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Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis easily achieved the qualifying standard for next month's World Championships in Tallinn yesterday. In her first competition since winning gold three years ago in Sydney, she amassed 6, points, making her one of the top six in the world this year. Despite beating the Paris qualifying mark of 6, points at the Spar European Cup of Combined Events, Lewis admitted she felt in trouble in the opening event. But all ended in triumph for Lewis who led the British women's team to victory and promotion to next year's Super League when finishing second behind Sweden's European champion Carolina Kluft who scored 6, points.

After collecting 3, points in the opening day's four-events session, year-old Lewis knew she had two of her strongest events - the long jump and javelin - to come. Lewis said: "I was confident starting today, although my overnight score wasn't as high as I wanted. But it didn't begin the way I wanted it too.

Austin's longtime champion is looking for Dem support

I found myself under immense pressure after two poor long jumps. I badly needed it. But just as she did when winning her Olympic title, Lewis' superb strength and stamina shone through, particularly in the javelin.

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Opening with Even better was to follow. With her second attempt, Lewis threw a magnificent Lewis said: "The javelin rescued me. I had a very good first round score which lifted me - then came the big one. Going into the last event Lewis had to cover two laps of the Estonian capital's track in two minutes She completed the race in The Fine Grind is located on. October is looking good to me. I usually love September, but October looks to be filled with loads of paranormal fun!

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One very interesting interview with Sharon Donovan and Oliver http: Just who on earth checks these people? Perhaps it's the end of summer that brings out mean-spirited people. I tend to look forward to autumn - cooler nights, beautiful, vibrant color - all those warm, toasty things that beg for a fire in the hearth and hand crocheted blankets. Just when I'm settling in with a smile, out come the odd balls. I belong to several author groups. Tales of pirated e-books, publishing houses that close, and the sudden onslaught of hurtful reviews are being mentioned on a variety of blogs.

As August fades away, I thought I'd share some "Author" things with you. Of course, so much coming up means the web site will have to be updated soon. My fingers are crossed and I'm praying for one particular announcement before I do that. In the meantime, should you stop by this blog, here's what's going on as we wave good-bye to a rainy summer and say hello to hopefully a lovely fall.

August 13th is "Left-Handers Day" which for some of you many mean nothing. But for a left-handed person, it's cause for celebration. Odd how this was not always so.

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My handedness was established long before I walked into Kindergarten rarin' to learn. Yep - a left-handed trait.

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Not the walking - the rarin' to learn! How FAR does promo go? Perhaps the better question is: As a new author, how far will I go to promote my book? That's a fairly loaded question. When we sit down to write, does promoting even come to mind? I never considered it. Call me naive, but the bigger picture didn't make an impression on me. Simply writing a query letter can be intimidating. You have signed a contact, survived rounds of edits and the final galley.

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Now you're a trooper. Anticipation grows unbearable while you await the relea.

With a little help. There are times when I just feel blessed. I'm sure that many of you will agree, it's an awesome as well as awe-inspiring feeling. But no one greets success alone. If you look over your shoulder, either left or right, there are friends and family plugging for you, edging you on, believing in your dream.

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This leads me to say that angels come in all sizes and shapes in our lives. Some lurk in the shadows of our past, a mere remembrance of a secure hug or a gentle kiss. Did I hear someone say a busy month? But this is summer, right? A time to kick back, vacation, and generally mosey on down the road.

Well not for me. Summer School has started and my calendar is really filling up. Engagement parties, baby showers, birthdays, and so much more. I'll also be helping some music educators with integrating core content into some newly developed jazz lessons for K-8 students. Some other good news. I've just signed my third contract with The Wild Rose Press. Is that the sun I see?

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If you live in my area of the US, you know that it has felt like we've been under the 'Noah's Ark' alert. Weeks and weeks of rain! Finally, today it feels like June. Of course, now we'll be sweating at school - just in time for the 8th grade moving on ceremony this week. As a music teacher, rehearsals can be just plain cruel during hot, sticky days. But odd as it may seem to some, I love my students and I'm actually looking forward to leading Summer School for all of July please don't throw an. What a great day! Sometimes I think everyone needs a day to get lost in.

That was today for me. The cooler weather certainly helps! It's spring for sure with the lilacs blooming outside my window. I have two bouquets positioned in the house with the lovely fragrant blooms.