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Introduction 37 2. Bridged Organoaluminum Compounds 41 2. Beryllium and Magnesium Compounds 50 2. Organolithium Compounds 53 2. Organocopper, Silver, and Gold Compounds 58 2. Scandium, Yttrium, and Lanthanide Compounds 62 2. Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium Compounds 64 2. Manganese Compounds 66 2. Conclusions 76 References 77 3.

Hypercarbon Chemistry / Edition 2

Carboranes and Metallacarboranes 85 3. Introduction 85 3. Carborane Structures and Skeletal Electron Numbers 87 3. The Bonding in Nido and Arachno Carboranes 3. Methods of Synthesis and Interconversion Reactions 3.

Hypercarbon Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Some Carbon-Derivatized Carboranes 3. Metallacarboranes 3. Supraicosahedral Carborane Systems 3. Conclusions References 4. Introduction 4.


Bulk Metal Carbides 4. Metallated Carbocations 4. Conclusions References 5. Hypercoordinate Carbocations and Their Borane Analogs 5.

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Methods of Generating Hypercoordinate Carbocations 5. Methods Used to Study Hypercoordinate Carbocations 5. Homoaromatic Cations 5. Hypercoordinate Nonclassical Pyramidal Carbocations 5. Hypercoordinate Heterocations 5. Carbocation—Borane Analogs 5. His worked at a Dow Chemical Company research laboratory and discovered superacids.

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In , he left Dow to return to academia as a chemistry professor at Western Reserve University in Cleveland. His advances in the understanding of hydrocarbons have been used in an array of applications including the development of gasoline that burns more cleanly and the discovery of new drugs.

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  6. He wrote nearly 1, scientific papers and held patents in seven countries. He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in for his study of the chemical reactions of carbon compounds.

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    He also wrote an autobiography entitled A Life of Magic Chemistry. He died on March 8, at the age of Hypercarbon Chemistry. George A. Olah , G.

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    Surya Prakash , Robert E. Williams , Kenneth Wade , L.

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    This pioneering text is the first to point out the emerging significance of higher-valent carbon compounds.

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