The Adventures Of Professor Bumble and the Bumble Bees: The Forest

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Mulch will help reduce soil compaction. Rated 4. Peterman was following up on a year-old possible sighting that a local homeowner had logged with the Xerces Society as part of a citizen science initiative. The homeowner who spotted the bees was collecting survey data for her.

They took photos of two or three queen bees, and then a second group of UW students returned on Sunday and reconfirmed at least two queen bees. Immediately following the battle in Mission City , Bumblebee had his legs reattached by Ratchet, then he and the other Autobots rolled out to avoid Sector Seven's inquiries. Before departing Sector Seven's Nevada base with the convoy, Optimus Prime gave the surviving AllSpark sliver to Professor Vine for safekeeping, but had second thoughts about his decision partway into the mision and sent Ironhide and Bumblebee back to the facility to retrieve it.

Racing ahead, Bumblebee was greeted with an unexpected sight: the base aflame, and Decepticons Wreckage and Starscream brawling in the midst of it all. Alliance 2 Convergence chapter 4 Ironhide praised him for his bravery and selflessness, Bumblebee regretted not being able to save everybody. Alliance 3. Two weeks later, Bumblebee was present for the burial at sea of Jazz and the Decepticons, following which it was announced that the Autobots and Lennox's team would be working together as a new special unit, dedicated to protecting the Earth from threats posed by the remaining Decepticons.

They began training on the island of Diego Garcia, but it took time for the humans and Autobots to learn to work together; during a training exercise on a shooting range, when Bumblebee instinctively fired on a target, he only narrowly avoiding blasting Epps in the process. Bumblebee and Lennox chased Swindle onto the deserted Golden Gate Bridge , where the Decepticon was amused upon realizing who it was he was facing once again.

When Swindle turned on Lennox, however, he learned the folly of underestimating Bumblebee, who blasted his one-time torturer through the back, killing him. Alliance 4.


Concerned that Sam Witwicky would become the target of the Decepticons again, Optimus selected Bumblebee to act as Sam's guardian again and sent him to live with the boy. Alliance 4 However, Bumblebee's attempts to integrate himself into Sam's life were not as smooth as he had hoped. Without the team structure of the Autobots, Bumblebee tended to act upon instinct, taking revenge on Mikaela's ex-boyfriend Trent DeMarco for his previous humiliations of Sam by wrecking his truck, smashing a would-be car thief with the door he was attempting to unlock, and inadvertently giving Sam traffic tickets by not observing the rules of the road.

When Bumblebee was alone, he attempted to learn as much as he could about human culture, feeling that he owed it to his friend. Tales of the Fallen 1 Though no longer on active NEST duty, Bumblebee very occasionally helped his Autobot allies out; in November , he came on-scene to assist his team-mates after Demolishor had Tales of the Fallen 2. Soon, the problem of Sam's impending departure for college arose: 'Bee intended to follow Sam wherever he went, but Sam feared that he might not be able to bring his car along with him.

Not thrilled the prospect of Bumblebee continuing to live with them, Sam's father Ron decreed that once Sam had gone to school, Bumblebee would have to leave. However, unexpectedly, Ron came to Bumblebee seeking aid when Mikaela reported that Sam had never made a rendezvous with her. Speeding out of the garage without Ron and without waiting for the garage door to open , Bumblebee searched for clues to Sam's whereabouts and eventually found a message from his old foe Barricade, who demanded the AllSpark in exchange for the boy.

Finding the pair at an car wrecking yard, Bumblebee attacked Barricade, but was considerably outmatched, with the Decepticon gloating that Earth had made the Autobot soft, and their last encounter was down to pure luck. Eventually, with a distraction from Sam, Bumblebee was able to force Barricade into a pool of gasoline. With the Decepticon hardly down for the count, Bumblebee told Sam to run and ignited the gasoline, causing a tremendous explosion that sent both Transformers flying.

In the aftermath, Bumblebee told Sam he had a feeling they hadn't seen the last of Barricade. Tales of the Fallen 1. In the wake of the Autobots' battle with The Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation with more new Autobots arriving on Earth regularly, Bumblebee was brought back onto active duty and placed in charge of a team made up of rookies Jolt , Knock Out , Dune Runner and Breakaway. Bumblebee's team responded to Decepticon activity at Kingdom Petrochemicals in Florida , but 'Bee and the other ground-based team-members arrived too late to save Breakaway from dying at Soundwave's hands.

