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A reason for Lewis and Clark's continuing popularity may be traced to references to the expedition in nineteenth century literature and the stimulation of interest in reading and teaching that brought fictionalized versions of the Lewis and Clark story to generations of young readers. The captains' careful observations of the geography, natural history, and ethnography of the American west and Pacific Northwest influenced the scientists who continued. The Louisiana Purchase and the lure of its beaver population led to a veritable flood of traders and trappers moving toward the Upper Missouri and the Northern Rocky Mountains.

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On the other hand, the increasing traffic from St. Louis in what was now American territory led to the slow abandonment of the overland trade in the United States by Canadian and British interests. The first western outpost of the coming fur trade lasted for only six years, but it set the standard for more successful enterprises on the upper Missouri. Lisa's men at Fort Raymond not only encouraged the Crows to come trade with them, but they set out parties to trap beaver on their own.

Trail of Tears

It was the latter effort that led to hostilities with the Blackfeet that affected Potts, Drouillard, and Colter. Sheheke's diplomatic trip to Washington City and his difficult return home brought down the careers of at least two great leaders—himself, and Meriwether Lewis.

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In , a small group of entrepreneurs proposed building a new city at the mouth of the Marias named Ophir, the Biblical metonymy for gold. The city of Ophir faded from memory quickly but the attraction of the place remained. This essay presents a formal description, narrates what is known about its unusual history, summarizes the results of preliminary analysis, and suggests some of the many meanings and provocations related to Lewis and Clark's bear claw necklace, recently 'rediscovered.

Members of the Lewis and Clark expedition carved, burned, or painted their names or initials and the dates when they did so, more than fourteen times according to the journals. They were practicing what had long been European explorers' legitimate means for claiming dominion over other people's land.

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The Northern Pacific Railway had identified two new attractions within its Wonderland—a centennial commemoration of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition, plus extensive segments of the original trail within sight of its rails. Olin Wheeler was inspired by the breadth and depth of the expedition's history, which he had studied thoroughly and first-hand; he possessed the resources and the experience to create a new interpretation of it; and he had the opportunity provided by his employer's support and encouragement.

He called it simply The Trail of Lewis and Clark, The story Wheeler wished to tell quickly grew into a project of unmanageable length, but he soon pared it down to two volumes totaling pages, simply titled The Trail of Lewis and Clark.

Its subtitle defined the general parameters: "A story of the great exploration across the Continent in ; with a description of the old trail, based upon actual travel over it, and of the changes found a century later. Narrated in both English and Spanish, Daniel Flores narrates the story of a parallel, southern exploration now nearly forgotten.

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Influence on Science. Richard Harlan.

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Expedition from May 14, 1804, to October 16, 1805

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