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A look back at the U. Department of Energy's Aquatic Species Program : biodiesel from algae. A policymaker's guide to feed-in-tariff policy design. Hawkins works Many Books. Net Hawkins, Darren R. Environmental Protection Agency 18 A. Comparative analyses Acquisition and loss of nationality : policies and trends in 15 European states : volume 2. Net L' Escarbot, Marc, ? Net Paine, Thomas, ? Net Haggard, H. Rider ? Pennel, Robert F. Net Verne, Jules, ? Net Mason, A. Net Fitzgerald, F. Net Bradley, Keith ? Net Heyer, Georgette, ? Net Clouston, W. Net Grey, Zane, ? Net Gustafson, Kristian C.

Net Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. Net Maxon, James D. Publisher: Diesel eBooks Aristoteles, B. Net Chedieu de Robethon, Emile, b. Net Bedford-Jones, H. Net Collins, Wilkie, Decentralisation in Africa : a pathway out of poverty and conflict? Net Norton, Andre Democracy and education : an introduction to the philosophy of education Publisher: Project Gutenburg Dewey, John, 19??

Publisher: Diesel eBooks Bigges, Walter, d. Murrow, Journalism at Its Best America. Organizing for exploratian Volume 2. External relationships Volume 3. Using space Volume 4. Accessing space Volume 5. Exploring the Cosmos Volume 6. Space and Earth science Volume 7. Many Books. Lowndes' arguments for it in his late Report concerning an essay for the amendment of the silver coins, are particularly examined Web version Further Considerations Concerning Raising the Value of Money: wherein Mr.

Net Washington, Booker T. Net Rabelais, Francois, ca. Net Apuleius, Lucius, A. Net Johnson, Edward A. Net Miranda, Francisco Luiz Coutinho de, d. Noor; Issues in population and bioethics Vaknin, Sam It's about time : research challenges in digital archiving and long-term preservation Publisher: Digital Preservation. Net Aristofanes, B. Net Hayes, Herbert E. Justice Maxell Many Books. Net Lawrence, D. Net Leroux, Gaston, Secularism or democracy? Net Royden, Barry G. Net Michel, Ernest, b. Publisher: Diesel eBooks Fiske, John, ? A Phantasy Need Microsoft Reader? Net Kingsley, Charles, What about Asia?

Ploughbooks Arnold, Johann Christoph, Why go to college? Net Pascoais, Teixeira de, ABC's of Science. Kinglake : a biographical and literary study ManyBooks. As Asas de um Anjo. O Abolicionismo. Abraham Lincoln : the people's leader in the struggle for national existence ManyBooks. Abraham Lincoln : a memorial discourse ManyBooks. Publisher: Diesel eBooks. Acres of diamonds ManyBooks. Action in Waiting Ploughbooks. Adieu a la France : sur l'embarquement du sieur de Poutrincourt et de son equipage faisant voile en la terre de Canadas dicte la France Occidentalle Many Books.

Admiral Farragut ManyBooks. The adventure of living : a subjective autobiography ManyBooks. Adventures of a Despatch Rider ManyBooks. Aesop's fables Publisher: Project Gutenburg. Against the Wind Ploughbooks. Agatha Webb. The age of big business : a chronicle of the captains of industry ManyBooks. The Age of Chivalry Many Books. The age of invention : a chronicle of mechanical conquest ManyBooks. The Age of Reason Many Books. Agents of Change : studies on the policy environment for small enterprise in Africa Publisher: International Development Research Centre. Agnosis Many Books. Agnosis Wincing at Light - a blog for Darren R.

Agosto no Cairo. Agropolis : the social, political, and environmental dimensions of urban agriculture Publisher: International Development Research Centre. Agulha em palheiro. Alaska days with John Muir ManyBooks. Albert Gallatin ManyBooks. Alberta accredited international schools handbook Education Alberta. Alessandro Manzoni : studio biografico - letture fatte alla Taylorian Institution di Oxford nel maggio dell'anno , notevolmente ampliate ManyBooks.