The Decepticons soon fled, as did a mysterious group of humans also active at the sight, leaving Bumblebee mystified as to what was going on. Nefarious 1 He and his team returned to Edwards Air Force Base , where Galloway was annoyed that he hadn't been notified about the arrival on Earth of some of the members of Bumblebee's team.

Nefarious 2. En route, their transport plane was shot down by Buzzsaw , and when they attempt to continue the mission on the ground, they were soon obstructed by Soundwave's "mini-militia". Bumblebee tussled with Rumble , but quickly realized that his team was outmatched. Rather than a repeat of the loss of Breakaway, Bumblebee opted to release Soundwave. Nefarious 3 Subsequently, Soundwave chose to ally himself with the Autobots to bring down the Initiative , the human organization who had also been at Kingdom Petrochemicals, who were conspiring against the Transformers.

Bumblebee's team were part of the NEST unit that follow Soundwave to the supposed location of the Initiative's base in Inyokern , but the mobile facility had already relocated to Crater Lake , Oregon , by the time they got there. Pursuing it, 'Bee's team was sent to assault the base from the north, but when Bumblebee broke through the base wall, he was confronted by a most unexpected set of opponents: Initiative-controlled Transformers!

Nefarious 5 The damage he took from the initial blast knocked him out of the fight, but he had recovered in time to help during the clean-up. Nefarious 6. While Bumblebee was picnicking with Sam and Arcee, a small earthquake, followed by the emergence of a Transformer energy signature, prompted the trio to investigate. Tracing the signal to a nearby cave, they were attacked by Space Case , who had been freed from his subterranean prison by the 'quake, and who promptly brought the cave down on top of the threesome.

Transformers: Space Case Separated from Arcee in the cave-in, Bumblebee managed to hold up the collapsed ceiling, but could not get any transmissions out through the rocks, and found his strength slowly ebbing as the weight pressed down. Reminded that friendship meant trying your hardest and not letting your friends down, Bumblebee dug deep, and when a crack of light appeared overhead, managed to wrench the rocks clear. The pair were lifted to safety by Ratchet, who had been digging for them, and who was amazed that Bumblebee had had the strength to carry the weight for as long as he had.

Transformers: Bumblebee. While visiting Sam at college in Philadelphia , Bumblebee was parked at the roadside waiting for him while he grabbed lunch when he was approached by " Brains ", a Decepticon brain unit who had just recently come online and escaped from Shockwave and Astrotrain. Believing him to be an ordinary Earth vehicle, but not understanding that said vehicles were not alive, Brains tried asking Bumblebee for help; naturally, Bee did not break cover by replying, but when an angry Brains then kicked him, 'Bee's temper got the better of him and he transformed.

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Rising Storm 1 Sam and Bumblebee brought Brains back to his college, but this only made them targets for a force of Decepticons heralded by 'Bee's recurring opponent, Barricade. Vastly outnumbered, Bumblebee nearly met his maker at the end of Sonar 's blaster, but was saved when NEST reinforcements Mirage and Wheeljack arrived. Rising Storm 2 As the battle intensified, Bumblebee and Barricade squared off once more, Rising Storm 3 but as more Autobot backup came to join the fight, Bumblebee got the better of his old enemy and defeated him yet again. Rising Storm 4. Concurrently with the battle in Philadelphia, Shockwave had staged a devastating attack on NEST's Diego Garcia base, necessitating a restructuring of the organization.

Rising Storm 4 Some time later, the Autobots faced the return of Sentinel Prime and Bumblebee and Sam were reunited to thwart his space bridge plot. Dark of the Moon movie adaptation. Optimus Prime entrusted Bumblebee with the secret that the AllSpark would be sent into deep space to prevent Lord Megatron from possessing and corrupting it. Just after the launch, Megatron attacked Bumblebee in rage at losing the AllSpark and shattered the Autobot's voice capacitor beyond repair. Bumblebee arrived on Earth and, sensing the AllSpark was near, took on local camouflage to search for the artifact.

He immediately attracted the attention of Sector Seven agents and the Decepticons. Transformers: Beginnings. Before they could catch him, Hydrobot escaped from the Autobots' clutches. The trio started to realize that they might have judged the small 'bot wrongly when Hound found out that the substance Hydrobot left behind was nothing like something a Decepticon would use. Hiroshi Benson himself. Upon gaining access to the laboratory, they confronted Hiroshi in robot mode, which left the human scientist baffled. Shortly after the scientist finished explaining the origin of the substance and Hydrobot, a squadron of Decepticons led by Megatron suddenly bursted through the wall, explaining their intent to use the devices inside Hiroshi's laboratory to build the Energon converter.

