Les araignées du soir (French Edition)

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Alerte Produit Médical N°6/12222 (Version française)

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Add to my virtual collection. An original print used to illustrate the Gazette du bon ton, one of the most attractive and influential 20th century fashion magazines, featuring the talents of French artists and other contributors from the burgeoning Art Deco movement.

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A celebrated fashion magazine established in by Lucien Vogel, La Gazette du bon ton appeared until , with a hiatus from to due to the war the editor-in-chief having been called up for service. It consisted of 69 issues printed in only 2, copies each and notably illustrated with color plates and sketches of the models of the great designers. The prints were made using stencils, heightened in colors, some highlighted in gold or palladium.

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My dream was therefore to make a luxury magazine with truly modern artists…I was assured of success, because when it comes to fashion, no country on earth can compete with France. The magazine was immediately successful, not only in France but also in the United States and Latin America. These artist, mostly unknown when Lucien Vogel sought them out, later became emblematic and sought-after artistic figures. It was also they who worked on the advertising drawings for the Gazette. The plates put the spotlight on, and celebrate, dresses by seven designers of the age: Lanvin, Doeuillet, Paquin, Poiret, Worth, Vionnet and Doucet.

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The designers provided exclusive models for each issue. The Gazette du bon ton was an important step in the history of fashion. Where are we? On some, there is edge toning.

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  • Many of the works of the fashion designers of the day were featured, including Worth, Lanvin, Pacquin and Poiret. George Barbier was truly a luminary of the time, becoming hugely successful in the world of design and haute couture fashion illustration, contributing to Vogue as well as Bon Ton.

    His designs for the magazine, along with those of Lepape, are particularly prized. The paper is creamy, with edge toning on some which in no way detracts from their beauty.

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    The prints in this set were derived from the original French edition of the Bon ton Gazette, published from to Florida state residents pay Florida state sales tax. Items can be combined to save on postage. Our environment is smoke free.