West of the Big River: The Artist

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Fun-Sized Campaign. Rhode Island in the News. Free Travel Guide. Tierney cites Craven as one of the most talented artists painting today. Every painting I got from him was consistently top quality. In seven years, he did 30 or 40 commissions. With all those supplies, I had to be an artist. The response to his early work was that the picture looked like a tree or looked like a horse.

Then, every afternoon, his grandparents — who had an old Chevrolet Bel Air — would throw the fly rods in the back of the car. It flows through lava rock and it was dangerous. On those days my grandpa would lie about where we went. These days, the South Fork of the Snake is just across a field from his studio.

The types of scenes Craven is attracted to are of a single person in the river, fly rod in hand, riffles barely discernable, and trees lush against a brightening sky. So I have those photographs to work from, but I do some sketching also. Plein air has its place, but I think they sidestepped the whole process in a way — it just feels like an unfinished work.

It blows me away how art can transport you. We need that connection with nature, the time to reflect and let our minds relax. Alissa Banks, owner of the A.

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Banks Gallery, currently represents Craven, and she loves selling his work. And the collectors see that as well. He includes a lot more detail, and I think that fans of watercolor painting are drawn to that.