over telephone, application or website, it immediately contacts partner drivers and assigns vehicles. His primary clients are Big Bazaar, D-Mart, Reliance, Fresh and Hyper city; several pharmaceutical companies and organizations in the business of milk manufacturing, automobile parts procuring, in addition to FMCG companies.

      So, MUVR provides both retail real-time logistics solutions using various commercial vehicles as well as enterprise dedicated fixed vehicle for delivery and supply solutions using focussed technology support. Before floating his enterprise, Jay had initiated in-depth primary as well as secondary research. Very soon, he generated a database of tempo owners and got a good understanding of the market and its demand. Jay launched the app which fetched him good response.

      Jay feels happy that his company has not only helped industry and other B2B platforms solve their logistics and transportation glitches via single point-of-contact using technology but has also created income opportunities for mini tempo drivers. Many of these drivers have registered a per cent growth in their income. Jay feels happy to recall how his father, an Additional Collector with the Govt. Jay is the first entrepreneur in his family. Having overcome problems of funds and thus the limitations which cropped up in his experimentations with business expansion and technology, Jay is today comfortably ensconced in confidence and determination.

      Dealing with tempo drivers and educating them on the usage of smartphones and modern applications was also a challenge for him. At times, he was bogged down by negative thoughts but he is glad he has overcome them all and has found his path. With operations in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara, Jay looks ahead with a focussed vision and strategy in place. Keep walking the unbeaten path… All the best!!! The Spirit that Prevailed to Triumph. Vivek Kataruka PGDBEM Chemshel Enterprises His office bears a conspicuous bright colour which complements the broad smile on every face that we came across within the first few metres of entering.

      An exuberant face greets us with a handshake. Even during school days, my essays on career goals always said that I wanted to become a businessman. Like other children whose goals changed in every standard, mine remained unchanged. But, at this stage he was slightly unsure about his business idea and did not want to join his thriving family business.

      A slight probe informed him that it was a course for business aspirants. Vivek appeared for the selection test and was very soon on EDII Campus, talking and observing business with mentors, experts and entrepreneurs. Knowledge brought in confidence and my resolve turned steely by the end of the course. But, I am a self-motivated person.

      I would remind myself of my college days where I had founded the commerce society to promote sharing of new ideas and knowledge as well as networking among commerce undergraduates of Delhi colleges, and then devised ways to source funds and sponsors. These little reminders helped me sail through, by endorsing that I possessed the skills to succeed and lead. I strongly held onto my belief. With nothing concrete in hand, Vivek reluctantly joined his family business.

      His reluctance emerged from the longing to create something of his own and he knew that his family business would give him little scope to venture into unchartered areas. For a while, he managed the Bajaj automobile dealership, a family business arm at Bankura, West Bengal and with financial assistance from family, simultaneously, in a bid to find his ground, tied up with SSI Education to offer computer training programmes. I worked under the able supervision of my father and knew how it is to run a businesses, the daily crises, the problems of employees, pressure from customers and so many issues which have to be dealt with utmost patience and understanding.

      My own failure during this period, brought me closer to reality and I understood that even with all my knowledge, I needed to know several aspects while selecting and conducting a business. I was still in touch with EDII mentors and they helped me at every stage of reaching an opportunity and fighting with my emotions after a failed venture.

      I was also fortunate that my family completely understood my aspirations and gave me a free hand to experiment. Its high-end products needed to be exported in bulk to Europe and USA. Vivek found the idea promising and undertook a preliminary market study which revealed a huge demand in the international market, both for shellac as well as products derived from it. He also gathered that shellac-trading desperately called for professional players who could cater to the needs of highly-professional foreign clients.

      The business was till now being managed in an unorganised manner and displayed huge scope for educated entrepreneurs who could understand international regulations like FDA Food and Drug Administration approvals, REACH Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals regulations, EPA United States Environment Protection Agency governance and similar regulatory compliance formalities for international trading.

      Vivek did have his rounds of crises, which he primarily encountered in large-scale production of alueritic acid and ambrettolide, but gradually his understanding of the business strengthened and he undertook a three-month pilot project to manufacture alueritic acid from seedlac. So, I collected steel utensils, hand weights, filter cloths and a gas stove, and decided to implement the project in my backyard under the guidance of a scientist and a retired worker of a chemical plant in Kolkata. Success was not easy; several bouts of failure started taking a toll on me.

      I had to try really hard to continue. Certain inputs and techniques proved wrong, like some metals generated adverse reactions and thus had to be removed in the subsequent trials. However, after several rounds of such trials and errors, we finally emerged successful. Vivek then visited Europe for a quick market survey of the demand. The visit was fruitful and he was convinced of setting out on the path of commercial production. He realised the happiness of prospective buyers on seeing somebody qualified, aware, educated and professional in approach in this business.

