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They have gardens. It is not just a dead rock planet, which I think is always the go-to for sci-fi, just dead rocks. So we have a garden with a lot of interesting architecture. With the future of the spore drive in question, does that mean we will finally see the actual warp drive engine room for the USS Discovery this season? The warp core is there. We did do a rebuild of part of the engineering room, just in terms of we opened it up and had a bit of a dark corner we added on. And we did a dilithium processor that had previously been built and used for a tiny little scene in season one and we brought that out and built it for the engineering space, just to have it there, because they would still be able to access that technology.

Whether they do or not, you will have to see. Stamets lab has added some elements like the room next to the reaction chamber. Were those sets use for both the Short Treks episode and the full Discovery episode, and are there more to see? I think you saw a lot of them in the Short Treks. You may see more in the short.

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We were disappointed because we put our heart and soul into those huts. Just film these huts! You have kind of seen it. Maybe there is a little bit more, but not much. We found out in Short Treks that he brought seeds and we wanted to play that up and give him something different. There seem to be touches of more color this season, is this part of the lighter tone of the show and can we expect to more of the color palette evolve in the direction of the original Star Trek going forward? Visually we get bored.

So we are going to new planets, which we are doing and expanding the worlds and TOS-like areas, for sure. Alex Kurtzman has already revealed we will be visiting Talos IV in the second season. Without giving away any spoilers, is there anything you can say about this challenge from a production design standpoint? When I was a kid and I watched [ Star Trek: ] The Original Series I had nightmares and was so freaked out about the Talosians with the big pulsing heads that when it came up that we might go there, I have to say I relived that moment of my childhood.

As a little kid, I was scared to death of these things. So, there were a lot of weird dreams when that came up. Weird dreams of big heads and pulsing veins. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Short Treks. Discovery , Picard show. Discovery , Star Trek Online. I love StarTrekDiscovery.


I really do. Have I loved everything? So if the Shenzhou had to be evacuated, I guess we have to assume that Saru went back to his cabin first and gathered more seeds. The evacuation of the Shenzou was always pretty orderly in my headcanon. The sheer wasted space is just staggering and at odds with any presentation of these vessels being places where space is at a premium.

Good Point! Add some Tribbles and Trek Speak and we are done! Keep in mind that the crew complement doubles between this time and TOS. I can see there being lots of extra room at the moment, but maybe the ship is refitted and quarters are more cramped when the complement goes from to something.

How can these designers logically create things that defy all engineering sense? Sadly, Sternbach, Drexler, and Okuda were not invited to the party. Everything is bigger now. Plus it just looks better on screen. Well, sheesh — this complaint, while legitimate in and of itself, seems pretty selective to me, given that David Gerrold was writing about all that wasted space on the Enterprise forty years ago, not to mention all those luxury accommodations on the ships of the Berman era, or the completely egregious set design of the TNG-influenced Orville.

This made me think about another complaint I had about TNG. The fact that there seem to be zero crewmen on board. But he even spoke about going to the Academy when he was on DS9. Are Chiefs considered an officer class in the future? How can the Enterprise operate without non-officers? I guess in the future everyone is an officer thus rendering the achievement of being one worthless. Hold up. The thing that makes me facepalm is that there are two workable standing TOS sets out in the world currently. First off those sets are hundreds of miles away from each other.

They are not going to spend that kind of money just for Burnham to stand in a room. So it was never feasible.

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Which was a big part of what undermined the impact of season 1 as Star Trek, science fiction series and serious drama in general. The best antagonist is one with a credible and complex human character whose motivations you can understand or would even share if you were in his situation, and after having Lorca fully jump the shark in the mirror-verse, they completely failed on that! And now it seems there was no desire for that from the get-go.

That actually says more about their own view of and understanding of humanity, than about Lorca. Though I also agree with your assessment of where that character wound up. I spoke with Tamara for awhile at the reception after the event and I can tell you she is a true TOS fan. It was quite clear that she values the original series in both its aesthetics and its positive optimistic spirit. She also was very genuine and down to earth and friendly. A real class act. And it was gratifying and a relief to see her respect for the original. I only wish the writers had more regard for the positive vision of TOS, although it is starting to improve.

But Tamara Deverell knows her stuff. Love it! Her work is great. The adventures of Pike, Spock and Number One! Does anyone miss when NASA would talk about how much the TOS bridge made sense because the Captain could look around and talk to all his senior officers and see their displays for quick decision making? The US Navy actually did a study on the effectiveness of the design of the Enterprise bridge, and found it plausible.

Wish I could post the picture, but its the second one in google images when you search.

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Very cool. Honestly, the only signficant change I might make to the TOS bridge would be to add a second ring of mini-stations around part of the lower level that also face outward. Did you read what she said? Knock it off. The lighting of the sets, the uniforms, everything was colourful. The sets are beautiful, but not knowing it was a Star Trek show you could think it was any other SF show. And the sets are just too dark…. It has a modern updated feel, yet there is no mistaking this is TOS.

Thank you dayxday! And if the designers of season 1 Discovery wanted to they very much could have updated the show to be modern but still evoke the proper feel of the era is is supposed to be in. Doing what they did was a tremendous mistake. Honestly its probably for the best. I mean even with the minor changes to the exterior of the ship has upset a lot of people although I think most accept it. But that is the can of worms you open when you show the Enterprise to begin with. Yes, the show is called Discovery but it was that same show that decided to have the franchises most iconic starship show up.

Showing the bridge will never please everyone but that is why it would have been better for the Enterprise to not show up at all. Perhaps it would have been better had Pike just intercepted them in a shuttle. I agree with you fully. Show the Enterprise but leave the rest to our imagination. I assumed there was going to be more but it feels like they literally did that just to get people excited we would see inside the ship.

Well I guess we saw it lol. I came back to this thread because I found a new piece of info concerning the Enterprise bridge. But according to a video I watched from the guys at TrekYards a Youtube Trek channel if you never seen it but very informative they claim the Enterprise bridge WAS built this season and will be seen at the end of the season. I was pretty shocked but maybe they are on to something and we will see it after all? Not holding my breath yet but just thought I pass it on. They made it clear it was the Enterprise and said the set was built at the end of the season which would naturally rule out the S31 ship.

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But people should take it with a grain of salt until something official comes along. Look, why not? The Tenants of Malory. Reprinted from the Dublin University Magazine. Wylder's Hand A Novel. The Rose and the Key, Etc. The Purcell Papers Dodo Press. The Wyvern Mystery. Shamus O'Brien. Le Fanu. Book by G. The Evil Guest. Two Ghostly Mysteries. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales. Green Tea, Mr.

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The House by the Church-Yard. A Stable for Nightmares or Weird Tales. Green Tea and Mr. The Taste of Love and Glory by J. Sheridan Lefanu, Fiction, Classics. Carmilla by J. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu J. The Room in the Dragon Volant by J. Sheridan Lefanu, Fiction, Horror. Uncle Silas by J. Secret Histories by J.

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