Una breve historia de la peluquería (Zoom) (Spanish Edition)

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Espe- CEL. Atriunfa es el que tiene mejor? Quick Upload. Featured Examples. Creation Tutorial. Idioms: hit the road , take leave. To be with as a companion. Also used with around : associate , consort , fraternize , hang around , hobnob , troop.

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Idiom: rub elbows. To look to when in need: apply , go , refer , repair , resort , turn. Idioms: fall back on , have recourse to. To complete a race or competition in a specified position: come in , finish , place. To move freely as a liquid: circulate , course , flow , stream. To come forth or emit in abundance: flow , gush , pour , rush , stream , surge , well. To change from a solid to a liquid: deliquesce , dissolve , flux , fuse , liquefy , melt , thaw. To proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance: carry , extend , go , lead , reach , stretch. To change or fluctuate within limits: extend , go , range , vary.

To be performed: play , show. To urge to move along: drive , herd. To look for and pursue game in order to capture or kill it: chase , drive , hunt , stalk. To perform a function effectively: function , go , operate , take , work. To set or keep going: actuate , drive , impel , mobilize , move , propel.

To control or direct the functioning of: manage , operate , use , work.

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To import or export secretly and illegally: bootleg , smuggle. To separate or pull apart by force: rend , rip , rive , split , tear. To cause to penetrate with force: dig , drive , plunge , ram , sink , stab , stick , thrust. To control the course of an activity : carry on , conduct , direct , manage , operate , steer.

To have charge of the affairs of others : administer , administrate , direct , govern , head , manage , superintend , supervise. To find or meet by chance: bump into , chance on or upon , come across , come on or upon , find , happen on or upon , light on or upon , run into , stumble on or upon , tumble on. Idiom: meet up with. To follow another with the intent of overtaking and capturing: chase , pursue.

Idioms: be in pursuit, give chase. To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or from a difficult or threatening situation: abscond , break out , decamp , escape , flee , fly , get away. Idioms: blow the coop, cut and run , give someone the slip , make a getaway, take flight , take it on the lam. To lose so much strength and power as to become ineffective or motionless: burn out , give out. To pursue and locate: hunt down , nose out , trace , track down. Idiom: run to earth. To think, represent, or speak of as small or unimportant: belittle , decry , denigrate , deprecate , depreciate , derogate , detract , discount , disparage , downgrade , minimize , slight , talk down.

Idiom: make light of. To give a recapitulation of the salient facts of: abstract , epitomize , go over , recapitulate , review , run through , summarize , sum up , synopsize , wrap up. To take into custody as a prisoner: apprehend , arrest , seize. Slang: bust , collar , pinch. To go to or seek out the company of in order to socialize: call , come by , come over , drop by , drop in , look in , look up , pop in , see , stop by or in , visit. Idiom: pay a visit. To find or meet by chance: bump into , chance on or upon , come across , come on or upon , find , happen on or upon , light on or upon , run across , stumble on or upon , tumble on.

To come up against: confront , encounter , face , meet. To come to in number or quantity: aggregate , amount , number , reach , total. Idiom: add up to. To talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially: babble , blabber , chatter , chitchat , clack , jabber , palaver , prate , prattle , rattle on.


Slang: gab , gas , jaw , yak. Idioms: run off at the mouth , shoot the breeze. To make or become no longer active or productive: deplete , desiccate , dry up , give out , play out.

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To prove deficient or insufficient: fail , give out. Idioms: fall short , run dry , run short.

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To become void, especially through passage of time or an omission: expire , lapse. To use all of: consume , drain , draw down , eat up , exhaust , expend , finish , play out , spend , use up. To give a recapitulation of the salient facts of: abstract , epitomize , go over , recapitulate , review , run down , summarize , sum up , synopsize , wrap up. To look through reading matter casually: browse , dip into , flip through , glance at or over or through , leaf through , riffle through , scan , skim , thumb through.

To make or become greater or larger: aggrandize , amplify , augment , boost , build , build up , burgeon , enlarge , escalate , expand , extend , grow , increase , magnify , mount , multiply , proliferate , rise , snowball , soar , swell , upsurge , wax. A trip in a motor vehicle: drive , ride. Chiefly Regional. A small stream: brook , creek. Chiefly Regional: branch , kill. A hole made by tearing: rent , rip , tear. A number of things placed or occurring one after the other: chain , consecution , course , order , procession , progression , round , sequence , series , string , succession , suite , train.

Comm there's been a run on He ran down the road. Trains run on rails. Rivers run to the sea; The tap is running. The engine is running; He ran the motor to see if it was working. He runs the business very efficiently. Is your horse running this afternoon? The buses run every half hour; The train is running late. The play ran for six weeks. He runs a Rolls Royce. When I washed my new dress the colour ran.

He ran me to the station.


She ran her fingers through his hair; He ran his eyes over the letter. He went for a run before breakfast. We went for a run in the country. He's had a run of bad luck. I've got a run in my tights. He gave me the run of his house. There are five runners in this race. He polished the runners of the sledge; an ice-skate runner. We travelled for four days running. Do you like your egg yolk firm or runny? The police caught the two runaways; also adjective a runaway horse.

He feels run-down. My friend won the prize and I was the runner-up. The plane landed on the runway. She's in the running for the job of director. He's on the run from the police. I ran across an old friend. The dog ran after a cat. Run along now, children! He ran away from school. He ran away with all her money. The horse ran away with him. My watch has run down — it needs rewinding. I was run down by a bus. He is always running me down. He is running for president. Quick — run for it! I ran into her in the street. The car ran into a lamp-post.

The fever ran its course. I want copies run off at once. He ran off with my wife. The food has run out. We've run out of money. Don't let the dog out of the garden or he'll get run over. Let's run over the plan again. He ran through their instructions. We can't run to a new car this year. I can run up a dress in a couple of hours.

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