Alexander Crummell : an apostle of Negro culture ManyBooks. Alexander Pope ManyBooks. Alice Cogswell Bemis : a sketch by a friend ManyBooks. O Alienista. Allan Ramsay ManyBooks. Allan's Wife Many Books. A Alma Nova. American Indian stories ManyBooks. American Popular Music America. The Amethyst Box.

Amor com Amor se Paga. Instead of a long wait-there were scores of would-be callers for half a dozen booths-the little old man was ushered into the first vacant cabin. Then, when he took a cab to go to his hotel, the fun-loving driver, engaged him in conversation and having talked at length with his fare, gave him a free ride: "Here, today, your fare is on me. Taking a young, attractive secretary to dinner in the ancient, de luxe, 5-star rated restaurant in the Old Town, and facing a half-hour wait, the viejito pulled his ace: "No table?

Not even for the Viejito de la Puteada? The last, but not least blessing was to discover, three days later, that his charm still held. Told that there was very little chance for getting onto a much-sought-for flight, he went to the airline manager and said the buzzword. He was rewarded with a bear hug from the man, and in exchange for his autograph, a window seat in the desired aircraft. Some of his terms are included in the following mini-glossary of vulgar and unconventional Brazilian words and expressions. Bagos, m. See previous entry.

Also used in the expression "pra caramba! Put it in the mother's ass. Also somebody who teases a lot. Germano is a tremendous industrialist. Lisbon — Portugal. Ethics and Communication Deontology. Park Wei Garden — Macau. Pui Ching Middle School - Macau. Taipei — Taiwan. USJ Auditorium — Macau. Ubon Ratchastani University — Thailand. Creative Writing. Young Creative Voices — Theater Festival. Matosinhos - Portugal. C NorteShopping — Matosinhos. Superior School of Education of Coimbra - Portugal. Rectory Auditorium of University of Coimbra - Portugal.

NorteShopping — Matosinhos - Portugal. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation — Lisboa - Portugal. Faculty of Humanities of Oporto - Portugal. Superior School of Biotechnology of Oporto - Portugal. Special Report. Macao — China. Macao - China. Xai-Xai — Mozambique. Fortaleza — Brazil. Radio Klibur FM — Mhr. East Timor. English version. Part II. Part I. Join our mailing list to receive regular information about USJ and invitation to our activities!

Specialist Studies and Reading Programme. For this module each student must complete an advanced module at USJ that is relevant to their intended field of study. They must also complete an individualized programme of reading that covers the work of important researchers in their field of study. Integrative Research Seminars.

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This module examines research principles, methodologies, paradigms, design, instrumentation and data analysis, interpretation and reporting, all with reference to specific empirical and non-empirical research which students are undertaking. The module will culminate in all students submitting detailed formal research proposals for the research work they plan to undertake for their doctoral studies.

Ethics and Global Citizenship. This module reflects on the relevance of values, morality and ethics for responsible human decisions and actions on the individual, communal, societal, and global levels. Ethical and moral systems are critically evaluated as how they help to find orientation in preparing, making, and communicating responsible moral and ethical decision as global citizens and professionals.

Special insights are drawn from the rich philosophical, ethical, and moral tradition of the catholic tradition in view of fostering human dignity, freedom, communication, personal and community growth in a more and more globally connected world. Public Relations and Event Management. E Research, Action Planning , Communication, Evaluation—and the use of communications strategies to achieve organizational goals; concepts of Public Relations, audience analyses, and persuasion; practical guidelines for utilizing written, spoken, and visual techniques to reach selected audience and for executing a complete Public Relations Plan or Campaign.

This course will also explore the researching, planning, coordinating, marketing, management and evaluation of events; will provide a conceptual overview and a systematic study of event programming, management, and marketing, and practical applications; management to the special needs of event organizations; foster professionalism in event management, covering the knowledge base, theory, methodologies and ethics. Students will learn how to promote advocacy through the media and to stage social-marketing campaigns to further goals and objectives commonly desired by a community or communities.

