The Wests Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?

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Of course, it would help if America quit doing stupid things—like helping to fuel a war in Yemen and courting war with Iran—but the days when non-stupid US policy alone could avert an escalation of terrorism may well be gone.

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And policies that could now bring de-escalation are non-obvious—and, in any event, well beyond the power of the current administration to conceive, much less execute. Also for technological reasons, the lethal force available to haters could soon grow by orders of magnitude. Combating hatred is famously difficult. Also difficult is something that can pave the way for that combat—convincing lots of people who matter that hatred is the main problem.

Protestantism has led America into a religious war with Islam that the Catholic Church long long long ago determined to avoid. And yet the Vatican is your only hope for a reliable intermediary with the world of Islam, especially with the shunned members of the Axis of Evil — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon.

'An Islamist threat like the Nazis' - Washington Times

Internally, the precepts of the Enlightenment Tradition, upon which your societies rest — are under stress due to this religious war. The world military expenditure reached to its record low after the cold war. So a clash scenario is exactly what was needed to bring the money flow back to the industry. FYI, Why should be Russia think of war? The Ukraine issue was a provocation in Russia neighborhood by West and Russia is in a defensive state. In fact there is no real reason for war in our world which makes the death merchants work harder to create an unsecured atmosphere everywhere.

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    The nightmare scenario Hope and determination The threat Europe reacts The deracination of the West Saving democracy, s style A world in transition The way forward. Islam -- Relations. Islam and world politics.


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