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Try to love yourself regardless of where your day takes you. Love your circumstances and every situation you encounter regardless of the outcomes.

Guidance is about taking time for communication, something control has little or no patience for. The communication necessary for effective guidance is emotionally-driven. You know you have to do this nearly every day.

Brands must 'relinquish control' and let consumers feel in charge

You may discover that a failing grade on a previous test crushed his self-confidence and shut him down. Providing him with extra help, whether from you, a tutor or elsewhere might be what he needs to regain that confidence. He might be struggling with an issue such as school bullying, or a learning disability such as an auditory processing disorder or a visual impairment.

Guidance leads to surrendering to what is.


Let the dominos fall in the way they must as a valuable teaching moment. An unexpected consequence, not under your command and interference, can be the cattle prod your child or another person needs to help them find their way. Chakra Pocket Stones are the seven chakra crystals that can help to harmonize, balance and stabilize the chakras, the body's metaphysical energy centers. Excellent for all types of crystal healing such as chakra cleansing, Reiki healing, body layouts and grids.

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Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

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It took me a long time to learn how to surrender to what was and let go. Not just of the things happening in my own life, but what others close to me were doing. I have come to realize that I do actually get emotionally invested, and I hold onto an expectation that the person will take my advice and do what I so clearly think is the right thing for them.


I recently had a great conversation with a close friend of mine who is incredibly advanced on his spiritual path. We were discussing a mutual friend of ours who is currently in a relationship with a woman we know is absolutely wrong for him. We have pointed out all the warning signs we see. He has also admitted that he sees them himself and senses them, but still he cannot walk away from the relationship.

I was expressing my sadness and frustration over my friend not taking my advice or hearing me. Now you need to relinquish control over the situation and allow his soul to have the experience it wants to have. Maybe his soul needs to have a horrible, destructive relationship to get him to the next level of his learning.

1. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

And we need to allow the people in our lives to make choices that feel right to them—because what is right for us may not be right for another person. When I started to relinquish control over what everyone in my life was doing, I started to feel a huge shift in my energy.

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Some of the ones I found were great motivators for me. What they need when they come to talk to us is to feel heard. Nobody likes to be told what to do. When we can surrender to what is, allow things to unfold, and realize that every experience serves a purpose, we start to trust that whatever happens may really be for the best. Relinquishing control and allowing things to play out without our interference can reveal some surprising outcomes that we never could have planned and ultimately be the best for everyone involved.