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Synonyms and related words. General words relating to dating and sexual partners: be made for each other , be meant for , catch Explore Thesaurus. Sure it's a low key slice of Americana but it features two very strong central performances and a host of solid supporting ones.

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The pilot flying in the emergency medicine is presented in quite a dramatic fashion but it works well as an exclamation point to the story. It was actually based on a real life incident. Producer David O. Selznick had a similar experience in attempting to procure some life-saving serum that needed to be flown in for his brother. OK so maybe the details of the pilot's adventure seem hokey today. It still manages to pack an emotional wallop if you have at all invested in this young couple's struggles.

Made for Each Other

Up until now I only knew Carole Lombard as a comedienne, but she proves her range was much broader than just screwball comedy here. She still manages to include her infectious laugh and demonstrates a bit of her exquisite comic timing. She also conveys genuine emotion. The entire New Year's Eve sequence is particularly impressive.

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James Stewart was so damn likable and sincere. In Made for Each Other he is slightly more timid than in most of his films. He and Lombard make a believable newlywed couple.

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The supporting cast boasts several standout performances. Lucile Watson is perfect as the disapproving mother-in-law. She isn't an over-the-top harridan but makes her displeasure known in subtle little digs at her daughter-in-law. A slightly less rotund Charles Coburn is also good as the hard-of-hearing boss. Ubiquitous character actor Ward Bond shows up as one of the pilots. Incredibly this was just one of the twenty-one movies he made in Harry Davenport is his usual comforting presence as the doctor that cares for their baby.

And the wonderfully comic Louise Beavers shows up as Lily the 3rd cook hired by the Masons. She speaks the line Eric quoted in his review. A real life tragedy occurred during the filming of this movie. Technician Edmund E. Fellegi perished from a forty foot fall off a catwalk while releasing balloons during the New Year's Eve party scene.

A reminder that making movies can be a dangerous endeavor, even on a seemingly harmless shoot like this one.

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Made for Each Other is a heartfelt family drama from Hollywood's most golden year, It stars two of the brightest lights ever to shine in the celluloid firmament. Carole Lombard and James Stewart made so many other, more famous, pictures that this little gem has been all but forgotten. That's a shame because Made for Each Other deserves to be seen. Actually Patrick, I think you're a little too soft on this movie.

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I found it to be a mixed bag. The lighter moments, which mostly take place at the start of the story, are fun and entertaining, but the latter half where the drama takes center stage is quite dull and very much pure soap opera. There's certainly nothing wrong with the cast. Carole Lombard is one of my favorite female stars of the s. She was undeniably beautiful and talented and she handles the comedy and the drama with equal aplomb.

Stewart, of course, is Stewart. He had that unusual combination of star quality and everyman persona that has never been equaled.

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