The combination of both media advocacy at the social level and marketing at the personal level can be extremely effective in fostering social change. Great emphasis will be given to ethical issues and dilemmas that derive from the use of these two powerful tools. This module offers a general systemic perspective on the social, economic, political and cultural history of China from the Ming dynasty until present days. The role of Macau as a trade, scientific and religious platform between mainland of China and the different world-economies will be also researched.

The module will revise the main leading theories on the role of China in modern and contemporary world history, revisiting the theories of Max Weber, Fernand Braudel, Immanuel Wallerstein, Andre Gunder Frank, and Kenneth Pomeranz. Studio: Photography and Journalism. The purpose of this course is to offer students an introduction to Journalism and Public Relations, and an opportunity to practice it.

Journalists today have a variety of story-telling tools but this course will focus on the written word and on the news world, special on TV and press. The professors will assess students to media language skills and familiarity with the basic tenets of Journalism and Public Relations. This will be followed by a detailed exploration of journalistic articles written by journalists and professors, looking both at its impact and how it works. The students have to report journalistic stories.

Each story will be comprised of multimedia elements, such as a combination of text, photos, maps, graphics, video and audio. Topics can range from politics to business to human interest to arts and cultural issues. Students will write several journalistic articles on selected themes, and for these works the critical importance of clearly defining the purpose and audience for a work and the need for revision and rewriting is emphasized. The second part of this course will focused on the Public Relations world. The primary objective of this course is to familiarize students with the basic concepts and principles of Public Relations.

It is the foundation course for other courses in Public Relations and a supplemental course for students majoring in communications studies. Comms Lab — Journalism and Public Relations. This module explores the history and practice of journalism and the roles and ethics of reporters and journalists.

Meaning of "escadós" in the Portuguese dictionary

The economic structures of media organizations are also considered. The relationships between public and private individuals and organizations are considered along with the notions of newsworthiness, the right to privacy and legitimate public interest. Strategies and approaches that might be adopted by private individuals and organizations to manage critical and newsworthy situations are also examined. Crises and disasters are also discussed and strategies and approaches for reporting on them and for managing them are considered.

Knowledge and Humanity. The pursuit and construction of knowledge are central to understanding and improving our lives and our world.

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Creativity and thoughtfulness are, therefore, fundamental features of this human endeavor. While creativity enables us to discover new perspectives of perceiving the world, thoughtfulness leads us to a sensitive and ennobling configuring of reality. The affirmation of our humanity as a creative and thoughtful enterprise is a condition sine qua non for becoming scholars and citizens.

Students will learn to discover and develop their creative abilities and to use them to enhance their learning experiences. Art — Art Appreciation and Criticism. This module introduces students to identifying, interpreting and evaluating ideas presented in the creative visual arts. The visual arts are studied and analyzed from different conceptual points of view, including their relation to history, to social and psychological conditions, to philosophical positions, and to other humanistic disciplines.

The relationships between classical arts and popular culture are considered. Students will develop the critical vocabulary and analytical skills and understanding of visual art and artistic concerns needed to describe and evaluate works of art through the examination of several selected artworks originating from both Western and Eastern cultural traditions and popular culture.

The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University

Creative Writing and Scripting. This program means to introduce the potential of being creative through writing. The main objective is train students to free their imagination and explore self- expression and creativity through narrative forms. Thus, the program, through practice and experience, intends to consolidate specific techniques and practices for exploring the creative possibilities and potential of writing as a means for communicating emotions or thoughts, describing memories, developing ideas, creating characters and telling stories.

Therefore, we will focus on learning how to experiment freely with the written word stimulating the imagination to communicate, research and express so that students can develop a personal style of creative writing and materialize their own original ideas with a free creative mind. Thinking and Reasoning. The development of thinking skills is fundamental to learning.

In addition, students will learn to reason ethically and morally through readings, discussion of moral dilemmas, and other suitable exercises. They will also learn principled and conceptual thinking and reasoning skills.