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Madeline wrongly believes that Miles was the one who joined her recital, leading to a series of misadventures. Madeline's and Edgar's duet, recorded as "The Duel" in the movie soundtrack, was conceptualised and produced by Giorgio Moroder. Moroder is a maestro of electronic music and also composed "Together in Electric Dreams", the theme song of the movie and a retro classic. Holland's Opus", taught by the eponymous Mr.

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Holland to his high school music class. As mentioned earlier, Kelly Chen did a cover of "A Lover's Concerto" and her version appears in the Chinese film " Anna Magdalena " as its signature tune.

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The movie itself is evidently named after Bach's beloved partner. In it, Chen plays a beautiful woman who enters into the lives of two friends, played by heart-throbs Aaron Kwok and Takeshi Kaneshiro. The movie is separated into four distinct parts or "movements" like a minuet; with two themes, a duet and a series of variations.

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Each is part is separately titled. The first introduces Kaneshiro's character. The second shows Kwok's influence on his quiet life. The third marks the entry of Chen and how it impacts both men. The final movement re-interprets what has transpired so far into a fantasy sequence conjured by Kaneshiro's character, who is an aspiring writer.

Bach shared an affectionate relationship with Anna Magdalena.

Minuet in G

It is thus fitting that a melody found in a notebook he bestowed upon her would give rise to so many romantic derivations in popular culture, including a movie bearing her name. Pianovers Talents is all about supporting our fellow aspiring musicians progress and advance in their pursuit of musical passion, take to the stage and realise their dreams of performing at a recital, by providing them with the formal recital environment and authentic performance experience.

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Minuet in G is not composed by J. Submitted by ThePiano. Content Sections:.


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BACH: Minuet in G Major (BWV Anh. 114)

Or browse results titled :. A highly caffeinated creative type. Composer, producer, pianist. Contact marti garaughty. Streaming and Download help. If you like Bach Minuet in G Minor, you may also like:. Nummern by Jan Wagner. An emotionally affecting "sonic diary" from this pianist and engineer who's helped shaped the sound of Ostgut Ton.

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Slow Meadow by Slow Meadow. Released via Hammock's label, Matt Kidd's album is a slow, deep, contemplative dive into ambient and classical. Climate scientist makes suitably airy sounds, ethereal, cinematic, and nostalgic - like Boards of Canada sans beats.

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  • Minuet in G is not composed by J.S. Bach.
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Ruebke by Islands Of Light. Expiration Compositions by The Greatest Hoax. A conceptual album exploring the notion of peaceful death.