      The next step was to set up an enterprise for commercial production. Convinced about its feasibility, he established Chemshel in January But, the going was not easy. Corruption proved to be a major obstacle. Sourcing finance, acquiring land and persuading elders in the family for the initiative complicated the start-up phase for him.

      The risk factor was also there but I persisted. I decided to seek bank loan. While SBI offered loan at Challenges kept surfacing and at every stage, Vivek kept relying on his entrepreneurial skills to ward them off. The major hiccups emerged from operating in a small town with poor access to skilled technicians, spares and plant, winning over customers by communicating the value of the offering, regulatory compliances and labour issues.

      Purulia is a small town in West Bengal, with poor access to skilled technicians, spares and plant. Vivek hired an experienced worker who supervised and trained new workers. However, labour-related problems became his major worry which he addressed by forming a labour union and dealing directly with the leader of the union rather than dealing individually with each labour.

      He ensured that the workers received all legitimate benefits. I believe that the best way of attracting returns is accepting customer orders as far as the variable cost is recovered. Till this day, I follow this. For marketing, I resorted to distribution of free samples to prospective clients. This helped me win the trust of my customers and they were assured of my quality. I also evolved the policy of delivering even an order as small as one kilogram and wait for three to four days, before inquiring about the payment terms.

      Our customer response time is less than half an hour even if it is merely an acknowledgment to a mail received from our customer. Aleuritic acid is a key raw material for creating perfumery chemicals like ambrettolide and iso-ambrettolide. Chemshel has developed the competency to offer ambrettolide, a fixative which is used for perfumes and has an appealing market. As the next step, Vivek envisioned emerging as an exporter of ambrettolide and is today among the major global suppliers of ambrettolide, with exports to 20 countries.

      Bringing this product in his portfolio was a strategic growth move. Being used as a food flavour and additive in nations with Jewish population, ambrettolide offered by Chemshel had to be Kosher-certified. Kosher meaning kashrut, kashrus or kashruth, denotes food that conforms to the Jewish dietary laws. Kosher certification signifies that the certified product meets Kosher requirements. Vivek ensured this landmark as well. Way to go Vivek!

      Keep up this spirit. Accessorising to Make a Formidable Business Presence. A wave of exultation and jubilation swept the crowd, especially the gathering of EDII PG alumni sitting together right in the middle of the marquee, rejoiced with words of appreciation. The sound of applause reverberated in the marquee for a long time. Gaurav, a second-generation entrepreneur was never comfortable basking in the glory of his family business.

      Gaurav was never a frivolous child or a youth; his talks about his career and life perplexed his family. Everybody applauded him for the depth and logic in his thinking. Gaurav had a good idea about his family business and right from the beginning, he was clear about making an indelible impact as a second-generation entrepreneur.

      I am so grateful to the mentors for literally holding my hand and giving me the confidence, which I consider the biggest success tool in business. Gaurav carved a strategy which prompted enhancing production capacity and harnessing the export potential. He introduced major changes in production technology. Initially, his father was apprehensive about the move and had the inhibition that it might backfire. However, Gaurav very diligently prepared a list of pros and cons of both the existing and the suggested systems. His father had no reason not to get convinced.

      Gaurav thus introduced the changes in technology, resulting in improved production and a noticeable rise in quality. This was exactly what Gaurav was looking forward to. He had targeted to raise the standards of his products and upgraded the normal technical and production practices adopted in the sector. It was a calculated risk as it involved a decent investment and the improved products also became a little dearer. Somewhere, Gaurav was convinced that his idea would fit the demands of the time and the world. Somewhere, I knew my move would generate results.

      Soon, Rimtex was exporting to 56 countries, which meant that its production capacity had increased substantially to meet that kind of demand. With near-zero rejection rate, RIMTEX is today the largest manufacturer of spinning cans in the world, and has diversified to promote six different companies under its umbrella.

      I have some more plans and with more experience, I also have the courage to think even bigger. Progress must go on happening, no matter at what scale but I hate being complacent. This trait was instilled in me by EDII and will stay with me forever. This mantra is my driving force. Each of his company commands the highest reputation globally and is benchmarked by competitors for its quality distinction.

      Gaurav loves the quote: The road to success is always under construction, and recalls how during times when he felt his moves might backfire and that he must resort to traditional methods, he kept repeating this quote to himself. So this, he says, is just a beginning, and he is now focussed on setting up two new manufacturing facilities in joint venture with overseas partners. He garnered support from fellow members and led the alumni activities for six long years. He successfully built a legacy that is emulated by the subsequent office-bearers. Gaurav says these engagements motivate him to strive towards learning and progress.

      No wonder, his zeal for excellence, coupled with entrepreneurial inventiveness, has today seen him make a mark in India as also across the globe. We are proud of you…. Let your baton soar higher and higher. Advising to Open Avenues