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Jagr was responsible for opening the very first sports bar in Prague. Additionally, when he chopped off his mullet in , it was an extremely big deal overseas. Having capped their 20th consecutive losing season in , Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen has become a rare ray of hope for baseball in Pittsburgh.

During his rookie season he became the first Pirates rookie to hit three home runs in a single game. All the better to break your hearts with, my dears. Eventually they'll trade him away for a few doubloons and a pile of dirty socks. Noted Lakers madman Metta World Peace has the level of manufactured crazy and desperate need for attention that screams out for a reality television show. That's exactly what it received in April The project must have died at some point, because the show never made it to air. Perhaps it was a little too crazy?

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates may have redefined his position in the NFL, but football wasn't isn't first choice. He actually committed to Michigan State, but ultimately transferred because then-coach Nick Saban wouldn't let him play basketball too. Gates was Michigan's runner-up Mr. Basketball his senior year in high school, but ultimately was undersized for the NBA.

Nets point guard Deron Williams had a pretty impressive rookie season in , just not quite as good as Chris Paul. It took Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp exactly two games in the majors to earn himself a nickname. In a game against the Braves in , announcer Don Sutton observed that he resembled a "big buffalo rounding the bases," Kemp was then dubbed "The Bison. He followed the proud tradition started by former Galaxy star David Beckham, by signing with a MLS team after he wasn't good enough to play anywhere else anymore.

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses looking for one last payday to play for soccer fans who don't know any better. That's what the Statue of Liberty says, right? NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon has had a lot of success over the last five years driving, but he had enough early success to last a lifetime. In Gordon finished in the top five 17 consecutive times, the longest streak of the modern Winston Cup era.

In he finished in the top ten 30 times, surpassed a record with 59 career poles, and eclipsed Dale Earnhardt's career win total with a victory at Talladega.

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Texans running back Arian Foster is basically everything that Tim Tebow claims to be—in the underdog department. Foster went undrafted out of college, but was signed by the Texans in and made the Pro Bowl in his second season. Eccentric Bulls center Joakim Noah is known as someone who marches to the beat of his own drummer. His father was a professional tennis player and his mother was a former Miss Sweden.

Noah majored in Anthropology at the University of Florida and is extremely active in a number of charitable causes in Chicago. Phillies ace Roy Halladay has definitely found a welcoming home in the City of Brotherly Love, but he won't soon be forgotten in his previous home: Toronto.

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He and Roger Clemens are the only two Blue Jays pitchers with two win seasons. When Halladay was traded to Philly, he took out an ad thanking Toronto fans for their support. Something tells me Phillies fans won't be quite as supportive if Halladay ever signs somewhere else. Lightning forward Steven Stamkos was born and raised in Markham, Ontario, which is where he found his very first job selling steaks. That's gotta be a confusing moment, right? Scoring your first goal, but against the team you've rooted for your entire life.

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Racing just runs in the veins of the Busch family. Racing may be in the blood, but being a nice guy sure isn't. He also reveals a lot about himself on Twitter. Angels slugger Albert Pujols has come a long way from his meager beginnings in the Dominican Republic. He was raised by his grandmother, alongside his 10 aunts and uncles, in a communal setting that was basically a glorified campground. Thunder superstar Kevin "K-Smoove" Durant is said to be the best rapper on the team and hopes to embark on a career in the music industry after retiring from basketball.

He's already got a studio in his house—so we probably won't even have to wait that long. Since joining the team in '05, the physical winger has led the league in shots on goal in all but one season. Though the Eastern Conference rival Penguins have been a thorn in Ovechkin and the Caps' side, he idolized Pens owner and legendary player Mario Lemiuex growing up.

We all know that PGA legend Tiger Woods had a colossal rise to superstardom, breaking countless records—not to mention stereotypes—along the way. But did you know that Tiger is an avid fisherman? He also enjoys spearfishing! Since making his debut for Manchester United in , David Beckham has become one of the most recognizable sports superstars on the planet. But that wasn't Becks ' first job with the team.

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In he suited up as the team's mascot after being spotted at a talent competition at the age of Heat guard Dwyane Wade was a demonstrated superstar in high school, but it took a while for him to earn some serious respect. Animal Planet doesn't scrimp on the pomp and circumstance for its big game, either. MTV: Teen Cribs Just in case stuffing your face with nachos, watching ludicrously expensive commercials for consumer goods, and seeing an extravagant multi-million dollar halftime show didn't make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable about our collective priorities in these tough economic times, it's MTV to the rescue with a show "profiling ordinary teens who live in extraordinary homes!

This general apathy towards one of the tennis season's gems probably won't change this year when the finals air opposite the Super Bowl. As of this writing, though, top-seeded Rafael Nadal, second seed Roger Federer, and American Andy Roddick are all still alive in the men's singles draw, so the finals match could well be worth a peak.

Imagine a Venn diagram showing the people who like Charles Bronson's vigilante classic and the people who enjoy NFL football. Is there even a remote possibility that the Death Wish circle isn't entirely enveloped by the NFL circle? Is there a single person in the world who would say, "Football? Too violent for me. Death Wish is on!

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Either way, my hat is off to you for this gutsy, quite possibly crazy gambit, AMC Director of Programming. The network is counterprogramming the first hour of the Super Bowl with reruns of The Drew Carey Show , and the second half of the game will air opposite Danny Devito's reworking of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. It seems suspect to think that Danny Devito directing himself, Billy Crystal and Anne Ramsey of The Goonies fame could be more compelling than a Hitchcock's original, which featured a sublimely creepy performance by Robert Walker and a visually stunning climax or b the Super Bowl.

Maybe viewers will tune in for Oprah's cameo. If the Cardinals manage to win the game, it might be interesting to go back and see which mentions Jesus more: this three-hour documentary or Kurt Warner's victory speech.

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The Biography Channel cleared that up for me, though, by offering two straight hours of Manson Family info followed up with two more hours of programming about homicidal mothers, including Mothers Who Kill. The moral of this bullet point: if you know someone who's planning on not watching the Super Bowl, you should probably report them to the police.

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Right now. It's just your civic duty. In , Nicholas Sparks published his first book, The Notebook. He would go on to write several more romance novels, many of which would be adapted into films. Despite some obstacles, the couple fall in love, marry, and spend the next 60 years together. Featuring 70 player profiles and coverage of the regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl XL , Football Now provides an insider's view that showcases the best players -- and those most important to their teams in their positions as:. With up-to-the-minute facts and breathtaking full-color photos throughout, Football Now features all the speed, agility and hard-hitting power of America's most popular sport.

Mike Leonetti is a well-known sports journalist and the author of Hockey Now.