The New Sales Managers Survival Handbook

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You want to ensure that your team is on board, and feels as if your management style and techniques are helping them be successful. There are two main styles of coaching: directive, and non-directive. Directive coaching involves more telling people what to do.

Podcast: David A. Brock and the Sales Manager Survival Guide

Non-directive coaching is about helping people learn and discover a better strategy for themselves, and then teaching them to apply this strategy to a variety of different situations. A good sales leader will understand how to use both techniques. If a salesperson is metaphorically driving their car towards a tree at 60 miles per hour, the sales leader will probably want to take on a more directive approach in order to prevent the salesperson from crashing.

In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist. As a consultant, he is recognized as a thought leader and strategic planner who employs pragmatic methods to execute high-impact results. Please log in or register or to comment. This form collects your email in order to provide you with services according to SalesPOP!

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By subscribing you agree to SalesPOP! LOG IN. Brock Dave is a heavyweight. In addition to his great pedigree, Dave brings an unyielding regard for the professionals leading, managing, and guiding sales teams every day: the front-line sales managers.

The Sales Survival Handbook (Review): Yes, Being in Sales Hurts

Having navigated the world of senior sales and marketing management for many years, I have consumed a good number of the books in this arena, and I am convinced that Dave has nailed a critical sweet-spot for guiding and helping new and experienced front-line sales managers succe ed. As I say somewhere during the podcast interview, the practical, actionable content captured between the covers of this page guidebook makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Every sales manager and manager of sales managers and aspiring sales manager needs a desk copy of this book to dog-ear or an e-copy to annotate and draw upon in pursuit of the good fight! Enjoy the interview with this great professional!

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And know that yes, his mother is proud of him in spite of his choice to pursue a career in sales over the opportunity to become a theoretical physicist! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Brock , would be one of the rare exceptions to this rule and the first thing I want to know before I begin my review is … where in the hell was this manuscript when I was spending thirty plus years herding cats!?

It sure would have come in handy. He is providing a sales manager blueprin t in handbook form. Click To Tweet. Looking back, while I had companies spend a great deal of time and money training me to be a good salesperson, nobody ever spent a dime teaching me anything about being a sales manager. I learned by osmosis and, when my first B2B sales manager was promoted, I was selected to take his place and then flop around for a time much like, I suspect, he first did. This was my first job as a sales mangler and it left lasting scars that I still bear to this day.

These are but a very few of the actionable nuggets that I was able to mine from this book that really struck home with me! Dave has practiced what he preaches. Universal application — While this book is geared toward sales, much of what you learn here could certainly be applied to any department in your company. Dave takes you from your first day on the job and then lays out goals for your first 30, 60, 90 days and beyond.

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The last thing that you want to do is to try to change the world in your first week. While we all have the urge to immediately mark our territory, a measured and planned pace will win this race! There is a difference between coaching and training. Coaching is your highest calling and should be included in, integrated into, all of your management related duties and activities.

The Sales Survival Handbook: Cold Calls, Commissions, and Caffeine Addiction

Call these teachable moments. You do this by challenging your people to fulfill their potential rather than to meet your expectations. You do this because you believe in them probably more than they believe in themselves. You can use non-directive and directive questioning in coaching and, guess what? You already use, should be using, non-directive questioning with your customers! This is the difference between telling people what to do and providing probing questions that will make them think and then arrive at their own conclusions.

Certainly, this is the most powerful form of learning. Turns out that Dave is a fan of DISC and how that can be used to increase communication effectiveness. There are reviews and then there are … reviews. Lots of different types, for different purposes, and on a variety of different frequencies cadences.

Dave covers every review imaginable and all are opportunities for coaching and development!