Fifteen Minutes of Terror:Massacre at the Edmond Oklahoma Post Office

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Their father had died, causing them to move in with their grandparents while their mother got on her feet, and their grandfather died a month later. With everything going on, money was tight -- far too tight for anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. That's where Pyle came in. He had worked a summer job, and he bought me that dress with his own money.

So it was pretty special. He was Rettke said time has dulled the pain. But you'll see something, somewhere that'll remind you of him, and you think of him. I'm pretty selfish, because I'm sad. Contact Us. Edmond post office massacre 20 years later. She hasn't really even dated since she became a widow almost 20 years ago. Investigators' chronology of events on Aug. Patrick H. Sherrill, 44, arrives for work at the 5-year-old Edmond post office, N Broadway.

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He is seen walking from his car carrying his mail satchel, which contained three pistols and ammunition. Sherrill clocks in along with 14 other carriers. Sherrill slings his satchel over his shoulder and looks through a window into his supervisor's office, but no one is there.

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He returns to work. He again checks the supervisor's office. No one is inside. Sherrill walks directly to the desk of another supervisor, Richard C. Esser Jr. Sherrill pulls out a gun and shoots them both, killing them. He opens fire on other colleagues. About a.

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  • Edmond police receive the first call about shots fired at the post office. Police units start showing up moments later. Dedicated on May 29, , it is located outside the post office's main entry to the south.

    Edmond post office massacre 20 years later

    The memorial contains the bronze statue of a man and a woman standing atop the fountain's center base and holding the ribbon of which the bow is attached to the base. To represent the fourteen victims killed in the shooting, the fountain contains fourteen water jets and a plaque on the front of the base listing their names. The memorial was built by the Edmond community and the United States Postal Services; [5] the statue was created by sculptor Richard Muno — The memorial was surveyed in May as "well maintained," categorized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. UTC Attack type. Esser Jr. Miller, 30, rural carrier Kenneth W. Main article: List of postal killings.

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    Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved 22 May Sherrill, facing possible dismissal after a clear troubled work history. Art Inventories Catalog.

    Smithsonian American Art Museum. Retrieved November 24, IAS OK The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture. I just knew I was next. As Smith ran for the front door, she said, "I could hear all the clerks screaming as they were shot.

    Fifteen Minutes of Terror Massacre at the Edmond Oklahoma Post Office by Justus & Dale

    Two other survivors hid in a broom closet. Minutes after the shooting started, police arrived outside the post office. For 45 minutes they tried to communicate with the gunman by telephone and bullhorn. There was no response. After killing 14 people and wounding six, he had pumped a bullet into his own head. It was the third worst mass murder in U.

    Twenty years ago this month, Charles Whitman climbed a tower on the University of Texas campus at Austin and gunned down 14 people. The bloodiest rampage by a lone gunman on a single day was waged by James Oliver Huberty, who murdered 21 victims, many of them children, in a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif. In the past two decades, random mass slayings have become increasingly common in the U.