Luckily, Hydrobot arrived at the scene to help the Autobots by knocking over Onslaught. With help from Hiroshi's control set , Bumblebee released a shock burst towards the Decepticons, prompting them to retreat. After all was said and done, the Autobots gave Hydrobot a lift and bid their farewells, but Bumblebee knew that he would return one day.

A New Friend. During the war for Cybertron, Bumblebee was friends with the Autobot Diabla , at one point battling alongside her in the smelting pools of Polyhex. From Cybertron with Love Unbeknownst to Bumblebee, Diabla was a Decepticon mole who had infiltrated the Autobots to destabilize them from within; when Diabla's treachery was revealed, Bumblebee maintained that Diabla had always been an Autobot, albeit one who had gone bad and joined the Decepticons. After arriving on Earth and serving in World War II, Bumblebee — prior to the loss of his voicebox — fell in with Sector Seven at some point after the end of the war.

At some point during the early s the organization traded him to MI6 , Bumblebee joining the ranks of Britain's elite counterintelligence agency P. Partnered with the not-so-suave superspy David Reeve , The Man with the Golden Car and taking pointers from intelligence specialist Diana Lux , The Living Headlights Bumblebee and Reeve embarked on a series of globetrotting adventures, battling against the forces of Konrad Gotell 's E. In , the duo tracked Gottell to East Berlin.

Though Reeve discovered that Gotell had already been killed, and his office booby-trapped rigged to blow, Bumblebee was forced to evade the German police before he could rescue his partner from Wildrider , killing him by throwing him into the Berlin Wall and crushing him with a chunk of rubble. Some time later, the duo returned to the United Kingdom to rendezvous with their handlers at Maundy Gregory Studio ; though initially put out about being left in the rain, his position allowed him to realize that the agency's director had been killed, his car coopted as a disguise for the Decepticon Runabout.

Bee was barely able to warn Reeve and Lux before the blast from Pelham's explosive-rigged body took out the studio, shielding his human friends from Runabout and Diabla's attacks. At Reeve's suggestion, Bumblebee fell back, deploying an oil slick to trip up the Decepticons while he made his escape. Regrouping on Victoria Embankment , Reeve was barely able to recontact B.

The Man with the Golden Car Reeve was unaware that Bee and Lux had tapped the call, and though Lux briefly wondered if Reeve would kill them based on that suspicions, the sight of his partner raising his gun caused the Autobot to flee When it became clear that Diabla wouldn't listen to her old comrade, and that the Decepticon had him phsycially outmatched, Bumblebee escaped death by diving into the Thames so that he could meet up with his human contacts at a secret P. To meet with Gottell's old contact Vladimir Vladek , the two humans disguised themselves as a photographer and a model, staking out Carnaby Street in the process and using Bumblebee's vehicle mode to block the road from Diabla so that the two humans could break into Vladek's headquarters.

In the ensuing battle, Bumblebee attempted to talk down his old friend; this time, the Decepticon agreed, and the pair retreated to the roof to converse. Despite his best efforts, Bumblebee was unable to convince Diabla to reveal any information about her human connections, and the entire conversation was quickly revealed to be a distraction, so that Dead End could tie up another loose end by killing Vladek while Blitzwing eliminated the Autobot. The Living Headlights.

Left to the mercy of Diabla and Blitzwing, Diabla's brief moment of mercy — when she briefly considered giving Bumblebee a quick and painless death — allowed Bumblebee to take on Blitzwing, though it quickly became clear that the Autobot was outmatched.

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Instead, Bee fired at a nearby gas main, using the explosion as cover to scoop up his human allies before transforming and fleeing into the London Underground. Pursued by Diabla, Bumblebee was able to outmaneuver his Decepticon foe by deploying his meager rear-mounted weaponry, baiting her into getting hit by an oncoming train while he re-emerged in south London. Having eluded their pursuers, Reeve made contact with an "old friend" who promised more news regarding the activities of their foes. That evening, the group headed to Hyde Park to meet up with Reeve's ally; though momentarily surprised by a Decepticon ambush, their opponents were taken offline by Heath Donovan , a Sector Seven agent in charge of keeping tabs on Bumblebee.

