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If he can't put his phone down long enough to take you to dinner then he doesn't deserve for you to be sitting across from him. If a guy is serious about you he's going to give you his undivided attention and he's going to do whatever it takes to impress you and checking Snapchat on a date is not impressive. Also, notice if his phone is facedown, then there's most likely a reason for it. He doesn't trust who or what could pop up on there and he clearly doesn't want you seeing. Although I'm not particularly interested in what's popping up on their phones, putting them face down says more about the guy than you think it does.

Remember these tips next time you're on a date or seeing someone, and keep in mind: they're on their best behavior when you're dating.

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Then ask yourself, what will they be like when they're comfortable? Years down the road?

Is this what I really want? If you ask yourself these questions you might be down the same road I have stumbled upon, being too picky.. We are students, thinkers, influencers, and communities sharing our ideas with the world. Join our platform to create and discover content that actually matters to you. This past week, I was called a faggot by someone close to me and by note, of all ways. The shock rolled through my body like thunder across barren plains and I was stuck paralyzed in place, frozen, unlike the melting ice caps.

My chest suddenly felt tight, my hearing became dim, and my mind went blank except for one all-encompassing and constant word. Finally, after having thawed, my rage bubbled forward like divine retribution and I stood poised and ready to curse the name of the offending person. My tongue lashed the air into a frenzy, and I was angry until I let myself break and weep twice. Later, I began to question not sexualities or words used to express or disparage them, but my own embodiment of them.

For members of the queer community, there are several unspoken and vital rules that come into play in many situations, mainly for you to not be assaulted or worse and it's all too often worse. Make sure your movements are measured and fit within the realm of possible heterosexuality.

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Keep your music low and let no one hear who you listen to. Avoid every shred of anything stereotypically gay or feminine like the plague.

Not Too Young

Tell the truth without details when you can and tell half-truths with real details if you must. And above all, learn how to clear your search history. At twenty, I remember my days of teaching my puberty-stricken body the lessons I thought no one else was learning. Over time I learned the more subtle and more important lessons of what exactly gay culture is. Now a man with a head and social media accounts full of gay indicators, I find myself wondering both what it all means and more importantly, does it even matter? To the question of whether it matters, the answer is naturally yes and no and no, that's not my answer because I'm a Gemini.

Marsha P. It's a time of reflection, of mourning, of celebration, of course, and most importantly, of hope. Pride is a time to look back at how far we've come and realize that there is still a far way to go. This year marks fifty years since the Stonewall Riots and the gay liberation movement launched onto the world stage, thus making the learning and embracing of gay culture that much more important.

The waves of queer people that come after the AIDS crisis has been given the task of rebuilding and redefining. The AIDS crisis was more than just that. It was Death itself stalking through the community with the help of Regan doing nothing. It was going out with friends and your circle shrinking faster than you can try or even care to replenish. Where do you go after the apocalypse?

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Add your thoughts 6 Comments. General Comment "And the white line's getting longer" has nothing to do with drugs. It's rodeo terminology for riding the circuit, "Chasing the white line", i. In other words, the season seems to be lasting longer.

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This would be consistent with the other lyrics in this song. So, Kingv99, don't think yourself an idiot, since you were correct.