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Beloved in the Lord. I have received your letter of gratitude to God. And I am impressed with the response, now that it reduces the load on me and I feel myself alleviated of some worries after reading your reply. Beloved, that you want to assure yourself that this fund will be utilized conformity with the desires of my spouse and I as soon as it is transferred. I understand that this is the benevolence in the completion will and decision of my late spouse, I am convinced of actualization.

This fund is desiginated humanitarian services and the charity, with especial emphasis. This must be lent to every loan, the responsability and the prudence to the glory of God. I am not going to manage this by myself, because my health does not permit me I have revised periodically dialysis. Included I am I write this letter with the help of a sister who is nurse here in the hospital and the use so that she help me here.

I want you to send the following information 1. Address and telephone of contact. Photo cards of identification All these documents are used to prepare a potency authorizartion notary letter to your name as my new beneficiary election of the funds and your telephone numbers Immediately we will send you the above information, I am going to make use of in the Superior Tribunal of Justice here in the Republic of Ivory Coast, a certificate of authority for the new beneficiary name and am going to send an acknowledgement of receipt of the presentation money which the bank emitted to my late spouse deposited during the time the funds from his bank to maintain us safe in my name and the information Put yourself in contact with the bank in contact with them directly for reclamtions of civil responsibility and the transference of funds deposited in your bank or account of the church for its use in the diffusion of the Gospel God help the orphans and the widows so close.

Reletives understand that neither my husband knows about this money because they are muslems and he refused to accept Christ. And my husband told me that they know nothing about this money.

La ambicion por el dinero - Armando Alducin

So I don't want to donate to a church close to here, because I cannot disobey my instructions beloved afternoon spouse, including the death. Be sure to answer this letter and send all the official information necessary immediately and establish legally the new beneficiary of the funds without delay and send these vital documents your procedure. I received your mail through intervention.

You God knows that with God all things are possible. Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus, I, no James Helline gain the whole world and lose my soul in this last day, because of material.

It would please me if you sent me your informaions mentioned above and also the photographs. Thanks and keep being bless Helline James.

Hispania. Volume 77, Number 4, December 1994

Gracias y seguir siendo bendiga James Helline. Quoting Heline James : Quote:. Subject: Re: Beloved in the Lord. Good day, I have received your electronic mail this morning am very happy. He numerizado mi pasaporte es ci-junto. I have digitized my passport is attached. My direction is northwest. To contact me the telephone is useless, because I spend many days fishing in the vay ; I have a radio to call the shore and make my connection to the net when there is no ice, but I have no flock.

I'm going to talk with my pastor about establishing a fund here to care for orphans. Last edited by vonpaso xlura on Wed Aug 17, am; edited 1 time in total. I sent it to yahoo. What happened?

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I have received your message of this morning and am sure that with your state to believe that this money of the subvention be used effectively for the glory of God, as I have already said in my previous post , which already receive the information, praise be to God Almighty for his grace.

I am also thankful for your prayers and the parts interested in the search for my health, I am still in the hospital under medical treatment, Therefore urgently in contact with the bank in charge the Dr. Attentively, Director of Remittance Exterior Relations I have already informed the bank director about you as receiver of funds, which have also been awarded with the certificate of deposit emitted to my late spouse, Mr.

William James when he deposited the fund for your confirmation. In case you have any question, get in contact with my nurse Ms Amor Martins 00 60 69 55 I understand that she is helping me with writing, etc. Actualization of me as soon as you in contact with the bank manager. Always remember me in your daily prayers, Please send your account number also Sister Amor Martins. De mayo Dios los siga bendiciendo. Ella quiere que siga con las buenas obras. Permanecer bless. Enfermera Martins Amor.

How are you today hope everything is fined. Mrs Heline James a bit worried that not have write in her since then i told you about her condition. But I think that it may be that you are very busy with your humanitarian works. Of May God keep blessing you. Our doctor told Mrs. Heline James that not to do herself it and she took it on good faith, because she knows that she goes to heaven after she leaves this Sinfull world to know her late spouse. She commanded me to say that to assure that to utilize the fund for the glory of God and for the betterment of the less the widows homeless privilege etc.

She also instructed me to inform you to make sure that they will transfer the fund, while she is alive. She wants you to keep up the good work. Remain bless. Nurse Martins Amor. I already wrote to the bank and gave him my account number and am waiting for him to answer. By any chance is what you have ostriopliosis?

Orthodox medicine doesn't know any cure for this disease, but herbalists know how to cure it with a combination of wild fresney, athelas, and buitach.

Francisco de Torrejoncillo and the Centinela contra Judíos (1674)

Subject: Money transfer from Heline James Heline James, by her nurse Amor Martins, told me to contact you about the money which she deposited with you, which she is giving to me for the benefit of orphans and widows. Subject: Dr. Gracias por su consulta. Nombre del remitente Director de Remitance Relaciones Exteriores Dr.

Thanks for your consult.

Helline James came to us and they say that the couple is in contact with us to transfer funds to the foreigner with ends of beneficence, like houses ophanage mother of received and other humanitarian services. Sender number Country As soon as we receive the amount, we're going to transfer the money in your bank account which you provided. Director of Remittance Exterior Relations Dr. Subject: Re: Dr. Im que va a pagar algo de dinero al banco para que puedan, el Fondo de transferencia de t para su cuenta Ok.