New information revealed the full extent of the Decepticon's plans, including the extinction of humanity by turning the Cold War hot, but thanks to the homing device he'd tagged Diabla with in the Underground Bumblebee revealed that he was able to take them to their base of operations. Hitching a ride aboard a stealth jet , the trio parachuted into an abandoned castle, with Bumblebee dropping a guard before fighting their way into the complex Energon Is Forever. Having revealed his role in recent events, gloating about his plans to push the nations of Earth into a nuclear war, Bumblebee begged Diabla for help one last time — only for Lux to reveal that she had previously turned Bumblebee's homing rounds into explosive devices, and detonated Diabla's, causing a momentary distraction that allowed the three heroes to slip their bonds.

Deploying an underwater mode, Bumblebee was able to dive into the castle waterways, using his oil slick to blind the Sharkticons that pursued him. When it seemed like his luck had run out, however, he was unexpectedly rescued Though Reeve was able to kill Malignus, his missile had already launched, and the three spies were unable to do anything about it — only becoming aware that the conflicted Diabla had already climbed aboard to defuse it too late to stop her. Momentarily throwing Dead End off balance by using a falling Sharkticon to crush the red Decepticon, Bumblebee was too focused on preventing Diabla from killing herself to notice the arrival of Blitzwing and Dead End, but a shout from Reeve caused Bee to duck, and Blitzwing's shot to blow Dead End apart.

Grabbing his two human allies, Bumblebee leapt into the ocean as the disabled missile plummeted back into the castle, destroying it and all of its occupants. In the aftermath, Bumblebee and his two human allies survived, but were unable to determine if Diabla had done the same. Bumblebee spied one of her tires, which led her to believe that his old friend had survived the battle.

Ferrying his partners back to shore, the Autobot vowed to find her Over the next twenty years, Bumblebee left his human friends behind to pursue his new mission, travelling across the globe and eventually dedicating himself to eliminating Blitzwing instead. Eventually, Bumblebee tracked Blitzwing down, and the pair prepared to do battle once more From Cybertron with Love. Bumblebee was part of a mission to trick Megatron into looking in the wrong place for the AllSpark Reprint of Prequel 1 , in which he was the only one who knew the truth not even team leader Arcee knew!

Recap in 2 He lost his voice when Megatron crushed his vocal processor upon witnessing the launch of the AllSpark. The Decepticon leader immediately discarded his body and took off after the cube Prelude: Megatron and it was a long while before he was recovered. Prelude: Ratchet. Rendered voiceless, he continued to fight on Cybertron and would encounter Skids and Mudflap when the two were about to be thrown into a Decepticon smelting pool.

In , he travelled to Earth while tracing the AllSpark and would spend years evading Decepticons and Sector 7 alike. Reprint of Prequel 3 Reprint of Prequel 4. Bumblebee and his fellow Autobots would ultimately follow the AllSpark to the planet Earth, where Bumblebee befriended the human Sam Witwicky. Some time after the battle of Mission City, Bumblebee was driven by the Witwickys to Sam's college , where he quietly endured their bickering while scanning everything around him for potential threats.

When he picked up radio transmissions from two new Autobots, he drove off into battle, and saved Skids and Mudflap from being slaughtered by the Decepticon Ransack. But with the villain threatening a long game, Bumblebee knew that trouble was on the horizon. Learning Curve. Some time later, Bumblebee was hanging out in Sam's garage when he received an emergency call from NEST: the twins, having apparently fallen in with the Decepticons, had abducted Sam!

When they didn't, he launched suppressive fire and began ramming Skids, which soon convinced them to release Sam. As Bumblebee held the twins at gunpoint, ready to eliminate if necessary, Mudflap's tried to explain that they hadd been framed and there was a bigger threat coming Outlaw Blues The "bigger threat" the twins had warned of soon arrived, in the form of The Fallen, but the Autobots were able to defeat the ancient Decepticon. Afterwards, back in the field in Beverly Hills , Bumblebee was part of a unit assigned to captured Reverb ; Jolt messed the mission up, but Bumblebee saved the day by ramming the bike head-on.

Culture Shock. Epps worked out that Optimus had been victim of an electromagnetic bomb, and Bumblebee tracked his leader to where he was being held Poor Epps had to ride in Bumblebee jumping a ravine, and almost spewed up his breakfast. After locating Prime, they found he was a captive of the Free Men militia. At Epps command, Bumblebee hit the Free Men compound with his full firepower, swiftly defeating the militia. Bring Me the Head of Optimus Prime.

Spare Parts! Inside Out! Ultimately, this failure left the Autobots' reputations in the toilet, and with concerns that public fights risked alienating humans, Bumblebee was tasked to head a covert unit with Slap Dash and Hubcap. They were charged with operating under NEST's radar, monitoring Decepticons and waiting for windows of opportunity out of the public eye, before hitting hard and fast. In practice, this meant allowing Decepticons like Crankstart , Brimstone , and Trenchmouth to run amok in cities, with Bumblebee restraining his desire to stop them and keeping his men from taking action.

