Why I believe homosexuals CANNOT be saved-My side of the arguement

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Is choosing homosexuality just another example of a desire to not conform , like shaving your head or wearing outlandish clothes? The trouble with this claim is that teenage rebellion is largely temporary; hair grows back, outfits can be changed.

Why Federal Laws Don't Explicitly Ban Discrimination Against LGBT Americans

This seems, to put it mildly, unlikely. And logically, a straight person could become gay too. But those who argue that homosexuality is a choice invariably assert that it is a wrong choice. This suggests they believe that everyone is actually, at a fundamental level, heterosexual.

So people who opt for homosexuality are consciously pursuing anything from intimate relationships to random sexual encounters with people they are not physically attracted to. Constantly going against your most basic urges to stick to a choice you made at an unspecified point?

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Hopefully you can see how this undermines the argument somewhat. Dean Burnett is on Twitter, you can follow him if you want to.

‘A slippery slope’

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. In the past, such bills have faced opposition based on the notion that being gay is immoral and a choice.

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And, though public attitudes toward gay people have radically shifted since the first bill of this kind was introduced in the s, transgender rights have recently ascended as an area of controversy between the right and left. Past years saw arguments that it would be easier to pass a bill focused only on protecting gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

But advocacy groups and lawmakers have chosen to fight for a more comprehensive bill that covers all LGBT people. And several efforts by the Trump Administration, such as pushing to ban transgender people from serving openly in the military, lend doubt to whether the President would sign it. The first version of the Equality Act was introduced in , during a productive time for civil rights but a fraught time for gay Americans.

Homosexuality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

And the word transgender was hardly in use. Twenty years later, the bill had been introduced repeatedly but failed to become law. This was a sticking point among movement groups and lawmakers from the outset, as some asserted that a narrower bill would be easier to pass. In , Democratic Congressman Barney Frank, an openly gay lawmaker and a hero of the gay rights movement, introduced a bill that, for the first time, included gender identity as well as sexual orientation.

Some scrambled on what position to take.

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  7. Democrats split. But from that point on, she says, the consensus was that equality must be equality for all.

    The New Testament

    When Democrats swept the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in , advocates had a rare window to enact legislation. It was the first time they had controlled all three since But Republican leaders, at that time and since, have been loathe to bring up any bills focused on advancing LGBT rights. Even if the Equality Act passed the House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could be persuaded to bring the bill up for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate, the measure would likely face contentious hearings. As transgender Americans have become more visible, that attention has helped rally support for the community.