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As early as in October , members of Anonymous approached Chris Forcand, a suspected pedophile, under the pretense of being underage girls to collect evidence of him luring children in chatrooms. During one of these conversations, an Anonymous participant named "Jessica" was able to obtain Forcand's mailing address, which soon led to uncovering of additional personal information about him.

In December , Forcand was arrested by the police after the information was passed on by anonymous tipsters. During the Project Chanology in January , Anonymous hackers launched a large-scale doxing campaign against the top-level members of Scientology, revealing their personal information as well as internal memos that had been circulating within the inner circle of the Church. An extensive collection of leaked documents can be found on the website Free Scientology Dox.

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Wicca Troll and Flame Roster. Meme: An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. The behavior of seeking out a person's personal information and the manner by which people dox is very methodical and passed along from person to person. Memes aren't just image macros, dudes.

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About Doxing , sometimes spelled as Doxxing , refers to the practice of investigating and revealing a target subject's personally identifiable information, such as home address, workplace information and credit card numbers, without consent. Wicca Troll and Flame Roster [4] Hack.

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She says she's given her online webinar training to local liberal groups, as well as to anti-fascists across the country. In total, she claims she's run 25 webinars since November of , training around people. Fallon agrees to walk me through the training she gives. Late one evening she texts me a website address via Signal, an encrypted messaging app. It links to a conference call program hosted on gotomeeting. At a prearranged time, I log in and find Fallon already on the line.

Learn how to avoid someone revealing your most personal information

The workshop has the bland title "IT Security Training," but really it's split into two parts: learning to doxx, and learning how to protect yourself from being doxxed. The first slide shows an agenda, with a picture of a man wearing black, his face covered, sitting at a computer. Doxxing, Fallon explains, is the process of "gaining personal identifying information of a user, and using the information to socially engineer consequences.

She offers a brief history of doxxing, focusing on "Gamergate," a online controversy that resulted in various female video game designers and critics being doxxed and brutally abused on the Internet. Loosely organized through forums like 4chan and Reddit, Gamergate trolls targeted game developer Zoe Quinn and female journalists and gamers who spoke out to support her. Quinn fled her home, fearing she could be physically attacked by people who found her information online.

She recently launched Crash Override, an advocacy group for victims of digital abuse. Three years later, she still receives threats. For Fallon, the Gamergate episode was a watershed moment. The doxxing Fallon says she does is nowhere near equivalent to that of the Gamergate trolls. As well as publishing the personal information of women they disagreed with, Gamergaters also sent death and rape threats, encouraging their targets to commit suicide. In one sense, doxxing isn't particularly new. Anti-fascists have used the tactic of publishing information about fascists and hate groups for years.

Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center collect information and publish dossiers. The real difference now is the Internet, and social media in particular. After the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, high-profile Twitter user and journalist Shaun King posted videos and pictures of so-called alt-righters committing acts of violence, and used crowdsourcing to identify information about the men. Some of these tweets led to arrests. These efforts also led to some serious misidentifications.

Doxing Techniques:

One Charlottesville protester wearing an Arkansas engineering shirt was misidentified as Kyle Quinn, an engineering assistant. Quinn spent a weekend in hiding due to the amount of online abuse he subsequently received. The real protester, a former engineering student named Andrew M. Dodson, later apologized. These tools are also being used by the far-right.

Since antifa appearances in Berkeley and Charlottesville turned violent, so-called alt-right activists on social media and sites like Discord, 4chan, and 8chan have been trying to dox antifa members. More often than not, Fallon says, they fail, and end up doxxing "hapless liberals" instead, a trend confirmed by Keegan Hankes, an analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Alexander Reid Ross, a scholar of the far-right and author of Against the Fascist Creep. A risk Fallon doesn't mention here is that factions on both the left and right also sometimes use doxxing against each other as a weapon in internal disputes.

How to Dox/Trace like a pro. - HackSmash.

In a number of high-profile cases, antifa and other left-wing activists have significantly disrupted the lives of their doxxing targets. In the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, some participants reportedly lost their jobs , and one reportedly was even publicly disowned by his family. Eli Mosley, leader of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, recently expressed sympathy with those on his side whose identities have been made public.

He issued a hard-line ultimatum to other white nationalists. Everyone in our movement must be prepared to stand tall and double-down.

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Ironically, as Keegan Hankes, an analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center, says, when white nationalists are doxxed, it can get harder to keep track of them. Hankes has spent the last couple of years tracking far-right groups online. After Charlottesville, he says, so many people were doxxed and then kicked off social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, that his job became more difficult. He says so-called alt-right leaders were well aware in the run-up to Charlottesville that they were taking a risk. Sometimes banning hate speech from social media platforms does effectively reduce hate speech.

In , Reddit began banning subreddits that promoted harassment against specific groups. After this crackdown, they found that, overall, offensive language decreased, while users determined to continue posting hate moved elsewhere. Fallon searches for these hardcore users.

She says the key to doxxing is social media, and the information people willingly reveal about themselves online. In her training session, Fallon points out that companies like Facebook and Twitter are multibillion-dollar corporations with high levels of security. She says antifa doxxers aren't hackers like Anonymous, and rely on something much more mundane than complex hacking tools.

Sometimes, she claims, it will only take her a few minutes. But no matter the intention, the outcome of a dox can be unpredictable. After Klicko's details were published on the anarchist site Enough Is Enough , he canceled a meet-and-greet barbecue sponsored by the National Socialist Movement, and distanced himself from the group. But it can go the other way. In the weeks that followed, the so-called alt-right reeled from the revelations. It appeared to be the end of Enoch's fringe fame.

But he bounced back, separating from his wife and embracing his newly public persona in the white nationalist movement. He continues to podcast and appear at rallies. If anything, being doxxed has hardened Peinovich's views. Indeed, they may become even more energetic and well known, as they no longer need to hide their identities.

But Hawley also argues that doxxing works beyond the individual. Every dox that Fallon works on goes through several levels of verification, she says. At the point when sent, you will have the majority of the data on the PayPal record. Name, location, telephone and so forth. On this site, transfer the photo of your target.

You can likewise see whether the photograph is fake. I recommend utilizing these sites:. You must be logged in to post a comment. Just create an account now for lifetime access. Members login here. How to Dox. Jafar Hasan. Share with Friends. Use Cybytes and Tip the Author! Submit to 0P3N. admin