After an uncomfortable period of hoping nobody would be killed, the Decepticons went to an isolated stretch of road: now free to act, Bumblebee led his men in a vicious ambush and personally drove through Crankshaft. Shadow War. Information obtained from the Decepticon unit Bumblebee's covert squad had brought in allowed the Autobots to trace the location of Bludgeon's Decepticons' base to Arkhangelskaya Oblast in Russia. Divided Loyalties Fortunately for the Autobots, Megatron himself soon arrived and slew Bludgeon for his transgressions, meaning Bumblebee and the others did not have to battle the rogue Decepticon at all.

In the wake of the two Decepticons' brawl, Bumblebee discovered the shattered remains of Wheelie, who had been torn to bits. Unaware of his treachery, 'Bee gathered up his parts to take back to Ratchet for repair A Short, Sharp Lesson! Intrigued by the human ritual of " Christmas ", Bumblebee convinced Sam to let him secretly observe the Witwicky family during the festive proceedings.

Unfortunately, Dead End tracked the Autobot to the Witwickys' house and attacked on Christmas Eve, tearing bits of Bumblebee's mechanisms out to integrate into his own body. Luckily, 'Bee managed to shock the zombie-con into submission before their fight awoke Sam's parents, and he was even able to get into the gift-giving on Christmas morning, buying Judy Witwicky car wax.

Sam's present was particularly timely: a new traction bearing to replace the one Dead End had torn out! The Nightmare Bee-4 Christmas. When the Autobots were summoned to Fiesole Cathedral in Fiesole , Italy to examine a mysterious object discovered there by an archaeology professor, Bumblebee accidentally smashed the cathedrals shrine to Saint Donatus.

Determined to prevent the Autobots from getting ahold of the object—actually a piece of Sentinel Prime's Ark —Starscream attacked the cathedral, blasting Bumblebee through a wall with a volley of missiles. Recovering, 'Bee joined Optimus Prime in pursuing Starscream to the cathedral's belltower, but the Decepticon then brought the tower down on top of them and escaped with the Ark component. Fight for Fiesole. At some point, Bumblebee uncovered some intel, pointing towards Soundwave working in conjunction with the Tanto Gang , and passed on the information to Lennox.

Gold And Blood. Bumblebee was later teamed with Robert Epps to hunt down Soundwave in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountain range, but NEST's intelligence regarding the Decepticons' operational status was flawed: Soundwave's weapons systems were in perfect working order, and Bumblebee was badly damaged by his attacks. Luckily, Optimus Prime arrived to save them. Dealing with the Devil. When the Decepticons retreated and Crosshairs tracked them to Pulau Bidadari , Bumblebee monitored the ranger and relayed the events to Optimus.

Thousand Island Fight.

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Not long after, Bumblebee was shocked to see a news report claiming that he had attacked a human power plant. The choice was soon taken out of Bumblebee's hands, however: responding to a fire at a remote human homestead, he was attacked by his mysterious duplicate, who introduced himself as " Stinger ", and promptly welded 'Bee's battle mask shut so they would be totally indistinguishable from one another. Optimus Prime soon arrived and had to train his guns on the two identical Bumblebees Prime quickly sent Stinger packing, and he and Bumblebee rolled out together, wondering where Stinger had come from Accept No Substitutes!

In a parallel universe, the battle of Mission City turned out very differently—Megatron killed Sam, captured Optimus, and obtained the AllSpark. The Decepticons proceeded to conquer North America, and by the start of , had begun a plan to cyberform the Earth using the AllSpark's energies. Bumblebee—his voice still functional—and Mikaela Banes went underground, working with Tom Banachek to fight a guerilla war against the Decepticons. Considering Optimus their last, best hope for victory, Bumblebee and Mikaela went on a mission to rescue him from the old Sector Seven base in Hoover Dam, which the Decepticons were now using as their headquarters.

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Mikaela quickly shot down Bumblebee's concerns about her safety, though she did almost get squished when 'Bee took out the bunker guard Swindle. Entering, the pair quickly located Optimus, but in a most unexpected condition: frozen solid in the old cryo-system previously used to contain Megatron.

Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 1 Stalked by Megatron, Bumblebee kept the Decepticon leader busy while Mikaela attempt to deactivate the freezing system, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 2 but was baited into revealing himself when the tyrant threatened to kill Mikaela. Bumblebee made a desperate attack, only to be beaten aside with ease, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 3 but he remained defiant to the end and refused to beg for mercy. Luckily, Autobot reinforcements arrived; although even they were no match for Megatron, their added distraction provided Mikaela time to thaw out Optimus Prime.

Loading the virus into himself, Bumblebee charged Megatron, forcibly transmitting the nano-virus into him via a light-beam from his headlights. The virus killed Megatron once and for all, but Bumblebee did not celebrate too loudly, as he knew too well that this just left a power vacuum Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 5. Bumblebee and the Autobots Savannah , Georgia , to survey the damage done by the Decepticons' AllSpark cyberforming project.

He took Mikaela to a nearby refugee camp, but as Optimus Prime had feared, the humans the were fearful of him, viewing all Cybertronians as an unwanted presence. Aftermath, Part 1 In apparent further validation of this fear, the Autobots soon came under attack from a NATO unit while attempting to defend the camp from a Decepticon attack, but intel from Banachek suggested something was not right.

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Spotting the human in charge of the unit, Bumblebee and Mikaela ran a gauntlet of human and Decepticon firepower, blinding the former with his headlights and roasting the latter with his fiery exhaust, in order to get to the man. Having got in close enough, Bumblebee was able to detect a mind-controlling Decepticon cerebro-strip on the man, and Mikaela freed him from its effects, ending the conflict.

Aftermath Part 2 Following this battle, the Decepticons continued their attacks on human infrastructure; Bumblebee was part of a unit defending an oil pipeline in Crooked Creek , Alaska. Dark Spark. Bumblebee was part of a unit under Ironhide's command that was sent back to Cybertron in order to retrieve Nucleon in hopes it could be used to repair the damage inflicted upon the Earth by the AllSpark. Touching down on their homeworld, Bumblebee was sent on recon and discovered a strange satellite dish, but when the team investigated it, they were jumped by a team of Decepticons led by Stockade.

The revelation that Stockade's "New Decepticons" were in control of the planet's Nucleon supply, followed by the appearance of a strange energy anomaly in Cybertron's orbit, Return to Cybertron: Part 1 convinced Bumblebee to try talking, rather than fighting; after convincing Ironhide to stop throwing his face at Stockade's fists, he learned from Stockade that the anomaly was a living entity the Decepticons had deliberately summoned, believing it would rejuvenate Cybertron.

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Return to Cybertron: Part 2. Not trusting this entity and wanting to stop all the Nucleon being used up, Bumblebee had the Autobots create a distraction while he turned the Nucleon transfer off, and sent a distress call to Optimus Prime on Earth. His efforts to prevent the arrival of the entity failed, and it revealed itself to be Unicron, the Anti-Life , as it began to possess Cybertron itself. Return to Cybertron: Part 2 In the resulting chaos, Bumblebee had to rescue Ironhide when the satellite dish collapsed on him. Return to Cybertron: Part 3 Optimus soon arrived in response to Bumblebee's summons, brokered an alliance with Stockade, and came up with a plan: Cut off the Nucleon that Unicron's body was using for power.

Bumblebee and Armorhide were dispatched to drain the Nucleon seam, but were not able to siphon all of the fuel off fast enough, so Ratchet came up with a quicker alternative: blowing it up. Return to Cybertron: Part 4. Upon returning to Earth, the Autobots found the Decepticons had pinched their base and all square miles around it. They retreated, leaving Mikaela in Decepticon hands; Bumblebee was distraught over this. Hard Target He would be part of the raid to get her back, perfectly aware it was an obvious trap, but not caring due to how much they owed Mikaela.

The raid was successful and the two were reunited, awwww! The Decepticon Who Haunted Himself. In the aftermath, after it became clear the Autobots had just exiled themselves to Earth forever—"Hey, there are worse fates," said Bumblebee—Mikaela forgave Bumblebee. Both had a lot of clean-up work to do, but also a brave new world to explore together! Revolution, Part 3. Bumblebee learned hand-to-hand combat at the most prestigious combat training center on Cybertron, where he received his converting energon blade as a reward for his skills.

Dark of the Moon Walmart-exclusive Bumblebee It was on the battlefields of Cybertron that Bumblebee first met the Decepticon Starscream, who he would meet again and again in combat. It was a crack shot by Hardtop that damaged Bumblebee's vocal processors, causing the Autobot pain when he tries to speak. Bumblebee was sent to Earth ahead of the other Autobot by Optimus Prime.